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Twelve for Twenty-Twelve: Post Two


Just finishing up the 12 for 2012 post. I was going to cut this up into two more posts, but hopefully this won’t be too long and picture heavy.

May – Curio Quilt

WIP Wednesday - Curio quilt

This is my newest start, and one I’d hoped to have pieced before Christmas 2011. (Hahhaha!) This photo isn’t very up-to-date as I’ve gotten a fair bit finished since this, but it gives a general idea of the project. I still need to cut out a fair bit of fabric for the top. In any case, my goal is just to get the top done, and then I’ll worry about the quilting later, someday…

What Needs to be Done
1. Cut out frames for blocks, get them pieced
2. Cut out sashing
3. Decide on layout and sew blocks into rows and rows into a top
(4. Baste, quilt, bind)

June – Purple Posh Tot Baby Quilt

Posh Tot quilts

I don’t have any solo photos of this completed top, but I do have all the materials to finish it.

What Needs to be Done
1. Press top and backing fabric
2. Baste
3. Quilt
4. Bind

July – Green Amy Butler Quilt

This top is significantly further along than this photo shows. I just need to put the blocks together into a top and then finish it off. I don’t like this one at all, though. It’s probably the least favourite thing I’ve got sitting around and I think it’s just ugly as sin, so I don’t like to even think about working on it. But I just need to bang it out and get rid of it. Maybe someone else will appreciate it more than I ever will. (I find that hard to imagine, but there’s no accounting for taste, so.)

What Needs to be Done
1. Piece the top
2. Baste
3. Quilt
4. Bind

August – Origami Quilt

Origami quilt, unquilted

This is another of my very oldest projects. There is quite a lot done since I took this photo – the quilting is finished, though I have some ends to weave in. But there is quite a lot more to finish. It doesn’t look it in the photo, but all the non-green/white patches open up into flowers, so I need to stitch down the petals to give them their shape and I need to sew buttons into the centres of all the flowers. I also need to put some anti-fray glue on the raw seams on the backs of all the flowers so that I can actually put this in the wash. (And it does need to be washed…)

What Needs to be Done
1. Tack down flower petals
2. Sew in button flower centres
3. Bury any loose threads
4. Bind
5. Wash and pray it doesn’t fall apart…

September – Plume Quilt

This is a few years old and I’d really love to have it done so that I could give it to my younger sister. What’s holding me up is the quilting. I’d like to quilt the centre portion really simply, just straight line quilting really, but I want to do a big traditional swooping feather through the large border. I’m really scared of quilting on a pattern that doesn’t use straight lines, though, as I’ve never done more than wavy lines in the past.

What Needs to be Done
1. Press and piece the back
2. Baste
3. Quilt the centre (Easy-peasy)
4. Quilt the border feathers
5. Bind

October – Blue and Orange Big Block Quilt

This is another project started maybe 5 or more years ago. It was intended to be a baby quilt, but I messed up some of the piecing and then added an extra foot in width to “fix” the problem (without unpicking anything) and then I think I added some more, which may or may not be visible in this picture (I can’t remember what it looks like these days!). I pieced a backing for this one, but never got around to finishing it. I’ve been toying since I made it with the idea of tying rather than quilting this one. We’ll see what happens come October, I guess…

What Needs to be Done
1. Press the top and backing
2. Finish piecing the backing (it’s in two halves – I took apart the completed back for some reason, but never put it back together)
3. Baste
4. Quilt
5. Bind


3. Tie
4. Bind

November – Eva’s Paintbox Quilt -OR- 2012 Birthday Blocks quilt

Paintbox - Sets 9 & 10

This is a project started in 2010, following along with Oh Fransson‘s Paintbox quilt-along. Rather than using a rainbow of colours, I decided to use a jelly roll of fabrics from Basic Grey’s Eva line (hence the name Eva’s Paintbox). I still love these fabrics, but I found making the blocks very tedious, so I kind of crapped out on it before too long. In this case, I don’t intend to quilt this quilt myself during this month. There is a lot left on this project already without adding that extra step, and if I recall, it’ll be quite a large quilt. I may send it away to be quilted instead of trying to do it myself.

What Needs to be Done
1. Finish cutting and piecing the blocks
2. Cut sashing
3. Figure out placement of the blocks
4. Sew in sashing, put into rows, then into a top
(5. Baste, quilt, bind)

If I decide to do my 2012 Birthday Blocks quilt top instead, it’ll be a much simpler job to complete. I’ll need to add sashing to my blocks (which will look like this, but with brown strips added to the sides), then piece the top. I intend to donate this quilt top to The Linus Connection in Austin, Texas, and will quilt it only if I have enough material in my stash to back the quilt. (The Linus Connection has quilters who will finish projects that aren’t entirely finished.)

December – Sunlight and Shadows Quilt Top

Sunlight and Shadows blocks

If 2007 was the first year the Birthday Blocks group ran on Livejournal (Birthday Blocks), then that was the year I started this quilt. I believe there were 10 or 12 of us participating, but I had an idea in my head about making a bed-sized quilt with these blocks, so I requested them for a couple of years from that group, and often when I was working on other projects, I’d cut out the necessary fabric to make another block for this quilt. It’s going to be about 7-ft x 8-ft in size, and I think I’ve got enough blocks to finish it. The plan for this month is just to get the top together, not to get it quilted as well, though that would be ideal.

What Needs to be Done
1. Press and sort blocks by size (make sure they’re an appropriate size)
2. Figure out placement of blocks in top
3. Sew together blocks into rows and rows into a top
(4. Baste, quilt, bind… but it’s December, so I’m not holding my breath.)


Author: clumsykristel

I'm a 30-ish quilter, and occasional sewist and embroiderer. I mostly talk about crafty things I'm working on, or wish I were working on.

5 thoughts on “Twelve for Twenty-Twelve: Post Two

  1. I love your first Birthday Blocks collection. In hindsight, I wish I’d gone with a single block pattern when I participated because all I’ve ever done with mine was sit and stare at them trying to figure out how to make them all fit together.

    I finished 1/12 today…woo!

    • Yeah, you got a pretty mixed bag from yours – I’m not sure how I’d bring them together into something cohesive either! I think I like to control at least one variable – the colours won’t necessarily work together perfectly, but they’ll all look basically the same, so that’ll help hold it all together.

  2. MAY: That’s very sweet fabric. I hope you can share a more current photo of your progress with us in May.
    JUNE: Such sweet baby quilts. I love the fabrics you chose and the blue one is too cute. Of course with a little boy on the way I’m all about the cool baby-boy stuff these days. ;^)
    JULY: Aw, that’s too bad you don’t like it, because the fabrics are cool. What block pattern did you use? I’d love to see how it’s turning out. Maybe we (the people of internetlandia) can help and encourage you to finish it?
    AUG: Ah, a classic. I think you were working on that when I first friended you, what, four or five years ago? I hope you finish it just so you don’t have to think about it any more! Weren’t you making it for your grandma?
    SEPT: Try a quilting stencil. You just trace the lines on to the fabric with a chalk pencil or other marking tool and follow along with your free motion quilting. I love stencils. Someday I’ll be brave enough to totally wing it, but until then – stencils to the rescue for accurate quilting!
    OCT: Very bright fun fabrics… I don’t remember ever seeing that top either.
    NOV: That will be pretty, soft and feminine when it’s done.
    DEC: Hey! Another one I recognize. I think I made a few blocks for that quilt. =)

  3. May: I was sure I had a more up-to-date photo, but couldn’t find it. Probably I just talked about it in a video. Anyway, it’s going to be a very simple quilt, once it’s all said and done. It’s just four patches, which will be surrounded with narrow borders in the off-white and then sashed with the brown in the background of that photo. I do love Basic Grey fabrics, though. Even when I don’t like the prints, they just work together really well. (The November one is also Basic Grey fabrics.)
    June: I gave the boy one to my boss and his wife when their son was born last year. It was a great quilt to make for a gift, pretty easy but kind of dramatic looking. Hopefully someone I know will have a girl soon so I can give the purple one away.
    July: It’s a square in a square type block. Well, rectangle in a rectangle?
    Aug: I’ve been working on it (“working” on it) since I lived in Calgary, so 5 years at least! And yeah, it’s meant to be for my grandma. I have such a mental block about it.
    Sept: I actually have a great stencil (I bought it first and then cut borders to suit its size), it’s just the paralysing fear of actually quilting it!
    Oct: I started that one about 5 years ago too. It was meant to be a gift for a cousin’s baby, but the baby died, and so the quilt was kind of chucked in the metaphorical closet. My mom likes it, though, so I may give it to her if I get it done before Christmas.
    Nov: It’s such pretty fabric. And the backing fabric is GORGEOUS. I’ll want to use it back side up.
    Dec: You did indeed! A few, I think, but in this photo, I think the only one is the pink and blue one on the second row from the bottom, third in from the right. Which I remember because I got a lot of kind of… frumpy fabrics in those blocks (though a lot showing in this particular photo are ones I made) and yours was like a breath of fresh air in comparison 😀

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