WIP: The Mendocino Baby Quilt

Do please ignore the multitude of creases that need to be pressed out of this top. And the piles of crafting crap surrounding it. Just squint your eyes a little, maybe unfocus a bit, and pretend nothing is there but that swathe of purple surrounding some gold and pink mermaids and seahorses.

Mendocino Posh Tot quilt top

Rumour has it that I’m working on finishing this project in February. Rumour might be wrong. Or exaggerated, possibly. Just a little bit. If I had, say, pressed the top, I might consider that evidence that work is being done, progress is being made, but no. I didn’t do that. I did drape it over something in hopes that the wrinkles might sort of drift out a little bit, but if I really want that, I should go hang it in my bathroom. I’m not really a super-hot shower kind of person, though, so it probably wouldn’t help much – not enough steam.

Today, I went looking for the quilt pattern – this is Posh Tot by Blue Underground Studios – so that I could see what size quilt backing it thought I should have, but no dice. Somehow in the last two years, that pattern has gone missing. So I had to do the much more difficult work of actually measuring the top and, you know, figuring out for myself how much fabric I’d need for the back. I also drew out a sample quilt back, and figured out approximate sizes for everything.


Like my four-limbed octopus?

I also dug around in the bin of fabric with my solids (if you look in the top photo, there is a stack of three plastic bins on the lower right hand side of the photo, kinda sorta just barely visible in that heap of crap you’re squinting your eyes to avoid seeing, one of those three is over-filled with solids) and found my Kona Mulberry yardage, which is the primary fabric in the quilt top, and also the Kona Daffodil, which is the yellow in the centre of the block squares. And then I hauled out my stack of Mendocino fabric, so that I could have a long and difficult debate with myself about the likelihood of my cutting into my last remaining fat quarter of the pink Swimming Sisters for piecing something interesting into the back.

A quilt back?

But that heap of Mendocino fabrics (top left – it contains one fat quarter of every print in the line EXCEPT the giant octopus with the gold background, plus assorted yardage and smaller pieces of several prints) also has a collection of smaller scrappy bits, and I found that scrap with the octopus on it. That print isn’t on the front of the quilt, but it fits right in. AND it saved me from having to decide whether or not to chop into my swimming sisters fabric.

I should really get working on this today – pressing EVERYTHING, because my god! the wrinkles. But somehow every time I think about it, my brain drifts away to other things. Wondering if someone on Flickr will bite, as regards this fabric I’d like to trade away:

Monaluna's Circa 60

Wondering what the heck I did with the last package of fabric that arrived. (Two yards of texty goodness – one in an old-timey script, the other like a hand-writing workbook I might have filled out in first grade, before I figured out that half-printing, half-cursive was a much faster way of writing. And also some Yuwa text fabrics, more of the olive Je Vous En Prie fabric, and a couple rose prints with a newsprint underly. I’d show a photo, but I don’t remember what I did with it!) Debating whether or not to bake a potato and make some roasted vegetable sauce to put on top of it – it’s after 11, I should really decide now if that’s the route I’m going. Or maybe just Havarti cheese on toast, because I broke down and bought some cheese the other day.

I don’t know. I have a pathological aversion to crafting when I try to give myself a deadline, anyway. I enjoy crafting, but finishing things? Ugh. I think I need to get rich quick so that I can hire an assistant to finish everything I start, once I get bored of the project. Can you imagine, just starting everything you ever wanted to start, but not having to worry about the tedious detail of finishing 100 bitty little blocks or putting together rows of finished blocks?


2 thoughts on “WIP: The Mendocino Baby Quilt”

  1. Lol – I have to finish the things I start or it remains as clutter in my brain. I don’t get that sense of completion or accomplishment and have a hard time moving past it. haha. I try and keep my on-the-go pile small or I’d get totally overwhelmed. 🙂 If I lived closer, I’d offer to finsh some of your things for you. Just for extra finish points. haha.

    1. My craft room might send you into a full body twitch 😀 I was looking under the futon (it’s also the spare room for when we have guests) in hopes of finding some of that missing fabric and/or the missing pattern, and I found two shoe boxes with two different projects in them that I’d forgotten I started it! One of them is fairly Christmas-y – green and pink or red blocks – or else I might just bang out a pint-sized quilt to donate… wherever. (I wish I didn’t see Christmas as soon as I see green and red together.)

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