WIP: Plume Quilt

The Plume Quilt

This quilt top is one of my favourites that is finished. When I first saw Tula Pink’s Plume, I think it might have been the first time I really loved fabric with a lot of pink in it. The turquoise and pink and lime together is just so luscious and it was love. I only bought a layer cake (and later a bit of yardage for the borders and also for the backing, which fabric I can’t seem to find, hence not finishing it).

The pattern isn’t very visible in this particular picture, but it was from a Moda Bake Shop project, though I can’t remember what it was called. I don’t think the original had borders, I added though to make it large enough to be adult lap-sized. Also, I felt like it needed a yellow border to make the single yellow block make sense. (Plume only has one yellow print, and I don’t know why it has it at all…)

I do need to go looking for the backing fabric though because my mom wants to tackle the quilting as a evening project. She has done hand-quilting for me a few times and I’m happy to give her something to work on. I plan to have something really simple done in the center of the quilt and in the yellow border, and then to have a traditional feather pattern quilted into the larger green border.

Left to Do:
– (find and) piece the backing fabric
– baste and quilt
– create and attach binding

This has since been finished in 2018, but I haven’t written a post about it yet. When I do, I’ll delete or anyway edit this.

2 thoughts on “WIP: Plume Quilt”

  1. >Hi there! I found you thru Stitched in Color blog – love your Christmas quilt blocks and your postcards! Glad to add you to my google reader and looking forward to more posts.

  2. >Thanks! I've been going through and adding all kinds of blogs to my reader – that was a great post for meeting people! I really like your 'dumb' quilt – not dumbed down at all. People have to learn somewhere, and anyway the colours are gorgeous! It's got great movement, there's so much to look at and it's just cheerful and lovely.

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