Finish: Playday Posh Tot quilt

This finished project goes allllll the way back to January 25, 2011. It was my second finished project for 2011. I want to keep a record of everything I work on/complete this year, hence this post (and a future one on a wall-hanging I made for my mom).

Posh Tot quilt in blue

This is a gift for my boss’s new baby, Ronan Quentin, who was born (early! hence the late quilt) on January 13, 2011.

The pattern is called Posh Tot and can be bought from Blue Underground Studios. It’s about 36″ x 48″ and I made it using Kona cottons in Windsor, Chartreuse, and Brown, and a Robert Kaufman print from the Playday line. I didn’t pick out any of these fantastic colours myself, I actually bought a kit from one of my favourite online fabric shops, Mad About Patchwork. (I also bought the Posh Tot pattern through her site, but the last time I checked I don’t think she had it available. Or maybe it was just the kit that’s no longer available. Hm.)

Posh Tot quilt in Blue

Here’s a more complete view of the front. I hate to be a nitpicker, but I am one when it comes to my own work, so here’s my sole nitpick about this quilt: I bought this as a quilt kit because I loved the colours, but I didn’t notice that the print chosen is too big for the size of the blocks. And because it came as a kit, there wasn’t enough fabric to fussy cut and get complete animals into the blocks. And so, my blocks are full to the brim of kangaroo and giraffe and elephant butts, without too many complete kangaroos, giraffes, or elephants.

Posh Tot quilt in Blue

Which is why I fussy cut four animals from the bits of fabric I had left. And also to dress up the back of the quilt a little bit, since that stretch of plain blue would have been… plain. I suppose I could have bought more of the Playday fabric instead for the back, but I do like the idea of a reversible quilt with some interest on either side.

It’s not particularly visible in the pictures, but I quilted it in mostly straight up/down lines on either side of the boxes about 3/4″ apart (I THOUGHT I was using 1″ painters tape, but wasn’t). Down through the boxes I did a kind of labyrinth, which was a bit of a pain to do, turning the quilt around so often.

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