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2013 Goals


Sometimes I don’t know why I set myself goals because I pretty well never meet them. I think I managed two things from my list of twelve last year. (I don’t quite want to go check for certain because it’s sort of embarrassing and sort of sad and I don’t like to feel guilty about my hobbies, but I WILL if I think too hard about it.) But it’s good to have goals, to have something to aim for, so here are mine for the year.

1. Simply Solids Bee blocks. (Aeneous group.) This will be one block a month, 11 over the year, plus my own, and it’s a mystery what block I’ll be making each month. (I know what February will look like, but since we send out our fabrics to the other participants in time for our month, I won’t find out until the fabrics/instructions show up each month.) My month is August, and I know what I’m asking for… the same thing I’m asking for in my goal #2 group…

2. Birthday Blocks. There are 11 participants, so I’ll be making/receiving 10 blocks. I requested churn dash blocks in bright solids, which is exactly what I’ll be getting from the Simply Solids bee (unless I change my mind before August). This is a pretty big mix of stuff, again, and some of it is giving me fits already. (Namely one block requested in batiks, and hard to find colours. I think I might have to go use non-batiks, which I hate to do since she did say she prefers batik, but it might be that or else blocks too pink or blocks too purple, rather than blocks just right.)

3. Finish quilting all the finished tops in my closet:

Posh Tot quilts The Poppy Quilt
First Project Ever Checkerboard Quilt
Vintage Modern Wonky Star

There is also a half-quilted Amy Butler quilt, a blue and orange big block quilt, and a Plume quilt, which I don’t have decent photos for. I’ll try to fish them out and take a better picture soon. I think this is all of them, but I’m not 100% certain.

4. Don’t start anything else new (except a wall-hanging or two for my mom).

5. Work on some of my unfinished projects.

On the embroidery side of the fence, I have four things to work on (no photos, sorry):

1. The ABCs sampler – nearly done, just not quite
2. The fandom project (Moss’s fuzzy hair)
3. The Illustration-along project (Edward Gory’s limerick cousins)
4. The bird needle-book
5. The crewel twists project

Of all these, I’d really like to finish them all, I can’t seem to come up with an order of what is most important to me, which suggests they’re all important. If I can keep it to these five projects, then I could aim to finish one every other month.

And that’s it. It seems too long a list – I didn’t think I had quite so many quilt tops laying around! – but I’d like to do as much as I can, while still having fun with what I’m working on. I need to find a better way to balance work and crafting because generally if I’m tired after work, crafting is the first thing I set aside, and it shouldn’t be because I find it relaxing and why not use it to wind down after work?

Edited to add that although I’m late for this month, I’m going to start linking up in the future with A Lovely Year of Finishes at Fiber of All Sorts. I only just stumbled across it today (via Pretty Lady Baby), but I like the idea of it. (I liked it last year too, with the 12 in 2012 idea, but we’ll see how it goes!) How it works is there will be a link up from the 1st through 7th of each month, you’ll link up a post about what project you intend to finish that month (finish meaning finish a top or finish a quilt totally), mid-month will be another link-up where you can link another post talking about your progress, and then the last seven days of the month will have a third link-up where you can link to a post about the finished project.

A Lovely Year of Finishes


Author: clumsykristel

I'm a 30-ish quilter, and occasional sewist and embroiderer. I mostly talk about crafty things I'm working on, or wish I were working on.

13 thoughts on “2013 Goals

  1. These sound like good goals – just remember to breathe! I’m still struggling with the balance thing but I’m getting better every year. I think. šŸ™‚

    • Balance has been the theme of a lot of my friends’ New Years Resolutions this year, definitely a difficult thing to manage, sometimes. I think I might need one of those internet locks, though, where you only get, say, one hour online a day and the rest of the time it’s locked! I’d get SO much more done if I didn’t spend so much time looking at blogs and pretty pictures on flickr and reading entertainment sites and all the rest šŸ˜€

  2. You got me at “feel guilty about my hobbies”. I always thought a hobby was for fun, self-learning and perhaps a bit of productive use of spare time. I don’t think it is a hobby anymore if you have to set goals and schedules! Maybe it needs to be reclassified as a household chore? After close to 40 years of quilt making I never sit at my sewing machine unless I am looking forward to the time there. Hope you see more pleasurable days ahead and fewer “must do’s”!

    • Of course, my big problem is that I get the most enjoyment out of starting projects – deciding what to do, what fabrics to use, all that thrill of newness – but then I just never finish anything and THAT’S where the guilt comes in. If I could just knock a good chunk of things off the unfinished pile, it’d stop being guilt-inducing. I wish I could sustain my interest through more of the middle bits, instead of just really loving the beginning and the ending šŸ˜€

  3. SUCH a good list. I love seeing all your quilt tops together, and I hope you can get accomplished everything you want this year. I’m excited to see your embroidery projects – especially that Edward Gorey one!

    • Thanks Aalia! I’m hoping things will run a little more smoothly for me this year, but we’ll see. (I’ve already wasted the first 10 days of the month though! Haven’t even LOOKED at my sewing machine since I put it away before Christmas. But this weekend that’ll change.)

      The Edward Gorey one should be fun, though I’m still mulling things over – what size, what colours (black wouldn’t be wrong, but then why not add some colour?), what background fabric. All I’ve managed is to pick out the illustration I’m going to use, and I’ve ordered a couple pieces of cotton/linen blend fabrics to try out for the background. For the illustration, I WAS going to use the K from the Gashlycrumb Tinies (K is for Kate done in by an axe), changing it to Kristel of course, but I borrowed a few Gorey books from the libraries and kind of fell in love with a different illustration that’ll fit in better with some of the art on my wall (and be less macabre than a stitch murdering myself with an axe :D)

  4. I really believe in you! You can so get it done!

    • Thanks šŸ˜€ It’s kind of intimidating seeing it all in a list, but I’m sure it won’t be so bad. (Especially since one of the quilt tops is very nearly finished and another is already basted and a third is partly finished!)

  5. Love your quilt tops! Good luck with your list, it always seems like more when you see it I print!

    • Thanks! That’s true about lists – they can be more intimidating that just knowing things are around. Hopefully if I can tackle one a month (and not spend three-quarters of the month wibbling about it) it won’t be so bad as it looks.

  6. The prefers batiks is just a suggestion, she would prefer as many batiks as possible, but realizes they are harder to find in the colors she requested.

    • Yeah, I know… I just want to give her what she wants! (I did find a floral batik online that SHOULD work, so hopefully if it does, I’ll be able to get some blenders that’ll work for the rest. I only have one fabric store I can get to easily so I tend to rely on online shopping, but it’s SO hard to colour-match that way. And nobody online seems to sell batiks in smaller than 1 yd increments, which is a lot when you’re totally uncertain how the colours will play out.

  7. Two peas in a pod ;). I am so like you! I love to have goals and I get lost if I don’t have any! I KNOW that I will attain my goals but maybe not on the “due date” ;). Life happens and I try to work with it. Balancing it all is key! I will follow you along on your creative journay in 2013. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am just putting the backing on and then will start quilting it this evening!

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