Talk to Me Tuesday 90

In which I spend yet more time talking about my Vintage Modern quilt top – I spent some time talking about the quilting, which I never really covered much in my ginormous entry about the quilt. I also talk about my projects for February.


4 thoughts on “Talk to Me Tuesday 90”

    1. I never label anything! I sometimes try to argue myself in favour of it, but then when it comes down to it, I just don’t want to. Apologies for future quilt historians who might stumble over the wreckage of anything I’ve made 😀

  1. I have three things to say:
    1) It’s so nice to put a face to the name – I just discovered your TTMT videos.
    2) I guessed you were from Canada before you showed your mom’s quilt. 🙂 I’m from MN originally and since living overseas have met many lovely Canadians all of whom say things like: PRO-cess and University (when referring to attending post high-school education). 🙂 Love you guys!
    3) I know very little about quilting (have only just ventured into that craft myself), but with regard to your mom’s lovely Canada quilt, I would suggest adding a new binding. I’d rip out (American speak for ‘pick out’ haha) the old one (I would imagine adding one right over it would make it very bulky to sew through?). When the time comes to retire it completely, might I suggest that instead of throwing it away, you scrap it. For example you could cut out each embroidery piece and craft them into a new quilt? That way it’s still retaining some of the beautiful elements from your mom, while you add your own touch to it. Who knows, years down the road, YOUR child might repurpose it, too, and add their own touch to it. Could be a cool family thing!

    1. Yeah – my computer has decided not to edit videos for me any more so I haven’t made one in a long time (didn’t notice it’d been so very long though!) Do you watch the TTMT videos on Livejournal?

      Heh… yeah, the college/university thing. I always found it bizarre that people in the US would say they were going to college when clearly they were going to university – the two words have very different implications here. (College usually provides a certificate or a diploma in an area, often but not always trades, but universities give degrees. College also can be used for specific departments in a university, so you might attend the college of medicine, but you’re attending a university. In general going to college would be less impressive than going to university and less likely to confer the high-paying jobs that a university education is supposed to get you.) Apparently we also say sorry like soary, though I don’t generally hear it on this side of the country 😀 (I think that’s more of an Ontario thing, though I could be wrong.) It’s funny the differences there are considering how close Canada and the US are to one another, but I suppose you get the same thing too – Boston vs Texas vs New Jersey vs Kentucky etc.

      I can’t remember anymore, but I think the binding on that Canada quilt (and the American counterpart) is just a roll-over from the back binding, so if I unpick it, it’ll still be part of the backing material (which is why I was thinking of cutting it off entirely, or putting a new one over it – it’ll have two layers on the front and one on the back rather than the multiple layers you get from a regular double-fold binding, not very thick at all, and likely why it’s degraded so much). I haven’t done anything with it yet, but I really should get around to it eventually.

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