WIP Wednesday: Seven Matryoshka Dolls

This shouldn’t be a surprise after yesterday’s photo, but here are the dolls for the family. (Or their front halves, anyway. I didn’t cut out the backing pieces yet.) Mom, Dad, sister, brother-in-law, younger sister, self, and Grandma. I’m still waiting on felt for the hair. (It should arrive this week. Fingers crossed.)

The next step will be stitching on the faces. On my practise version, I used a small circle of pink felt for the cheeks, but I think I’m going to satin stitch circles instead of using felt. It’s HARD to cut out an accurate circle when it’s so tiny.

Things to do:
– stitch on the eyes, mouth, cheeks
– cut out and stitch on the hair (once it arrives)
– stitch the faces onto the bodies
– cut out and stitch patterns onto the bellies
– stitch bellies onto the bodies
– cut out the backing pieces, stitch together with fronts, and stuff

I’m quite torn about what to do on the male dolls. I think the pink cheeks and eyelashes would make them look too feminine, but I’m not sure how the eyes would look without eye lashes. (I guess I can but try.) And I’m planning to give them a tie (rather than a patterned apron), but that does feel a little… boring. I’ll have to keep thinking about what to do for them, I guess.

As I said yesterday, there’s not really any sense in doing a status update on the Curio quilt right now. It’s currently sitting under a stack of felt, but I haven’t really advanced very far beyond my previous update. Once I get these dolls done, then I’ll come back to it. Hopefully I’ll manage all seven dolls this weekend. (I’m supposed to have it off – first weekend off in over a month!)


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