Two Voile Scarves

Two Voile Scarves by clumsy chord

Two Voile Scarves, a photo by clumsy chord on Flickr.

Well, this should be my last post for the year! I had hoped to get a Year in Review type post done as well, but I guess I’ll save that for 2012… Something else I’m saving for 2012? Twelve for Twenty-Twelve. But more on that another day.

This are my last finished items for the year, though they were finished quite a while ago. I can’t really remember when! I’d have to go back and watch my old TTMT videos to find when I talked about them, because I didn’t take any photos when I made them and they just sat in a heap on the futon in my sewing room for a couple months (or more?). I’d planned originally to give these away for Christmas gifts, one to my Grandma and one to my younger sister, but I changed my mind and gave them away in the last Sew Mama Sew give-away day.

Here’s how I came to make them: I’d found a pattern/tutorial somewhere online for making voile scarves, in which you used 9-inch by width of fabric pieces of two prints, sewed them right sides together (leaving a gap to turn it right-side out), and then top stitched to finish off. Possibly the simplest scarf pattern ever!

I went looking for pretty voiles and decided on these two pretty Anna Maria Horner prints. The one on the left is the Forest Hills print in Sea from the Little Folks line, and on the right is Pastry Lines… in what I think is Sea. I’d hoped they’d match, and they did, but I didn’t like how the prints showed through when I used them together, so I wound up making one scarf from each print, rather than two scarves from a combination of the prints.

In any case, they’re about 52 inches long and 8 inches across, which means they’re actually a little too short to use as scarves – the drape is too stiff (even with buttery soft voile) for the ends to hang neatly. I guess I should have weighted the ends somehow – some kind of dangly fringe? – or tapered the ends so that they’d hang more neatly. In any case, my general dislike of the draping issue kept me from giving them away to family, but I needed to do something with them, so I gave them away to strangers instead! If they like, they could trim off the seams and use the resulting pieces of fabric in other projects or they could open the ends and add some sort of weight or add an extension to either end with a coordinating print or… I’m sure there are lots of things they could do! (Or, as some of the entrants to the give-away claimed, they might be just the right length for someone short.)

In any case, when I was writing up the entry for the give-away, I suddenly realized that I had exactly no photos of these scarves. And it was late and it was dark, so I tied them around the bar at the end of the futon, tucked a piece of un-ironed bright orange fabric behind them, took two very poor shots, and called it good. This was the best of the very small, very poor lot of photos. I wish I had something nicer so they’d look prettier in my “back catalogue” of finished items, but I guess you can’t have everything, right?

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