Birthday Blocks Livejournal Exchange

It’s getting to be a ridiculously long while since my last post again, but here’s a collection of stuff I’ve worked on this year – blocks for an exchange on livejournal. In some ways I suppose this group is a little bit like a bee, though we’ve never described it that way and having never participated in any of the bees that run on Flickr and similar places, I’m not sure how it compares to how those are run. The way this group works is that each person selects a block they’d like to have made and what colours they’d like to have used, and then we make a block for each person in their birthday month. Sometimes birthdays will stack up in one month and then there might be a gap for several months until the next birthday. I’ve been a part of this group several times in the past, and have never made anything with any of the blocks I’ve received. One day, though…

Anyway, the nice thing about this group is that you really get a chance to work on a lot of different things, sometimes things you would never work on otherwise, and with colours or fabrics you mightn’t have chosen otherwise. That can also be a curse – if someone asks for pink (as I did one year, and not a lot of pink fans in the group) or for improv blocks or paper-pieced or high-difficulty blocks – but generally speaking it’s a lot of fun. I finished my last two blocks for the year, so here’s the run-down:

Birthday block for Aphoenixrain

This first block, a Bear’s Paw, scrappy in navy or dark blues with a cream background. The recipient, A Phoenix Rain, has already pieced a top from her blocks, viewable here.

Birthday block for Carilea

This was a quilter’s choice block, in any combination of red, white, and black. This block was created for Sew Mama Sew’s Modern Block of the Month. I love how this one came out. It might be my favourite that I made for the year.

Birthday Blocks for Mkissa

This was a quilter’s choice in a Nautical theme block, in aqua, red, and white. The pattern for this came from a book, the title of which I can’t recall. Every other big-name blogger had a block or five in it though. I can picture the cover, but not the title off-hand. I was a bit unhappy with the water/sky in this one, so I sent along a couple extra strips of different blues for the water, so that the recipient could swap it out if necessary. (I loved the print on the water fabric, and I wish I had more because I’ve used nearly all I had, but it blended too much with the sky.)

Birthday Block for Blueskyeyez

This was a quilter’s choice block, in blue and white. The pattern for this came from the same book as the previous block.

Birthday Block for kissmary (1)
Birthday Block for kissmary (2)

The request here was for a Shooting Star block in novelty prints with black corners. I made the Heather Ross block first and it came out slightly askew, so I made the second block as an Oops! It’s not quite square! Forgive Me! block. The second one came out pretty perfectly, but there’s a lot less novelty involved.

From Kristel

This was a Strips and Squares block, with green on a black background. (I’d forgotten to photograph this one, so this picture is from the recipient, Aalia.)

LJ Birthday Block - Beach House

A quilter’s choice block, with any beach house pattern, in “tropical” colours with sand and sky. I… am not completely happy with this one. I Google image searched beach houses, and this is a much simplified version of an existing house on a beach (which is more steel and glass than tropical purples), but I think it’s not going to fit in with the rest of the beach houses, which are much more exuberant and… fun.

LJ Birthday blocks - Eight Pointed Star Variation

Dreadful photo. This is an Eight Pointed Star Variation, which was to be in a saturated solid or print with a cream on cream background.

LJ Birthday block - Framed Block

This block I finished today. It’s a Framed Block, done in dark chocolate brown with tan, cream, crimson, and a novelty coffee-themed print for the centre square. I was dreading making this one, just a little, but it came together beautifully.

LJ Birthday block - Goose Creek block

And the last block for the year, the Goose Creek block, which was requested to be scrappy in boy colours. I don’t love how this one has turned out, but I think/hope it’ll work well with all the rest of the blocks once they’re put together.

So what’s left, then, are the blocks I received this year. I am still waiting on two of them (my birthday was at the end of August) and I’d like to make a few more so that the quilt will be a bit larger, but later this week I’ll write a post about those blocks.

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