Molly Mutante stitch

Molly Mutante (close)

Last week I showed a bit of a teaser of this bit of embroidery – angled down along the top of her head, which lead one of my livejournal friends to make a wild suggestion that perhaps she was an alligator. Well, not quite, but now I have a real urge to stitch one next to her with a mouthful of flowers. (I’m not much of a drawer, though, so I probably won’t.)

I can’t seem to get a decent shot of her, there is too much light and it’s washed out the fabric a little, but here’s the full shot of Miss Mutante.

Molly Mutante

This pattern was created by Cate Anevski and was published in the book Hoopla: The Art of Unexpected Embroidery, which I borrowed from the library about a month ago. (My first library book as an adult-not-in-university!) As books go, I was glad I’d borrowed it from the library, rather than buying it (it was interesting reading, but I don’t think I’d read it again), but I did find two patterns in it that I wanted to try out. This one and another, which I haven’t started stitching yet, though I have transferred the pattern to fabric. You can see Anevski’s original version of the Mutant Girl here at her flickr account. Her version is so delicate and lovely compared to mine!

You were supposed to blow the pattern up to 130%, but I didn’t want to make it larger, which made it a bit difficult to get in the detail, especially since I mostly did mine in split stitch (with a little stem stitch and a very poor running stitch for the hair) when I probably should have done it with a backstitch. Oh well. I think it’s lovely anyway. My only real complaint is the fabric. The fabric was the only neutral I had actually sitting at my sewing desk when I decided to transfer the pattern, and pure laziness is why it got used. It’s a little silly, all the words are coffee-related and Miss Mutante didn’t grow tentacles by over-consumption of caffeine, but I thought it would be a neutral enough neutral anyway. In retrospect, I think it’s a little too busy, but what am I going to do about it now? Not nothing. (Actually, there is a vague plan in place to fill in all the clothing with more colour and also to put more stitches into her hair, so that her skin would be patterned by text – another mutation? perhaps she’s an octextumanoid.)

Once I decide if she’s really finished or not (to add more thread or not to add more thread?), then I’ll have to decide what to do with her. I had thought maybe to turn her into wall-art, maybe by adding some patchwork and then stretching her over a canvas frame or maybe by appliquéing her onto a different background (so that as much of the text print as possible is hidden) and then turning her into wall-art. But then I joined a fabric scrap swap on Flickr (Modern Scrappy Bits) and we’re also sending something small and hand-made to our swap partner, and if there’s anything about my swap partner that seems to be a fan of cute mutants, then she might get a zipper pouch made out of Molly (and some scrappy piecing). We’ll see. I’m calling this a finish, but I guess it’s really only 80% of the way there. Oh well, close enough!

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