Random Saturday

Earlier today I was putting cloth into a hoop to do some embroidery and I noticed that every time I do that, I always flick my finger against the fabric to make it sound like a drum. It’s such a dumb thing, but it gives me this ridiculous pleasure to hear that sound whenever I do it.

Random Embroidery

(Woo! Crazy effects are a great way to hide details you didn’t mean to show! (And sometimes also a lazy way to make a crappy picture look better.)

Today while I worked on that I watched two movies, which is a whole lot of movie watching for one day. I don’t normally find it so easy to park my ass for that long a time period, but these were interesting movies. I’ve decided to watch all the movies the Coen Brothers have written/directed (I’d previously seen Fargo and Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? and A Serious Man), so I watched True Grit and Burn After Reading. Both enjoyable and exactly as long as I needed to finish the project, so that was convenient.

Yesterday I made this:

Scrappy Stars

This block was for my Simply Solids bee on Flickr, for Karen at Bungalow Bay Quilts. She requested any colours we wanted with a light background. These particular fabrics were originally bought as a set, I think they were coordinates for one of Aneela Hoey’s fabric lines – maybe Little Apples? I’m not really sure, the colours don’t quite seem to line up precisely with any of her lines, but I’m entirely convinced it was one of her’s rather than anyone else’s. Anyway, that hardly matters. I think the block came out pretty well. That mustardy yellow is just interesting enough to keep those pale blues and pinks from being too sweet.

Next up, selecting fabrics for my May Birthday Blocks block, which is a Card Trick block. (Ugh.) And working on a Super Secret Prize for Carly at Citric Sugar, who won an unannounced giveaway I did on my 111th blog post. I’ve selected fabrics, it’s just, you know, doing something with them…


6 thoughts on “Random Saturday”

  1. *sings* I know what that embroidery pattern is! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I saw that block on Flickr yesterday and it’s just beautiful…such a nice mix.

    1. I thought I better get stitching some of the early ones ๐Ÿ˜€

      It’s a really pretty block – almost makes me want to request it for Birthday blocks some year.

  2. Your bee block is awesome! The fabrics look like they could’ve gone with Sherbet Pips but that browny- greeny colour definitely throws that notion offโ€ฆ I can see why you can’t identity the line it co-ordinates with.

    1. Thanks!

      Whoever built the bundle must have included it for contrast or something because I think it works, it’s just not already there, you know? Sherbet Pips would definitely make sense otherwise.

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