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Half an Age…


It’s been half an age since I’ve been here again, and I wish I had something to show for the time past, but I really don’t. Things have been a little crazy at work (and don’t look to be getting any better any time soon), so it’s really cut into my crafting time. As much as I enjoy crafting, I keep coming home from work and just collapsing in a pile in front of a tv or in a bathtub with a book so I can try to relax.

Ball of Fluff

Yesterday though I got a package in the mail with some fabric I need for a project I’ve got in the works (that would be the Super Secret Fandom in Stitches embroidery project, which will be announced…. at the end of this month? I forget! Anyway, time is ticking and I needed to get working on it, but I was waiting for fabric. I needed to wash it because I’m using a linen-cotton blend, which I have heard can sometimes shrink quite a bit. Since I was doing that, I decided it was well and truly time for me to finish washing and pressing the last batch of smelly fabric I own. (Smelly because I used to store my fabric in closed plastic bins – over time my fabric got a kind of musty odour, so a lot of my older fabric had to be washed to get rid of the smell.) The fabric for the project and all that unwashed fabric was in the same colour range – white to off-white to beige to kind of dark tan. It made a big old pile of blah.

The To Do Pile

That’s about a third of it before I got started pressing it. It looks like so much less once it was all neatened up and stacked to go in my fabric shelves:

Whites and Beiges and Blahs, Oh My

A lot of these are (for me) very old fabrics – as much as ten years old, I suppose, and a lot of them don’t really suit my current tastes. I still keep them though because I’m sure they’ll be useful somewhere. There is a part of me that kind of wants to chop them all up and turn them into charm squares or something and then use them for wonky star backgrounds or to make some kind of intensely low low-volume quilt. Anyway, it’s good to have that job done.

Now I just need to cut up my cotton-linen and get to work on that super-secret project. (Probably tomorrow. There is pattern transfering to be done and I’ll be using the good old window-as-a-light box method.)

Also on my to-do list:
– a quilt block for my Simply Solids group (due in April – I’ve chosen colours, but haven’t gotten started on it)
– a quilt block for my Birthday Blocks group (not due till mid-May, but still…)
– a super-secret prize for my 111th entry giveaway (the stuff I needed for it arrived along with the aforementioned cotton-linen fabric)

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WIP Wednesday at Freshley Pieced


Author: clumsykristel

I'm a 30-ish quilter, and occasional sewist and embroiderer. I mostly talk about crafty things I'm working on, or wish I were working on.

5 thoughts on “Half an Age…

  1. I have a bunch of fabrics like that, stuff I have stored for years and that is not currently to my taste. I might need it sometime right? I am excited to see your secret project.

    • I keep thinking a use might come up someday – I’ve made things for other people that have needed some of those fabrics I think are ugly and they wind up working for some of those more traditional things. And then some of the others I’ve sorted out of my stash into a big bag of giveaway fabric, though I just need to find somewhere to give it away… (Some of it is so bad I’m not sure why I ever bought it to begin with!)

  2. I inherited some fabric from my mom that’s kind of, well, not blah, more like rah! It’s a little colour overkill. I tend to use it for test projects before I dig into the loved stuff.

  3. And how on earth can I follow your blog! I keep having to re-find it.

    • Oh, man… you’re asking me the hard questions! Well, I don’t love getting email updates, but there should be a thing in the bottom right hand corner of the screen of a circle with a + in it, which you can put your address into and it’ll email you when I update. Otherwise… I guess I’m so stuck on Google’s already lamented Reader (which I’m still using…) that I don’t know other ways people follow things. Do I have to add myself to that Blog Whatsit site for people to be able to find me using it? (There was that streak of every blog ever mentioning it, so I do wonder, but haven’t gone to explore how their site works.) (Blog Lovin that is.)

      Test projects isn’t a bad idea at all! I’ve been using some of my ugly print fabrics to practise free motion quilting on, or i had been, I haven’t practised in a while. Anyway, that was a good way to use some of it up too!

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