WIP Wednesday: More Vintage Modern

Does this chucked on a chair shot look the same as the one I’ve been flashing the last few weeks worth of work-in-progress Wednesday posts?

Vintage Modern Wonky Star quilt

If it does, you should look a little closer!

Roll of Striped Binding

Now with 100% more binding!

I haven’t really shown too many full-on shots of this quilt, though I guess there was the one with it draped down the stairs in my kitchen, but if you know very much about this line of fabric – Bonnie & Camille’s Vintage Modern – you may know there isn’t a stripe. (Well, there is, but it’s a very wide stripe with dots in both colours of the stripe.) (In fact, here’s a link to the Moda info sheet on Vintage Modern.) This stripe that I’ve used actually comes from Bonnie & Camille’s newer line of fabric, Marmalade, which is in a very similar colour palette, but also adds orange and yellow to the mix. The reds are the same in both lines, so it worked perfectly!

I think everyone loves a good striped binding, I certainly do, but I do have some slight reservations about this one. I think I maybe should have gone with my original plan and used a red with white dot. Oh well, too late, not changing it now!

Binding the Vintage Modern quilt

I’ve stitched down one short side plus a couple more feet, and am crossing fingers and toes that I’ll manage to get the rest done tonight and tomorrow. I REALLY want this to be a January finish! But January is so very nearly over! I guess I should get back to it – there are certainly worse things I could do with my time on a cold, cold, cold winter’s day than to cuddle up under a flannel-backed quilt while watching tv and stitching.

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24 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: More Vintage Modern”

    1. Oh, yeah, I LOVE that flannel backing. I was so happy to find out that there were Vintage Modern flannels! It’s such a cozy thing to use on a quilt back.

    1. Thanks! It is a lot of fun, that binding! I’m almost tempted to track down more of that fabric for some future project – it’d be great to have on hand for other bindings as well.

  1. I thought I commented here! But oh well, I’ll comment again Kristel…I loave the stripe; makes a striking contrast and POP! Love it! I love your neatly roll of binding…I never do that :(.

    1. I only roll up the binding if I want to make a pretty picture of it – it’s largely pointless otherwise! Especially in this case because I started with the blue part of the binding, which meant I was unravelling from the middle when I sewed on the binding – such a hassle! It just got all twisted and annoyed me until I finally flung it on the floor in a heap.

      Striped bindings really are fun, aren’t they? I think my grandma might look askance at it, hence my slight reservations 😀 She always did a prairie point on her quilts (every single one I own or my sister own’s – that’s probably 7 or 8 quilts from her – has prairie points) and has some very definite ideas about how quilts SHOULD look. When my sister was a teenager, she asked my grandma for a black quilt, which was just… horrifying to her. (She backed it in black and did a red/white/black prairie point edging, but otherwise it’s multi-coloured and sashed in red. Also a push for her – she did a lot of pinks, minty greens, and that sort of thing.) Anyway, I think she might find the striped binding a little bit odd, she’ll probably say it’s a bit circusy or something 😀

    1. Thanks Sam! I really like it a lot – just some vague concerns that my Grandma (who the quilt is for) won’t! It’s a lot of fun, though, isn’t it?

  2. Grandma’s like bright colours. My mum kept after me until I made her a red and white one like her mum’s! Looks good!

    1. My Grandma has very definite ideas about what quilts *should* look like, or used to anyway, though I suspect she’ll like anything I make her, just because I’ve made it 😀

  3. Great binding. if you sewed it down on the machine you could have finished it in time to beat your January deadline – although admittedly you could not have snuggled under it while doing so ……

    1. I did manage it, just in time! I should really go try to photograph it today – I think it’s pretty nice outside right now.

      I’ve never managed a nice machine binding, so I just prefer to do it by hand!


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