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Work in Progress Wednesday: Two WIPs


Two weeks ago I wrote a post about my Vintage Modern wonky star quilt-in-progress and I had some goals:

1. Finish the blocks by November 5
2. Piece the top by November 13
3, 4, 5. Baste & quilt & bind by ??? (Have to get the backing fabric for that…)

Oh, yes. Goals. Well, considering it still looks just like this:

Vintage Modern star blocks

You can probably imagine just how well those goals have gone. I do only have 3 blocks left to make, rather than 5 or 6. And I got the backing material, a flannel version of one of the prints, and three different options for the border (of which the stripe will almost certainly be used for binding), but I’m having a hell of a time getting myself to work on it. I’m really, really hoping at least to get all the blocks done before December. So the new goal is to get the blocks done by Friday, and then to get the top pieced (or at least en route to being pieced) by Sunday.

I’ve been working on something else the last couple days – a wall-hanging about which I’m being coy because it’s a gift for someone who reads/checks out my flickr account. It’s a joint project between my sister and I, she did a stitched project, and then I added borders, quilted it, and am now sewing on the binding. I realized last night as I was stitching down the binding that I’d forgotten to add the hanging tabs, so I need to do that before I can finish up that last stretch of stitching across the top.

Dot dot

Let me tell you though, I love stitching down binding. I used to be so terrified of it, but having done it a few times now, I find it such a relaxing thing to do, to just sit back and maybe watch some crappy, but fun tv (I’ve been watching the British series Misfits lately) and get into that stitching zone. There’s something kind of Zen about it, just sitting there stitching almost without thought.

New project

I’m not 100% in love with how the mitred corners turn out on my projects – somehow I always wind up with a little valley along one edge that looks like it’s pulling, rather than just sitting smooth and flat and lovely. But maybe it’s normal… what do I know, really? Most of the quilts I own have prairie points around the edge, so they don’t have a proper binding anyway. I’ve really got nothing to compare it to and I know I can be hyper-critical of the things I work on.

New project

Anyway, I do have one problem with it. The project has a centre panel, which has been cross-stitched. For my quilting, I only went through the white keys on the border, but that panel in the middle seems far too large to not have something done to tack it down a little. (It’s about 10-in x 12-in.) I’d done a basting stitch around the edge before I did my quilting, so that it wouldn’t shift around, but now that the basting stitch is removed, it somehow looks loose and kind of puffy in the middle. I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions for what to do that won’t interfere with the cross-stitched portion. It’s a fairly open design, so theoretically I could hand-stitch around the edges of the design, travelling through all the layer rather than just through the top. Or I have invisible thread, so I could do almost anything over the top with that (but I don’t like working with invisible thread by hand, it’s unpleasant to sew with). Probably you can’t make any real suggestions without actually seeing the stitched portion, but if you have any thoughts, do let me know.

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8 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday: Two WIPs

  1. I like the wonky stars, they look great in the vintage modern!

  2. That is a common problem when you have a special area on a quilt that you don’t want to “muddle” up with stitching, but if you do a few rows of “echo” quilting around the design using thead that is a very close match to the background fabric you will loose the puffiness and give the motif or design a bit of a frame. Let us know what you decide ad how it works out…

    • I’m having such a hard time with it! It’s got cross-stitch in the middle, which is on white, and the backing fabric is red, and so if I use white, it all shows on the back (and looks kind of terrible!), but if I use red it stands out too strangely on the front. I’m still mulling my options!

  3. Well I am VERY curious about your project and waiting for the big reveal. I agree with Susan about echoing to bring out the cross stich design.

    • I’m very torn about it! I’ve put it and taken out more stitches than I can say. (It’s got a red backing and the cross-stitching is of course on white, so I’m having some issues with how badly white stitches show on the back, and how awkward coloured ones look on the front. I probably shouldn’t care so much about how the back looks, it’ll be up against a wall, but I hate for it too look awful if someone takes a peek.)

  4. It does seem the moment one sets goals something comes up, or one loses interest. My solution is to avoid setting goals……
    As for your quilting dilemma: I second a row of stitching in a neutral colour around the motif-s. Good luck!

    • Yeah, my goals rarely work out for me, although I do try it every so often 😀 I’m usually best with deadlines, but I can’t set my own deadlines – if I do, I just ignore them!

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