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Giveaway Day: Stitchy Goodness


Giveaway is now closed! Thanks everyone for playing along!

How is it that Sew Mama Sew‘s Giveaway Day sneaks up on me every year… even when I KNOW in advance that it’s coming on, oh, say, a particular day? Like today?

Oh, right. It’s Giveaway Day! If you have stumbled across my blog somehow without knowing what Giveaway Day is… well, it’s a day (week, really) when Sew Mama Sew does a link-up of blogs where something is being given away. There are several categories: Handmade Baby and Kid Items, Handmade Accessories, Handmade for the Home, Sewing and Craft Supplies, and Handmade Bags. What used to take a day, has grown so large that it encompasses the whole week to let people have a chance to enter as many giveaways as possible. I haven’t won yet, but hey, maybe this year will be my year.

Maybe it’ll be yours!

I’m offering up two giveaways. One prize will be given to a Canadian or International participant, so please let me know where you’re from! The second prize will be open to Canadians, Americans, and everyone else from where ever you might be at. (I always feel just a tiny bit burned when I see giveaways that are US-resident only, so I like to give something specifically to people from those places that are usually excluded.) I will do the drawn for the Canadian/Intl prize first, so please let me know which of the two prizes you prefer and that winner will get first choice. The second winner will get whatever wasn’t chosen.

Both my prizes are for stitchery supplies. I’ve been a little bit obsessed (obsessed? maybe? yeah…) with learning embroidery this year, so I’m going to share the stitching love. Both prizes are for easy entry points to embroidery, so if you’ve never done it before, I promise this will be simple enough for you!

Prize Pack One: Sashiko Kit with Thread and Thimble

Sashiko Kit

I picked this kit up a year or so ago and just haven’t gotten around to making it. I’m not sure why I chose it to begin with because the autumn colours don’t suit my house at all!

Sashiko Kit
(Oh, winter sun, why must you be so cold and cast a slightly blue sheen over my photos? Why?)

The kit contains the pre-printed fabric with a swirling leaves pattern and much much more than enough thread to stitch it all. I’m also throwing in a specialized thimble, which I was never able to get used to using, and I’m also including a needle. It’s not a sashiko needle, but I’ve only got one of those and don’t want to share ;-D In practise I’ve found that any sturdy needle with an eye large enough to accommodate the sashiko thread works just as well.

Prize Pack Two: Sublime Stitching Craft Pad and Sublime Floss “Parlour” Palette

This craft pad, which contains transfer images of 75+ embroidery patterns from Jenny Hart’s Sublime Stitching, is very slightly used. I’ve cut out three of the patterns and made one transfer from each of them, but they’ll all still work, if you’d like to stitch an octopus, hand-holding-a-pen, or a fish. There are a lot of very fun patterns in this craft pad, but every now and then I have a crisis of OMG I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF, WHAT AM I DOING, I NEED TO GET RID OF THINGS and this has been on the Don’t Use It Enough To Keep It So Give It Away pile for a while. The image on the right shows a few of the patterns that are found in this book.

You might notice that is only a photo of a book cover, but that’s because the floss hasn’t arrived yet. (In fact, it hasn’t been shipped. I decided a little too late what I wanted to include with the craft pad, and so it’s going to be a little while before I have it. Once it arrives (probably two weeks from today…) it’ll be in the mail.)

I haven’t tried these threads yet (mine are in the mail along with the ones that will soon be yours!), but I’ve been seeing entries popping up on various different stitching blogs from people who’ve been lucky enough to receive sample palettes in the mail, and I’m very intrigued to try these new-to-the-world threads. I usually choose colours wily-nily from the many many many cards of floss my sister and I inherited from our mother, but I really like the idea of ready made palettes, at least for those days when I’m feeling very indecisive about my ability to conquer colour theory. Sublime Threads has some very nice palettes, but Parlour is my very most favourite, and so it’s what you’re going to receive. I most injudiciously stole those photos from the Sublime Stitching website, so I’m going to drop in another link, this one directly to the new floss, just as a reminder of where they came from. (And as a teeny tiny apology. Yes, I’m a wanton photo-thief, but maybe I’ll direct a little traffic in their direction!)

So here’s the most important stuff:

1. Tell me where you’re from
2. Tell me which prize you’d prefer to win
3. Tell me if you’re interested in embroidery – have you done it before? do you do it a lot? what’s your favourite type? do you have a photo of the favourite thing you’ve ever made/received? linky link?

The winners’ names will be drawn on Saturday December 8, at two PM my time. (I live in Alberta, which is in Canada, on the edge of the Rocky Mountains. Sort of. That might be MST? Enter before then, anyway, because I won’t accept any names after that time.) I will be writing out everyone’s names by hand to put into my ceramic popcorn bucket to draw the names, so entering early (or late) won’t make you more or less likely to win. Like most people, I think Mr Random doesn’t choose #1 very often. (I have seen it happen though and I know it’s no more impossible to win as #1 as if #328, but it still FEELS that way, damn it.)


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I'm a 30-ish quilter, and occasional sewist and embroiderer. I mostly talk about crafty things I'm working on, or wish I were working on.

287 thoughts on “Giveaway Day: Stitchy Goodness

  1. i am in the US. i would love love love to win the second prize – i’ve got some embroidery needles but no embroidery thread really, and would love to start learning. thanks for the chance!

    • Best of luck to you! If you win, I really hope you enjoy it! I was surprised to find myself liking embroidery so much, but I really do enjoy it. (Normally I don’t enjoy doing hand-sewing of any sort, put some nice threads in place of sewing thread, though, and I’m all over it!)

  2. I am in Western Mass and I would love that second pack – sublime stitching. I’m happy you got some use out of it and I would love to further its use. I embroider on the clothes I make – simply. I haven’t done more complicated embroidery since my daughter’s baby blanket 13 years ago!

  3. I live in the US, Missouri, to be exact. I am not picky and would love either pack. I just learned embroidery a couple of years ago. I really love redwork, but any type of embroidery is soothing to me. One of my first big projects was the online BOM by Kaaren called Raggedy Annie and Friends. I am in the process of hand quilting it right now.

  4. I am from Maine and living half time in Canada. I like either prize. I just started embroidering this year. Here is a little link; of one of my first attempts. I do love it.

  5. I live right outside of Boston, MA in a cool town called Melrose. There is literally a building named Melrose Place a couple blocks away. I really like to embroider, but haven’t tried sashiko yet. I would love to give it a shot! Thanks for the chance!

  6. the Western US, the book , and I LOVE embroidery. IT’s so fun to just sew and create a story!

  7. I’d love the 2nd prize. I’m in Atlanta!

  8. I’m from upstate New York. I’d prefer to win the Sashiko embroidery with the leaves-my favorite season! I haven’t done much embroidery but I’ve cross-stitched a bit.

  9. 1. I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina (USA, y’all!)
    2. Honestly, both prizes look positively lovely. I’m particularly interested in the Sashiko kit, but really, whatever happens to strike your fancy! You’re so sweet for offering up goodies πŸ˜€
    3. I would love to get into embroidery, mainly because it would be a glorious addition to any costumes that I might make. In particular, I have a Regency gown in the planning stages that would benefit greatly from some stitchery. Unfortunately, the most I’ve ever done is cross-stitching and, as I understand it, there is a distinct difference. I’ve always been so in awe of yours and Aalia’s embroidery, so to join your ranks would be glorious!

    • The sashiko is really neat, and having a kit makes a good way to break into it – easier than drawing out your own pattern, and they look really nice.

      Cross-stitch is a great place to start for learning embroidery – all the skills from one type add in tot he skills for the next thing you try. Was there a lot of stitching on Regency clothing? (I know absolutely nothing about regency clothing. Seriously, nothing. I presume they wore it. ;-D)

      Anyway, best of luck to you!

      • I suppose it’s like today – some clothes would have had embellishments, some wouldn’t. Simple garments might have just had a bit of trim, but especially formal gowns and clothing made for wealthier ladies (as well as men) would have been decked out in anything from embroidery to beads, jewels, lace, etc. Something simple like a frock worn for day-to-day activities could have been made quite pretty by a few embroidered embellishments here and there. Women were expected to be well-rounded which usually included being versed in needlecraft. They had to put that work to use somewhere!

        • I should extend my ignorance and say I don’t even know what time period is considered Regency πŸ˜€ (But Aalia’s post with her costume did help give me a hint or two!)

  10. 1) Indiana 2) the Japanese embroidery 3) just a bit of cross stitch 4) thanks for the giveaway

  11. I live in North Carolina, my favorite would be the sublime stitchy project and the floss. I love those colors. So pretty (excellent taste). I love embroidery, I travel tons so it is a great to have hand work. Thank you for the giveaway!

  12. I’m in Canada (Calgary) and would love the Sashiko kit. I’ve never tried it, but it intrigues me. I have done a lot of embroidery and cross stitch in the past. My eyes won’t let me do the fine work any more, but I’m sure I could do sashiko!

    • I’m in Calgary too! I am lucky to have pretty good eyes still, but a little while ago I did a little tulip in tent stitch on 34-count linen and wow… SO hard on the eyes.

      Best of luck to you!

  13. I’ve been all about embroidery this year. I’d prefer the Sublime Stitching one, but they’re both very cool. I haven’t really taken any pictures of my projects… sorry. I just started stitching this year and can’t get enough. πŸ™‚

  14. I’m from Des Moines, Iowa. I’d love to win the second prize, but the first prize is nice, too. I’m very interested in embroidery. I’ve done a little of it, but I’m not that great at it yet. I’d like to try sashiko, too.

    • I feel like I’m not that great at it yet either, but I keep reminding myself that everything I make is getting me a little closer to getting it right. (How fortunate that all the skills from one type of embroidery apply to the next, eh?)

      Working from a kit, sashiko kind of feels like cheating, it’s so easy. The hardest thing is keeping it all from skewing because the fabric stretches so very easily, and you have to be cautious with the tension, so that the thread doesn’t ripple the fabric. One of these days I’ll draw out some grids and draw out my own sashiko pattern, rather than using something printed, though, and then I’m sure I’ll eat my words about it feeling like cheating πŸ˜€

      Best of luck!

  15. Hello there, I’m from Quebe, Jonquiere…moved here 30 years ago ;). Either prize is fine with me. I have been into embroidery latley. I’ve seen Sublime stitching and have been curious about it, and I like kits. Embroidery! I started out doing cross stitch but there are only so many walls, now I’ve figured out that I can combine quilting and embroidery like the Aussies do, and I am really into that…just doing a project now. If you check my blog, there is a friendship star wall hanging that I went beyond my abilities, proud of myself! Thank you for holding this giveaway!

    • The friendship star is very pretty – did you do the quilting yourself as well?

      I haven’t really added embroidery to quilting yet, but I can imagine I will eventually – as you say, there are only so many walls (and only so much you want to hang on them anyway!)

      Best of luck!

      • My friendship star was for a swap, we had to embroider the design and then create a wallhanging. (the Quilting Gallery hosted it.) I used the friendship star as a base and then made it into a wallhanging. I did both hand and machine quilting on it. I will probably make another one!

  16. I live in New York State, on the south shore of Long Island.

    I love surprises, if I won surprise me. Yes I loved embroidery when I was younger, I’m just starting to get
    Back to it recently.

  17. I’m originally from Israel, but am now living in WI. I love embroidery, and it’s been quite a tradition in my family. I’d love to win either kit, so surprise me!

    limor477 at aol dot com

  18. I am from Hamburg, Germany. I like both prizes, I’m not picky. My favourite piece I ebver made is this: Thanks!

  19. I love the sublime stitchy but both are lovely! I sooo very recently started to embroider ha and blog too…just a newbie all around I suppose. Oh my goodness is the embroidery addciting! I’m finding myself enjoying it much more than I expected, I’d really love to get more practice in with more stitches πŸ™‚ I did just write a post my endeavor into embroidery on my blog:
    Thanks for the chance to win and I’m glad I ran across your blog, I will definitely be following!

  20. I’m in the US and love the second prize.

  21. Prize Pack One: Sashiko Kit with Thread and Thimble. I live in New Jersey, and I recently discovered Sashiko and I am hooked!

  22. I’m from Michigan. I think either prize is wonderful, but since I have experience with Sublime Stitching, I lean toward that one (just slightly!). I have been working on a quilt with embroidered blocks for over a year (it will get done in 2013, I swear!).

  23. I’m from CA and I do love embroidery. I would choose the first pack.

  24. Hi. I’m from New York City, and I love embroidery. I’d like prize #1, it’s something I have yet to try. Thanks!

  25. Hello from West Virginia.
    I would love the sublime stitchery book
    I did my first embroidery project last year it was a sublime pattern as a Christmas gift for my son. I thought I had a pic on my blog but apparently my blog is deleting my old pics (I have to look into that now)

    • Weird that it’s deleting your photos! Maybe you’ve hit the limit on what you can have hosted? (I’ve always kept mine on flickr, so I’m not sure how it works with blogspot.)

      Best of luck to you!

  26. I live in Louisiana and have been doing embroidery work for over 40 years. I ‘m not real crazy about stitchery. I’m more into traditional

  27. 1. I’m from the US – St. Louis, in fact.
    2. I love prize pack 2!
    3. I love embroidering, especially tea towels like the ones my great grandmother made.

    • I’m really curious about the stitching on tea towels – do people do something to cover it up on the back, or just strive to keep it very very neat looking or…?

      Best of luck to you!

  28. I’m in the US, and I’d love anything to work on my (beginning) embroidery.

  29. I live in the US in Virginia. I love both prizes! I’m still learning embroidery, but I love every minute of it!

  30. I live in the West of Ireland. Both prizes are fab, but I’d would LOVE the sublime stitching pad, as I do think they have the coolest desogns. I love to embroider and so does my nine year old daughter so it will definitely be put to good use πŸ™‚

    • Best of luck to you!

      I hope you (and your daughter!) win for the silliest of reasons – my family way way way way way back in the day came from Ireland. We’re so long term Canadian the ancestry hardly counts, but never mind that.

  31. I’m from North Shore, Massachusetts. All the prizes are great, but I’d love the first one. I enjoy embroidery and I got into it because of historical re-enacting.

  32. I live just outside Charleston SC. I would like either price. If I MUST choose, #2


  33. I live in Manchester, UK and would love the second prize!
    I adore embroidery although I haven’t been doing it long.
    Here’s a link to what I’ve done so far:

    • You do a pretty great job, even if you’re pretty new to it! I’m kind of curious about the donkey bag — what’s the deal the donkey? It looks really great, but… why donkeys? (If the answer is “Why not donkeys?” I don’t want to know… ;-D)

      Best of luck to you!

  34. I’m in England!
    I would love to win the sashiko prize!

  35. I’m in Las Vegas, NV. I would LOVE the Sublime Stitching set. I do enjoy embroidery and hand sewing! My favorite item I have made was a little felted owl with pussy willows embroidered on it’s front.

  36. Greeting from Malaysia. i would love love love to win the second prize. I love embroidery. I love making stitchery quilt πŸ˜€

  37. I’m in Australia. Sublime stitching would be my #1 choice. Making kids clothes and then stitching sounds like a good idea (whether i actually do it is another). I’m a virgin embroider (does long stitch count?).
    xoxx s

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  39. I’m from Concord, NC (outside of Charlotte). I would love to get the Sublime Stitching set! I used to do embroidery when I was younger and recently, after seeing some pretty embroidery on various sewing projects, I’d like to get into it again to enhance my own sewing!

  40. Im from Lewisville, NC. I love the craft pad!

  41. I live in the US and I’ve been dying to try Sashiko! I learned to cross-stitch when I was in 4th grade, but only the last few years really tried to learn how to embroider other than that. I am totally addicted now and make lots of hand-embroidered stuff as gifts for people!

    • I used to cross-stitch when I was in elementary school too, but I like every other kind of embroidery I’ve tried so much better than that πŸ˜€

      Best of luck to you!

  42. I’m from Seattle, WA. I’d like to win the sublime stitching pack. I’ve done a little embroidery, but would love to do more. I’ve never had transfers, which I think would make it so much easier. I visit my 96 year old grandmother in law each week. She spends a lot of time cross stitching and embroidering. It’d be nice to join her. Thanks !

  43. I am from NSW Australia and I would love to win the Sashiko Kit. It is at the top of my list for things to try in 2013. I love hand embroidery.

  44. I’m in north Texas, quite far from you.
    I love the sublime stitching. The luchador is amazing.
    I do a little embroidery. I made a hoop for a swap that said “Home is where you shit at.”

    • Ha! And yet you’d be shocked by how frequently someone at my work plugs the second toilet from the left in the women’s room at my work… (Is that gross? Sorry. I don’t understand people who shit at work. But that’s just me. Use the public, but single person, toilet with the locking door if you’re desperate.)

  45. I am from VA. I would like to win the Sublime Stitching. I have not embroidered anything in many years. I use to do it when i was a teen but I sew and knit more these days. I have been looking into it again. I like to make little pouches and I think this would be a great addition to those.

  46. I’m from Texas, would love either but would prefer the sublime stitching, and I love embroidery πŸ™‚

    starsandsunshineblog at gmail dot com

  47. You know where I am, the other side of the wormhole in Chicago! I’d love to try that Sublime Stitching kit…some days you just wanna iron on a pattern AND have your floss chosen for you. Minions? Bring me my needle. πŸ˜‰

    You’ve seen all my nonsense before, but I think this one is still my favourite:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. G’Day from Australia! I’d like prize #1 and yes, I’m interested in embroidery!

    pinkscissorsdesign @gmail .com

  49. I’m from New York and would love to win the sublime stitching. I love embroidery, still learning but can tell that it is really addictive.

  50. I’m in Tennessee. I think I’d like to win Prize 2. But I’d be happy either way. Thank you!

  51. I’m from California and would adore the sashing kit – although I wouldn’t object (really, I’d squeal with joy) to prize 2.

    I haven’t really done much embroidery but it has been moving up my to to list at a furious pace!

  52. I love the Sashiko kit. I really want to improve my hand stitching and I think this would be a lovely project to practice on. I promise to share the results with you. ;^)

    • The sashiko is so easy I’m not sure I learned anything from having done it (except, I suppose, being careful about tension). You don’t even really have to learn how to take neat stitches because every single stitch is printed out for you πŸ˜€

      Still, best of luck to you πŸ˜€

  53. G’day I’m Gaby from Australia and absolutely love Prize Pack Two! I had seen the Sublime Stitching Craft Pad online and fell in love with it. I’m a very beginner stitchy but very excited to to get better at it and make more fun goodies.

  54. I’m from Jersey, a little island off the north west coast of France and I’d love the sublime stitching prize.

  55. I’m in Australia and I’d love to win the Craft Pad. I have done a little embroidery in the past, but want to do more of it.

  56. I’m from Toronto, Ontario. I’d want the Sublime Stitching package. I haven’t done a lot of embroidery, but I do love it.

  57. Oh what gorgeous prices!
    I’m from austria, it’s me Claw!
    Which of those prices would I prefer… that is hard to say. They are both great. With the first price I could make a furoshiki maybe, but with the second price I could do so much.
    I haven*t stitched that much so far. I started with a little urban threads embroidery and made a pillow case with it. Than just two/half other things and now I’m embroidering the disapearing chesire cat for a bag.
    I would be grateful with any price.

  58. I live in Beautiful BC (it says so on our license plates). I would love the embroidery pack for my daughter she is ten and a way better embroiderer than me.

  59. I live just outside of Chicago, would love to win the Sublime Stitching pad and floss, and I mostly use embroidery to add little embellishments to my sewing projects, like the eye and feet of a bird, for instance. Once I embroidered a monster drawing that my son drew on a large piece of fabric and turned it into a tote for him.

  60. I live in New Orleans, I would love to win the second prize (the Sublime Stitching). I used to embroider and have just recently gotten the itch again πŸ™‚

  61. I am in the US and I would love to win the second prize. I am interested in embroidery and took a hand stitching class from Stitched in Color. My favorite project was the sashiko coasters!

  62. 1. In the US
    2. Although I love that kit, I really love Sublime Stitching so I would have to go with that.
    3. I have done it before, but I don’t do it a lot because I have too many hobbies. My favorite embroidery is one my best friend made me. It is a vintage squireel pattern on a tote bag. So amazing.

    • Ha! I try to limit my hobbies. Right now quilting and embroidery are pretty much it, though I’ve cycled in and out of a few things in the past. I’m trying to keep myself restrained to just the two though.

      Best of luck to you!

  63. I’m in Munich. Prize pack 1 seems most interesting to me b/c I’d like to improve my embroidery. It’s my weakness in the fiber arts world. 😦 Thanks for hosting this giveaway! adriprints(at)yahoo(dot)com

  64. Oh this is wonderful! I’m from Chicago in the US, and I would LOVE to win the sublime stitching pad! I actually took an embroidery class at a local quilt shop a few months ago and LOVED it – I have a lot of embroidery stuff on my Christmas wish list!

  65. I’m from Texas, and I’d love to win the floss! I’ve done a little embroidery but not enough!

  66. I’m from the US; what a great idea to do a non-US giveaway. I have to admit, we do get quite a few just for us. And I’d love to get the sublime stitching set. I’ve been embroidering off and on for a number of years, but never any big projects.

  67. I would like prize pack 2. I live in Steens, MS USA. I have done embroidery before and love to do it to help me relax at the end of the day.

  68. I am from Elizabethtown, PA in the US. I would love to receive the Sublime Stitching pack. I love her stuff and have some of her patterns. I have recently re-discovered a love for embroidery. I am currently working on the Betsy’s Closet in stitches quilt.

  69. I am in Chicago. I would love the sashiko kit. I’ve done some sashiko and embroidery this year and really loved it.

  70. I’m from Munich, Germany, and I’d love the Sashiko pack. I embroidered a lot as child, now I only embroider when I do appliquΓ© or when I hand quilt. Though, I’d love to try Sashiko. I’ve rediscovered the handwork with EPP hexagons.

  71. I’m in Maryland, USA. I’d prefer #2 but they’re both lovely. I haven’t done a ton of embroidery but it’s nice to keep as an ongoing project when I need to slow myself down and do something more relaxing.

    • Yeah, I really like how kind of… zen it is, to sit and stitch. I never thought I’d be into that kind of handwork until I started doing something other than cross-stitch (which bores me to tears).

      Incidentally: LOVE your Tiger-Boy doll. So fantastic.

      Best of luck to you!

  72. I am from the Deep South, USA
    I would like the embroidery kit!

  73. I’m from northern CA near San Francisco. I’ve done lots of embroidery and love it. I’d like the Sublime Stitching giveaway. Thanks!

  74. I’m from northeast Ohio, right across Lake Erie from Canada! I love doing embroidery while watching television and I’m a big fan of Jenny Hart so I would choose the second giveaway.

  75. Door number 2 please, I’d love to try that floss and patterns πŸ™‚

  76. Hi πŸ™‚ I’m Katy from Ottawa… I would like the Sashiko first, but if not the Sublime please πŸ™‚ I love all kinds of embroideries and wish I could draw better to make my own patterns LOL

    • Oh, me too! I have a lot of patterns and several different transfers, but the things I REALLY want to do are some things I’ve thought up, but the brain-to-paper translation doesn’t turn out so well, unfortunately.

      Best of luck!

  77. I’m on the Oregon coast and I would love to win the 2nd prize pack. I do embroider and have done a number of tea towels for my family but I want to do some hoops for my wall this spring.

    • I’ve never done a tea towel before, though I’ve got one in a drawer somewhere waiting for me to tackle the project. How do you deal with the backside? I always wonder about that…

      Best of luck to you!

  78. Hello from Minnesota! #2 (but) I would love either prize, really. I’m an embroiderer, especially of day-of-the-week dish towel sets.

  79. I’m in Oklahoma, and I’d love the 2nd pack. I love embroidery, and am currently working on my 4 cross stitch baby blanket.

    • I’ve never combined embroidery/cross-stitching with quilting before (except in a wall-hanging I just finished), but I think I’m going to have to start.

      Best of luck to you!

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  81. I live in Virginia. I like prize #2. I have done embroidery a few times and I have enjoyed it πŸ™‚
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  82. I’m in Calgary, Alberta. I’d love the 2nd prize pack. I haven’t done much embroidery but have been wanting to! Thanks for the chance to win! jgemeroy(at)shaw(dot)ca

    • Hello fellow Calgarian!

      It’s a great place to start, the craft pad and floss. All you’ll need is a needle, some fabric, and a hoop!

      Best of luck to you!

  83. I’m from lancaster pa. I’d love he sublime stitching package! I’ve done a few embroideries this year already.

  84. I’m from Ontario Canada! I’d love to win the Sashiko kit! It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn! Thanks so much for the wonderful giveaway!

    • It’s just about the easiest thing in the world – at least working from a kit! If you don’t win, I’d recommend checking out TaDaa Studio on etsy – I’ve bought most of my sashiko stuff from there (though not all) and I have nothing bad to say about the shop at all.

      Anyway, best of luck to you!

  85. Hi I’m Amy – a beginner at embroidery. I took a class recently with Aneela Hoey and love it and want to do more! I would love the floss or the transfers – great idea! Great giveaway – thank you!!

  86. Hello from Ohio! Learning embroidery is one of my new year’s resolutions. I’d love the Sublime Stitching! Thanks for the giveaway! Amy @ gasudimack(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

    • Was it your 2012 resolution or one you’re planning for 2013..? Not that it’s ever to late to pick up on a resolution, I just think it’d be funny if it was 12 months ago you decided and now you’re hoping to do something about it πŸ˜€

      Anyway, best of luck to you!

  87. I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I do like to embroider, though it tires me out with all the concentration required, LOL. I think I’d love the sublime stitching pack, though I have been meaning to try sashiko embroidery so would be happy with that too. And here’s a link to a simple, but cute embroidery project I made a while ago:

  88. Hi. I live in Northern California. Would love prize pack 2. Have only tried embroidering twice — a pacman pencil case and a monster patch, but want to learn more.

  89. I’m in the US. I’d love to win the Sashiko, it looks like a lot of fun! I dabble in embroidery.. I don’t do much, but I’m learning,and I like it.

  90. South of Portland, Oregon.
    Sashiko kit
    I use embroidery to add texture and fun to stuff I make.
    Thanks for the giveaway and please enter mine.

  91. I am Melissa from Phoenix, AZ. Until I opened my Etsy shop last year, I had no idea how easy it is to ship internationally! I’m glad you are giving preference to Canadian and International entrants since so many are US residents only. Good for you. πŸ™‚

    I love the second pack and after all of that I can’t remember what it is called. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for a chance to win! I embroider doll faces on the dolls I make (, but I’d love to venture out a bit.

    • I get why people don’t always want to ship outside their own country – it’s expensive! – but it’s expensive for us to! So yeah, this is my own tiny way of combating being left out of so many giveaways.

      Best of luck to you!

  92. I love embroidery. I’ve been sewing since I was 8/10 and I embroidered with my mother. I currently live in Clearfield, PA and I would love prize 2.

  93. I’m from Westlake, OH, USA (near Cleveland, OH). I think I would like Prize #2 (although either would be wonderful)! I had not embroidered in decades, until recently, and it’s fun to try it again. A good portable craft too. Many thanks!

  94. I’m from Barcelona, the capital city of Catalonia in Spain. I would love to get the threads because I read about them on Rosalie Quinlan’s blog and I’ve been wanting to buy them since then. I love embroidery and I always add ome to my sewing projects. I’m now taking part in the Lynette Anderson’s Fernhill “BOM”. Thank you for such a great hance to win!

  95. I am in the US. I love to craft, sew, quilt and embroider! I have embroidered quite a bit and totally love it so number 2 would be awesome for me.

  96. I am in the US in Southern California.. I would love either gift!!!

  97. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m in the US (more specifically Dallas, TX) and I am very interested in learning embroidery. I would love to get either of the giveaway sets, but maybe the 2nd slightly more than the 1st. (I don’t read Japanese, so not sure if that would be a hindrance to understanding the instructions on giveaway set #1. I’m guessing it’s self explanatory) wonderlandbyalyce at gmail dot com

    • Most of the sashiko kits are pretty easy to deal with even without Japanese (I don’t read it either!) I don’t think this one does because it’s not the typical repeated motif, but most of the other ones have a stitch guide in pictures that shows where to stitch first, so to speak.

      In any case, best of luck to you!

  98. Ooh what a lovely giveaway! I’m from the UK. I have been meaning to learn embroidery for ages – I spend my childhood watching my Mum do it but I have never progressed beyond cross stitch! I think the second pack is adorable! I love the colours of the threads!

  99. Hi from Paris, France !
    My favourite gift is the sashiko kit, I’ve seen a lot of tutorials and I want to give it a try ! I learnt embroidery when I was young, but I’m nt that good at it. Cross stitch is easier for me, but I don’t do to much beacuse I don’t really know what to do with it once finished ! I’ve been not-blogging for a while, but you can still find pictures on

  100. Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway! I live in Belarus, Europe and I’m pro all the international giveaways! I remember attempts in elementary school to do something more sophisticated than sewing and cross-stitching but they weren’t of much success. So maybe the kit no 2 is my second chance^_^

  101. thanks for hosting this!! i love embroidery soooooo much!
    1. i am from Singapore
    2. i’d prefer prize pack 1
    3. i am very interested in embroidery, have just started doing this not long ago, have done a few including paper embroidery. i love flowers, little girls, butterflies. basically, i’d love to try many many more! i have not been taking photos of my work~ maybe i should start taking and sharing photos too!

    • You should post photos! I went and took a quick look at your blog, and I didn’t understand a word, but photos don’t need words πŸ˜€

      Best of luck to you!

  102. I am int the US< i love to do embroidery, I have been doing it almost 2 years!

  103. I’m in Birmingham, England. I love both prize packs but would probably choose 2 if pushed. I’ve done lots of cross stitch but really want to get in to more embroidery.

  104. Hi there.
    i’m in the netherlands. just a very small village in the north of the netherlands, overlooking a lovely lake. I would lover to win prize pack 2. I only recently started stichery and am currently working on a quilt, “all creatures great & small” by the bridhouse.

  105. i would love to win either

    i am from san diego CA. I have done some embroidery a while back and would love to start on it again

  106. I’m from Minnesota and would love pack 1. It would be perfect in my family room! Thanks for a great giveaway~!

  107. I’m in Minnesota in the US and though I know I’m not eligible for both prizes, they both look great! I have dabbled with embroidery – most recently making some simple pillows for my sofa.

  108. i’m from minnesota and i would love to try #1. perfect for winter coziness on the couch! thanks

  109. I am from SLC UT. I don’t know much about embroidery but my little girl love it and I would love to win her this prize.

  110. I’m from the US and I LOVE that you do a special drawing for internationals only. I agree – it’s not fair. πŸ™‚ If I do happen to win, I want that Sublime Stitching set! I just love her and her stuff. I love to embroider. In fact, it’s probably my favorite fibercraft.

    • I do get it, why people would do US only (or whatever country they’re from) – shipping can be very expensive! But it’s just as expensive for the rest of us! It always burns me just a little when I’m looking at a blog going AWESOME PRIZE I’ll never win, but I’m so entering! And then I get to the bottom and it’s “US entrants only.” Damn.

      Anyway, best of luck to you!

  111. I am from the U.S. and I would choose #2. I embroider basket liners that I make for my handwoven baskets and I also embroidery little sayings to frame. Thank you for the giveaway!

  112. I’m from England. I love embroidery, I’ve been trying out loads of different kinds and I’m in love. I recently did some sashiko so I’d like to win the sashiko kit, I enjoyed it so much!

    • Had you used a kit or did you draw out the grid yourself and do the pattern? I’ve only used kits, so far, and I’m really interested to try it the other way, but when I look in books at how complicated some of the stitches are, it gives me nightmares! πŸ˜€

      Best of luck to you!

  113. I am from the US. I like #2 & I have never embroidered before, but I do like to hand stitch, so I think I might enjoy it.

  114. don’t you love compy and paste – I was sure to forget half of your questions …
    1. Tell me where you’re from – that’s easy – Germany, the south west

    2. Tell me which prize you’d prefer to win – ahh the Sashiko kit …

    3. Tell me if you’re interested in embroidery – have you done it before? hmm I have doen embroidery yes … I’m not patient enough for it …. and I’m crap at transfering

    do you do it a lot? well even though I’m not the biggest fan I embroider all my labels (no fabric pen here)

    what’s your favourite type? hmm does quilting wholecloth count? it should in a way .. well that’s my favourite (and therefore it counts, at least for me)

    do you have a photo of the favourite thing you’ve ever made/received? linky link?

    uhh I think that was enough from me – but you asked the questions .. I just answered so it’s not really my fault.

    • The quilting is gorgeous! That’s a bit of handwork I’ve never really wanted to try – I get to stressed out about what the back looks that I wind up ripping out everything I put in.

      I don’t know if handquilting “counts” but it’s still handwork!

      Anyway, best of luck to you!

  115. I’m from Chicagoland. I’d like to try the sashiko kit, it looks like a lot of fun! I’m actually embroidering as I type (read a few line, stitch a little). This is from a contest I won a few months ago: I loooooove to stitch! Thanks for the awesome giveaways!!

  116. I’m from Breckenridge Missouri USA. I would like to try the kit in giveaway #1. I made my daughter a lovely baby blanket for my daughter that featured a lovely cross stitch pattern.

  117. I am from Adelaide, Australia. I have been stitching since I was 10 and I love it. My favourite is stitcheries. I would love to win prize #2 but would be happy with #1 too. I think some of the pictures in the pad would look cute on children’s clothes.
    Here is a link to a stitchery I did earlier in the year.

    • The bunting looks great!

      I work with a girl called Mhairi and I never thought I’d come across that name again, such an unusual spelling! (At least around here…)

      Anyway, best of luck to you!

  118. I’m from Burke, VA and I’d really like to win the sashiko package. I’ve done lots of different kinds of embroidery, but never this one.

  119. I live in the USA. I love cross stitch and crewel embroidery.

  120. I’m from California, and would like the embroidery set – thanks!

  121. I am in Sask., Canada and would love either of the draws, but would really like to try the sashiko kit. I love hand work and machine quilting. Thanks for the opportunity on a great draw. Merry Christmas to you.

  122. I’m in the US, the Triangle area of NC to be exact. I think both prizes are amazing! I’ve embroidered a bit, and I really enjoy it. I even taught a basic embroidery skill builder for my local quilt guild. I’m not very good at using my finished embroideries in things, though. I do have one set of sashiko-inspired coaster that I made though. Thanks for the chance to win!

    • Yeah, what to do with finished pieces can be a problem – there’s only so much stuff can go up on the walls! I guess a person could rotate things in and out.

      Best of luck to you!

  123. I’m from Christchurch, New Zealand, I’d love the 2nd prize and I love to embroider…mostly simple stuff in easy stitches…I really enjoy the process.

  124. I am located in a very small town in South Carolina, USA.I would choose the second prize. yes I have done embroidery and smocking and cross stich before. Their are pictures of some things I have made on my facebook page and a old blog I have quit with basicaly.

  125. I’m in the US. I’d like the craft pad package. I haven’t done any embroidery in years but I’d like to get back to it.

  126. from america – love to embroider

  127. Yah! I’m International! I live in Greece! I need to do a few embrodiery projects so I would like to check out your 2nd prize package.

  128. I’m from IL and haven’t really embroidered before. I would prefer set 2, but I would love to win either. πŸ™‚

  129. I’m from Iowa and I like to embroider and cross stitch. I would like #2.

  130. I’m from the US and would love to try the sashiko kit. I love embroidery. Usually I draw a design first, or just design as I go, and I choose stitches as the design comes together.

    • That’s really great that you do your own designs. I’m not much of an artist, as far as that goes, so I tend to leave designing to other people πŸ˜€

      Best of luck to you!

  131. I’m from Calgary and I would prefer prize #1. I like to do redwork embroidery.

  132. I’m from Belleville, MI which is close to Ann Arbor. I would would love Prize 2. I haven’t done any embroidery, but I really want to learn, especially an octopus! So this would be a great time to try πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the chance to win!

  133. I’m from the Wasatch front πŸ™‚ I’ve never seen anything like that thimble so maybe that one, but I’ve heard great things about Sublime Stitching so that’d be fabulous as well. I have done some embroidery but not terribly a lot. I’m working on embroidering an all over design on a pillow and that gone along at such a fast pace. It’s only been like 2 years πŸ™‚ Shouldna done the all over precise design.

  134. I’m in Australia. I’d prefer the 2nd pack.

  135. I’m in the US and I would prefer prize pack #2. Thanks for the chance to win!

  136. I live in Virginia but I am from Michigan and will be moving back in two years when hubby retires from Navy. I like #2. I have done a little embroidery, from youtube video. I will have more time to work on it after Christmas.
    Shuttermom77 at gmail dot com

  137. I live in TX, USA. Love the prize! I think I’d pick #2 the Sublime stitching package, cute! I love hand embroidery, and cross-stitch too, but I didn’t do that much this year. Spent most of my time sewing up clothing, and sometimes I add embroidery to brighten up the clothing.

  138. I’m from Texas too! I’d pick #2, but both are nice… and while I keep trying my hand at embroidery, they’d probably get passed on to my sister (she’s crazy good at it) (there’s a bit of her first work at )… who’s pregnant with a boy, so could use some of SS’s edgier designs to put on onesies πŸ™‚ If I got the sashiko, though, I think I’d have to make it myself – I keep wanting to try it! (eh, and then likely get 1/5 through and make my sister finish it for me! But I do like that it tells you where to put the needle and how long to make the stitches, which is my issue with embroidery – it’s outside my comfort zone and wants you to be actually artistic, not just a crafting robot!).

    • Hee… well, this particular sashiko kit is a tiny bit different from some of the others – you get a bunch of colours, so you can pick where to put what and there aren’t the same stitching directions as on the ones with repeated motifs. It matters less where you go! The kits are really fast to work up, anyway, since it’s just a running stitch and it’s all preprinted.

      Best of luck to you!

  139. I live in the Yukon Territory and I would love prize # 1. I did a Shashiko pattern once before and cut it in two and made a mug rug for a Japanese friend. She was enthralled with the sewing. She said she had never seen Shashiko in Japan except once or twice a very old person wearing a coat made using Shashiko. I love embroidery and have been an embroiderer since I was five.

    • That’s kind of hilarious – I’ve read some books about sashiko, but all of them were written by people (originally) from the UK or North America πŸ™‚

      Best of luck!

  140. I’m in New Zealand, and I’d absolutely love the Sublime Stitching book! I’ve got a couple of their individual patterns and stitched them up, they’re so much fun. πŸ™‚ Thanks for such a lovely giveaway!

  141. I love any and all forms of embroidery! Seriously, I would love either prize…you pick. I’ve done sashiko once before and just adored the process. But I also love regular embroidery as well as crewel, and would be thrilled with floss too! I’ve loved the gaining popularity of handwork in recent years.

    • Crewel is my favuorite (right now, anyway) but I’ve enjoyed pretty well every type of needlework I’ve done (I really kind of despise cross-stitch though).

      Best of luck to you!

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