WIP Wednesday: Vintage Modern Quilt top

Vintage Modern Wonky Star

I wanted to be this far along a couple days ago, but I got distracted by MadMen. I finally borrowed season 5 from the library (I was on a wait list for a long, long time) and even though I sew most often when I’ve got tv I want to watch, I really shouldn’t watch such compelling tv when I’m trying to sew because I just get nothing done. (But Pete, that skeevy creep! And Don! And Peggy!) Six episodes down, and only eight seams to show for it.

Anyway, that’s the wonky star top put together, made using Vintage Modern, some Cotton Couture (the red), and some random white on white fabric.

I want to try this different way of basting, where you clamp it onto a table to pin it, rather than taping it to the floor. Which I’m hoping won’t just save my back, but will also help get it all more taut – I always have issues with the back shifting, no matter how much I pin.

Anyway hopefully it’ll work out, and then I just need to figure out how to quilt the thing. I’m not very good at free motion quilting yet, so I don’t want to try it for this quilt. I’d rather get more practise on something I care less about. Which leaves me more or less with something involving straight lines, but what, exactly, I don’t know… I keep turning ideas over in my head, but nothing is really sticking with me.

Next week is going to be a bit of a crap week – I work six days and both this weekend and next (I usually work alternating weekends) – so I’m not sure how it’s all going to go, but I really, really want to have this done before Christmas. So I guess I’ll cross my fingers (and hope I get through MadMen fast, so that I can focus a little more).

14 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Vintage Modern Quilt top”

    1. Thanks! I had four choices for the border and picked the one I thought my grandma would like most. (I leaned more towards a blue/grey/white print, but I think she’ll like the floral better.) Now to get it quilted…

    1. Thanks! I’m really torn about the quilting – I’ve drawn out the quilt about six times and “auditioned” various different looks, but I’m not very happy with anything I’ve tried. I’ve got two different ideas that are the best I’ve come up with, so I’ll try the free motion one first and if I think I’m just going to have to pick it all out, then I’ll probably switch the other which is all straight lines. We’ll see, I guess. I should really go baste the quilt, though, instead of just thinking about doing it… ๐Ÿ˜€

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