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WIP: Christmas Quilt Blocks

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Christmas Quilt Blocks
Christmas Quilt Blocks a photo by clumsy chord on Flickr.

This particular WIP is one without any clear plan. These blocks have been hanging on my design wall since… November, I suppose, but I can’t quite mentally work out what to do with them.

These started out as 6-in squares in assorted green prints that I received in a Green Charm square exchange. I had a vague notion to do something Christmas-y with them, so I picked up four different pink/red Kona cottons (Pomegranate, Wine, Cardinal, and Tomato). I started cutting them up and sewing them back together with the strips of colour (which are 1/2-in finished), and started to think that maybe I’d make a tree skirt out of them. (We do have a tree-skirt at my house, but I think it’s ugly. An update would be nice.)

But I couldn’t really figure out how to go about making a tree skirt. Round is classic, but I’m not sure I’m up to working out the math for a round tree skirt, nor do I want to cut into the blocks in order to round the edges. So I have a vague plan for a kind of octogon (or hexagon? I forget.. I wonder where I put my drawing?) shaped tree skirt. These blocks are quite small (6-in), and I only have 36 and don’t want to make more, so I think I’d have to either use sashing or frame each of the blocks (possibly with the colour that is already in the block or maybe with one of the other colours instead) so that they’d be a little larger and then cut setting triangles to fill in the edges.

I really should sit down and work out how to do it. Or else decide on something else entirely. Maybe I could do a wall-hanging (not that I’m terribly big on hanging quilts) or a lap-quilt (though I’m not big on Christmas themed items outside of Christmas) (or even during Christmas, really) or…. who knows.

I guess these blocks are not speaking to me too clearly.

To Do:
– decide on a project, finish blocks, piece top
– sandwich, baste, quilt and bind


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