Work in Progress Wednesday, wait, no, Thursday…: Stars, stars, and more stars

So first up today is this itty bitty stitch I did last night.

Little Kokeshi

Yesterday I had a package arrive in the mail from Sublime Stitching, with two packets of their new floss (for me, and one for my giveaway). For myself, I choose the Portrait and Parlour palettes, and for this stitch I used Portrait.

Sublime Stitching Portrait floss

I freehand stitched the little Kokeshi doll from the Thank You note seen here, slightly larger than the picture (the original was about 2-inches tall, I suppose, and mine is about 3). It came out a little bit wonky, and I probably should have treated the flowers more delicately, but I think it came out really sweet. I didn’t use all the colours from the palette, just the brown, charcoal, pink, and golden bronze. If you’ve read anything about these new palettes, you probably know they have more fanciful names than that, what I really used were Silky Cocoa, Eyeliner, Lip Gloss, and Bronzer. I was in a rush and cut the fabric very badly – it’s too narrow to keep it in the hoop, so I’m not sure what I’ll do with it in the end. Maybe turn it into a little hanging ornament.

The big thing, though, is my Wonky Star quilt. Which I’m fairly confident in saying won’t be finished by Boxing Day (I’d hoped to send it back to Saskatchewan with my parents so that they could deliver it to my Grandma), but I’m still plugging away at it as if it might still happen.

Vintage Modern Wonky Star

Of course, right now I’m not working on it because I’m typing up this post, which is taking longer than I’d like it to be… I work nights all this weekend, so my sleep schedule is really messed up and in the meantime I have to get the house ready for guests (my little sister sleeps in my sewing room, so I need to clear off the futon before they arrive and at the moment, it’s a Big Damn Mess with all the things that are usually on my sewing table) and then I have to also host and feed said guests, so I really should be quilting madly away instead of talking here.

Anyway… here’s a couple close ups on the quilting I’m doing. Nothing very complicated or special, but it’ll do the job and I think it looks nice anyway, even if it’s not AMAZING.

Vintage Modern quilt top
Vintage Modern quilt top

Just a quarter inch around the inside of each of the stars, so far, but I’m going to have to go back and do something else in the centre, since it needs to be quilted a little more tightly than that. (I used a batting that needs to be quilted ever 4 inches, but my squares are all 4.5 inches, so I’m being cautious – that half inch mightn’t matter, but maybe it will.) Probably I’ll do a smaller square in the centre, or an X, like I did in all the full print squares.

The one bit I’m still having a problem with is what to do with the bits where the star points are at. I did do one of them already, just to try something out, and I kind of hated it. Not enough to pick it out, mind, but enough that it’s the only one that’ll have that pattern in it. Maybe I’ll do some free motion stars, one in the centre of each. I don’t know, I don’t know…

Vintage Modern quilt top

Happy Holidays everyone! I’ll probably not be back until the New Year, although maybe I’ll surprise myself and get something in the weekend between Christmas and New Years.

8 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday, wait, no, Thursday…: Stars, stars, and more stars”

  1. ‘Tis the season of miracles, so you have a chance to finish your quilt! And perhaps you can do most of the cooking with your guests…….? As for the middle of the stars: since it is for your Grandma, perhaps a heart or flower in each one? best of luck, and merry Christmas.

    1. Maybe I will get a miracle, we’ll see 😀 (Granted, even once the quilting is done, I still have to do binding, and I only like to do that by hand. But once my mom is her, she’d probably help with that…) I’ve got most of the quilting done, just one row worth of Xs left to do, and then all those weird bits between the star points and the borders and the centres of the stars. So actually, there’s still a lot left… I shouldn’t have listed it all out like that! Sounds more scary! Anyway, I’m off to bed for my night shift, but I should get some time in tomorrow morning before I have to start house-cleaning and all the rest of it. So, miracle? Maybe 😀

      Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. I’m sure whatever you will do will be lovely. If the quilt is going to your grandma, chances are it won’t need to be washed all that often you may get away with your light quilting.

  3. Cuuuuuuuute little stitch! Oh, she’s adorable. Those palettes from Sublime are lovely. And your quilt is coming along beautifully! It’ll get there, and it’ll be so worth the wait!

    1. Thank you! I wanted something quick to stitch up and that was right in front of me, so that’s why I did it, but it is super sweet and adorable.

      I think I’m going to finish up the quilt in the first week of January – a little late, but it’ll be done and that’s good!

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