Talk to me Tuesday #65: Blocks Galore

In which I show the five quilt blocks I sewed this past week and the bit of embroidery I’m working on.

Places mentioned:
Fabric Postcard Swap
Birthday Blocks group
Modern Block of the Month

See better photos of the blocks in question at my flickr:
Modern BOM blocks
Birthday Blocks blocks

One day I will even write a post using the keyboard and some photos instead of a video camera and my word vomit… šŸ˜€

2 thoughts on “Talk to me Tuesday #65: Blocks Galore”

  1. Don’t use the June Tailor fusible batting!!!!! It is awful. I only use fusible batting. Mountain Mist and Hobbs Heirloom make much better fusible batting (but you’ll probably have to order it online). In my one experience, the JT turned into a horrible, plastic melted mess. The quilt felt like it has plastic melted in the middle of it.

    1. Oh really? That’s such a shame.. I was going to try it with fabric postcards too, so maybe I’ll just reserve it for that instead of chancing it with something I want to be usable.

      I actually ordered some of the Hobbs stuff from connecting threads (its on sale right now) but it’s en route (and also queen size) so when I found this JT stuff I hoped it would work out. Alas. (And oh well. Really, a table runner is small enough that surely I can manage to baste it without puckering.)

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