WIP Wednesday – Curio quilt

WIP - Curio quilt by clumsy chord

WIP – Curio quilt, a photo by clumsy chord on Flickr.

Someone who’s blog I read often does a Work-in-Progress Wednesday report to show something she’s working on. I can’t remember who it is (I read too many blogs), but I always like seeing it because so often the blogs I read always miraculously seem to be finishing something, even though they never show themselves to be working on anything. So I’m going to try it out and see if it’s something that’ll stick.

This photo is sort of.. 90% of an unfinished quilt top. (Not shown are most of the jelly roll strips that’ll be used in the quilt, otherwise that’s all of the fabric involved. Unless I decide to add a border.) This quilt top is mostly made of Curio from BasicGrey, with some bits of Moda Natural, and a good chunk of Kona cotton in Sable.

When I was trying to figure out what to do with my Curio charm packs (I bought two, then bought two more so that I could make something decently sized), I started thinking about the sorts of things you find in antique stores, and about boxes, like jewellery boxes, with little compartments to hold assorted bits and pieces of things. And that’s kind of what led me to the design for this quilt, the idea of a compartmentalized jewellery or curio box. (Just like so. There’s some really gorgeous photos of a Natural History Curio Box by Michelle J. Enemark for an exhibit at Coney Island in 2010. There are several other similar photos at her site and in her blog, including a really gorgeous one with tiny looking eggs in this post.)

At the moment I’m trimming all the 9.5″ four-patches down to 9″ squares (because some of the square are a bit wonky in shape), but after I’m done that, I’m going to start cutting that off-white Jelly Roll into strips half their current width, and then I’ll start sewing a frame around each four-patch. Once I have all the four-patches framed, I plan to sew a wider sashing in brown around and between all of them. (I had to simplify my original thought (a 1/4-inch of off-white between four charms and then around them) because I didn’t have enough of the off-white solid and I didn’t want to buy more.)

I don’t know if it’ll come out looking like a jewellery box (with… wallpaper samples inside, since that’s what most of these Curio prints remind me of), but that’s the inspiration anyway.

What needs to be finished:
– To trim the rest of the blocks down to 9″ square
– To cut the jelly roll strips in half, or maybe to cut two 1-inch strips out of them
– To sew on the off-white frames
– To cut and sew in the brown sashing
– To decide yea or nay on the border issue (does it need one? who knows…)
– To baste, quilt, bind, etc…

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