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Mailbag: Ballet Bag and Denyse Schmidt fabric

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Practise Crochet by clumsy chord
Practise Crochet, a photo by clumsy chord on Flickr.

I live with my sister and her husband, who right now are in Russia for a few weeks vacation/family visit, and although I lived on my own for a long while before moving to Calgary, I’m starting to get a bit lonely and bored being here alone. I guess I’ve gotten used to having people in the house to go and bug when I need a break. My brain’s been kind of stuttering around a dozen different things and I haven’t been focussing much on anything – I’ve worked a little bit on three different quilting projects, and I somehow got the notion to relearn to crochet.

I haven’t crocheted in years and years, but back then I decided I only wanted one expensive crafting hobby, and I settled on quilting. (Quilting might be more expensive, but it feels cheaper because I don’t typically buy all the fabric for a project at one time, so the expense gets spread out. Crochet, on the other hand, you need to be sure of having all one dye lot, so buying a bunch of it at once can be a bit of a shock. More so when I was still a student working for $9/hr.) Still, I’ve got all the stuff around for crochet, including all the yarn I bought but never used and hooks in every size imaginable, so I went and dug out some stuff, looked for a tutorial on YouTube and made a dish cloth.

This one is just single crochet on repeat and it’s pretty clear I need to work on my tension a bit – it’s skinnier in the middle, before I noticed that I was tightening it up and started getting back to a looser stitch. I can’t remember how to finish the ends, so I haven’t clipped the thread yet. Or done anything with it at all since deciding it was big enough.

You can’t see it, but the thread is leading off to a bag, which is stuffed full of two different skeins of yarn and a couple hooks…

SonnetoftheMoon's Ballet Bag

This bag I won from a giveaway put on by the lovely Crystal/Sonnet of the Moon (Blog here) for her Ballet Bag, which as you can see is made of a really adorable Farmdale print and also a Denyse Schmidt print, one of the dot fabrics on sale now at Joanne’s in the US and somewhere or other in Australia and nowhere in Canada (except Etsy, I guess), which you can’t see. But if you go here, you can see some much nicer shots of the bag (I photographed mine at night in a dark room – yay flash photography! – and couldn’t see where I was aiming the camera) and if you go here Sonnet of the Moon has written a great tutorial on how to make your very own reversible ballet bag. Or yarn-toting bag, if you’re not carrying around ballet slippers and tights.

Denyse Schmidt dots

She also sent me a couple pieces of the dot fabric from that DS line, the name of which I can’t recall, and they’re pretty fantastic. This is my favourite print from the line, so it’s pretty great that she included them with the bag. I was really excited to get this package in the mail, and it was such fun to open. It was all perfectly wrapped up in layers of white tissue paper and even though I knew it was coming, it felt like I was opening something mysterious and exciting. Thanks a million times over, Crystal!


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