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Vintage Modern Wonky Star quilt, finished (yay!)


Vintage Modern Wonky Star quilt

Oh, look. A finished project!

(More later. It was bed time almost two hours ago. Someone is shovelling their sidewalk right now, though, and I can’t fall asleep. SO LOUD! I work nights all weekend, so it might be Sunday before I have a chance to write a proper entry. And hopefully take a proper picture.)


Author: clumsykristel

I'm a 30-ish quilter, and occasional sewist and embroiderer. I mostly talk about crafty things I'm working on, or wish I were working on.

8 thoughts on “Vintage Modern Wonky Star quilt, finished (yay!)

  1. It looks beautiful! The binding is fantastic. Congrats on the January finish!!

  2. Yay! I can’t wait to see the detailed post. I really should have hand-quilted one of the four quilts that I just dropped off with my LA Quilter…..

    • I don’t think I’d have the patience for hand-quilting. (Honestly, I barely have the patience for machine quilting! I’ve never had someone else do it for me, though. One of these days, though. I’ve got one top I REALLY don’t want to do myself.)

  3. Looks amazing!! Can’t wait to see more photos!

    • Thanks! I tried to take some yesterday, but I think I need some help with someone to hold it maybe, then I could photograph it outside. (Too much snow to chuck it down on the ground!)

  4. Woohoo! Hope you got some sleep. 🙂

    • Thanks!

      I did sleep a bit yesterday, and now to tackle today’s sleep! (I do 2 night shifts a week, so it’s ALWAYS hard to get enough sleep – the human body’s just not meant to change around so much!)

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