Work in Progress: February Report

I’m participating in a charm swap on flickr called the Text Me a Charm Swap, wherein 28 Canadians will be swapping 5″ charm squares from various different text print fabrics. (And I don’t have any of the ones people have posted, so far!) I have a smallish stash of text prints, mostly script prints (so pretty!) and a few others, and I cherish them like they were my own children, instead of bits of fabric that sit on a shelf in the closet of my second bedroom.


Sometimes I feel a little ridiculous about the way I treat fabric. I mean, a lot of us do it, I think. Have special favourites that we want so badly because they’re so beautiful or interesting or whatever, but then don’t ever use them because the right project never seems to come up. Because nothing’s ever good enough, or whatever. What if we ruin it and then we can’t get it any more? I’m like that with my Mendocino fabric, though I finally did cut into it enough to get started on two different projects with it. (Neither of them finished.) One is on my design wall, and can be seen in my blog header. The other is this purple quilt that I’m not working on but should be.

Mendocino Posh Tot quilt top

I think that project will get bumped to March. I still need to press everything. (Well, I pressed the little bit of octopus print that will go on the back. Does that count for much?) And then baste, quilt, and bind. I’m still toying with ideas for quilting – I like the thought of something seaweed like coming up from the bottom, but also the thought of something like moving water. (I’d say waves, but I don’t mean the kind of waves I’d have drawn in a picture as a child, more something that looks like flowing water from above, I guess? I don’t know.) I guess we’ll see.

Anyway, the text fabric. There was, previously, an entire yard of the grey Old Script print (top left of the text picture), but I cut it up into charms for the swap.

Michael Miller's Old Script

It was kind of hard to do – I’ve loved that fabric too much to use it for ages. But it’s ridiculous to have all the fabric I have and not to use it, so I put on my big girl panties, put a new blade on my rotary cutter and got to work. And now it’s en route to the swap mama in BC. I think all that cutting action let loose some of my tension about using those precious fabrics, because I went and pulled out the brown print of the same fabric (Old Script from Michael Miller), and cut off a strip of it.

You see, I suddenly realized yesterday that my parents are coming to visit this coming weekend, and I’d promised my mom back in December that I’d make her a wall-hanging for her birthday (which was in the beginning of February) so that she’d have something to hang on the quilt rack I gave her (along with two holiday themed miniquilts to hang on it) when it wasn’t Christmas or Halloween season. Oops! Where did the time go?

Well, I had my mom up in my craft room (the aforementioned second bedroom, I like to think of it as Dudley’s Second Bedroom, because it’s kind of the room where I store a lot of my crap, but instead of broken toys and electronics and unwanted books, it’s all my crafting supplies) to look through my fabrics to see what she thought would match her house for a more generic wall-hanging, and I was pulling fabrics off the shelf, but then she saw a certain stash of fabrics that I hadn’t really considered, and she fell in love with one of the panel prints. I don’t often buy panels, but the one in question (which I’m not going to show, because I want to finish the project first!) was so beautiful that I couldn’t help buying it. Like the text prints, it was so pretty that I was really afraid to ruin it, and I kept putting off making anything with it.

No more time to put it off, though, so finally I decided that I’d make the middle panel, the only one she wasn’t overly interested by, so that if I did ruin it, then it would ruin the one she liked the least (and if it turned out well, she’d probably forget that it wasn’t her favourite anyway). The panel was a little too narrow for the quilt-rack, so that strip of brown text fabric went straight into use:


I got probably 90% of the project finished yesterday – it’s just putting on the hanging tabs and the binding that’s left, and then I want to add some embroidery, but I’m leaving that till last so that if I don’t have time to finish everything, at least it’ll be the non-essential part that is unfinished, rather than having to tell my mom that her birthday quilt doesn’t have a binding yet.

A thing I'm working on

A little teaser shot. Fingers crossed I’ll get this finished tomorrow, so that it’ll be ready to go home with my mom, come the weekend. Wish me luck! (And hopefully I’ll manage to take a decent photo. I’m having issues with that, lately. Always too much light or not enough.)

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10 thoughts on “Work in Progress: February Report”

  1. Oooh I have started collecting text fabrics but I have no idea what for. But sometimes it is good to have something on hand in time for inspiration to hit!

    1. There are so many really pretty ones out there, aren’t there? It’s true, it’s good to have some stuff around for inspiration – I think the brown text print worked pretty well for my mini-quilt in progress!

    1. There are some really pretty text prints out there – so many I don’t have! It’s going to be really neat getting that package in the mail with all that variety, eh?

      I was just looking at your blog and see you’re hoping to get a MQG started in Lethbridge. I’m in Calgary, where as you note there IS one, but I’ve never attended, they always meet on the one day of the week when I’m absolutely can’t attend. Sigh. One day my work schedule will change, perhaps… 😀

    1. I’m hoping to get it finished tonight, but I just bought a new iphone and haven’t finished fiddling around with it yet, so maybe tomorrow instead!

  2. I have a ton of Lizzy House Peeps (for years) and have not got a clue what I’m going to use them for… Terrible!

    I’m very intrigued to see this wallhanging….!

    1. Lizzy House had some really fantastic prints back then – I wasn’t buying fabric online at the time so I haven’t got much, which is a shame, but I’d probably wind up hoarding that too if I had it 😀 One day a thought will come to you, anyway!

      The wall-hanging post should be up shortly – hopefully today!

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