Finish: Brown Quilt-along Quilt

I keep putting off writing about this project – which has been finished since July 25 – because I can’t seem to photograph it. If I use natural light it somehow picks up so much glare and the colours look more washed out than if I photograph it with flash. And if I photograph it with the flash, you can’t see any of the quilting detail. Anyway, I am about to donate it to a charity group in Texas, so I guess it’s really time to talk about it!

This quilt is actually one of two matching quilts done in different colour palettes. I finished the first one in pink way back in April, and I actually started them both in February, when Cherri House of Cherry House Quilts (and City Quilts fame – LOVE that book) came up with the idea of doing a quilt-along.

Cherry House Quilt-Along Quilts

It is a rather simple quilt, just squares in rows separated by panels of background fabric, but it’s such a sweet and elegant layout, and absolutely beautiful.

The first quilt, the pink one, I quilted in wavy vertical lines, about 1 inch apart all the way across the quilt, so for this one I decided to do rays angled across the quilt, with the plan of doing it from two different sides, so that the rays would criss-cross. Le sigh, my basting wasn’t good or my walking foot wasn’t working properly because the first criss-cross I tried shifted the fabric so much I’d have had a quilt full of puckers on the front. Gah. I wound up doing random triangles to fill in any of the big open spaces. While I don’t mind it, it doesn’t look how I wish it looked, so I have a hard time loving it when I see it. In any case, the brown quilt has a much nicer, much softer drape than the pink one, so I guess the looser quilting style was good for that at least!

Cherri House Quilt-Along Quilts

The fabrics for this quilt are all Kona cottons on the front, Espresso for the background, with Ivory, Sky, Robin Egg, and Aqua making up the coloured squares. The binding is more espresso with what I think is Robin Egg for the one corner. The backing is a Michael Miller print, although I’m not sure what print it is, exactly. (I don’t have any of the selvedge left.)

When I finished this in July I was really happy to get it done, since I started it in February and that’s a realllllllllly long stretch for a quilt that can be started and finished all in one day. (Seriously! Hit up Cherri House’s blog for the pattern, and go to it. I promise if you can focus at all, you’ll be done before you realize it.) And now I’m equally happy to have a plan for it. It deserves a good home, and I’m certain it’ll go to one via The Linus Connection in Central Texas. With the recent fires, they’re needing increasing numbers of blankets for children, so I’m really happy to have something I can send that’ll help someone out.


8 thoughts on “Finish: Brown Quilt-along Quilt”

  1. I cannot tell you how insanely lucky Linus will be to receive these quilts. These have been one of my favorite projects you’ve shared this year…and wow, you’re donating them! I quite literally have tears in my eyes right now!

    1. I’m always happy to send things for you to use, but I really like the thought of having something *finished* to send to you too. I’ve never had any real plan for these quilts, so it’s really good to have a good home for them. One last wash, and then they’ll be on their way 😀

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