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May Giveaway Day!


EDIT: This giveaway is now closed. Winners will be drawn on Saturday May 11, and announced once I’ve heard back from the recipients.

It’s that time of year again, time for Sew Mama Sew‘s May Giveaway Day. Giveaway Day is, of course, a misnomer because it actually goes on all week! Right now I don’t have links to the relevant blog posts, but when I’m home from work, I’ll update this post with links to various posts for each of the different giveaway groups: Handmade for the Home, Handmade Bags, Handmade for Baby/Kids, Handmade Accessories, and Sewing/Craft Supplies. In the meantime, you can always pop by Sew Mama Sew’s blog and find them for yourselves!

As always, I’ll be doing two giveaways, one which will be drawn from Canadian and International entrants, and one which will be drawn from Canadian, International, and American entrants. The reason I do this is because a great many giveaways out there are open only to Americans, so I like to do my one tiny thing of running a giveaway just for everyone else. So here’s a bit of important information: when you enter my giveaway you MUST tell me where you’re from AND you must tell me which prize you’d prefer to win. The Canadian/Intl winner will get first choice of prize, and the second winner will receive whichever is leftover.

The giveaway will be open May 6 through 10, a winner will be drawn by May 12, and the packages will be in the mail as soon after that as I’m able. If I don’t hear back from the winners within 48hrs, then I’ll draw new names.

Prize Pack #1: 7 Fat Quarter Rainbow Fabric Bundle

May 2013 Give Away Day!

I’d say that I curated this bundle of fabrics, but really I mostly just chose the FQ in the relevant colour that was closest to the top of the colour pile! They don’t look too bad together, though – there’s a lot of light blue and a bit of a nature theme, so it’s not a bad mix, I don’t think.

May 2013 Give Away Day!

The fabrics, in colour order, are from the following lines and designers:
Red – Hideaway by Lauren & Jessi Jung
Orange – Freebird by MoMo
Yellow – Aviary by Alexander Henry
Green – Woodlands by Kristian A Howell
Blue – I thought maybe it was from Metro Living by Robert Kaufman, but it doesn’t actually appear to be, so I don’t know
Pinkish-Purple – Woodland Wonderland by Jay McCarroll
Purple – Simply Color by Vanessa Christensen

Prize Pack #2: Crewel Embroidery Kit(s)/Book

May Give Away Day

I wound up accidentally with two copies of Katherine Shaughnessy’s lovely book The New Crewel, so I’m going to give away my second copy, along with one complete kit to make a greeting card of the stitch on the cover of the book, and an incomplete kit of the “Honey Drops” stitch. The New Crewel is a very nice book. It opens with an introduction to crewel, a brief history of crewelwork, and then provides a lot of basic information: what materials and tools you use, techniques and then illustrated stitches. After that comes a gallery of thirty 3″ x 3″ patterns, with suggested stitches and colours (using Appleton crewel wool), and then a variety of projects where you can use those patterns.

If you’ve done any embroidery before, you’ll probably already know everything you really need to know about how – the stitches for crewel are no different than anything you’ve likely already done. If you’re new to embroidery, I find crewel is a very forgiving introduction – the fluffy wool disguises a multitude of sins.

May Give Away Day

Anyway, the complete kit includes everything you’ll need to make a notecard of the “Birthday Wish” stitch, which is featured on the cover of the book. The kit comes with the pre-printed linen fabric, two needles, more thread than you’ll need, a notecard and envelope, and a piece of fusible to attach the stitched piece to the card. If you don’t want to make a card with it, you can hoop it in a 3″ hoop to hang and display or stitch it into a little sachet or pin cushion. (You WILL need a hoop or q-snap frame to work the stitch – it doesn’t come with one and I can’t seem to find a spare in a 5-6″ diameter.)

May Give Away Day

The incomplete kit DOES NOT contain threads (I’m going to include what I had leftover from when I originally stitched the kit, but it will not be enough to complete the stitch), but does contain a pre-printed linen square, stitch instructions, and the notecard/envelope. I happened to have an iron-on transfer for the honey drops stitch and a spare notecard/envelope, so I decided to include it. If you don’t wish to buy crewel wool to stitch it, you could probably work it up in embroidery floss, but you’ll need to use a different sort of needle than is included in the kit.

In any case, I’d love to hear more from you than just your location and prize preference, so maybe you can share with me your favourite craft book, and what you like about it.

I am a big fan of Katherine Shaughnessy’s, in fact I own both her books even though I vowed to quit buying craft books. If you enjoy crewel embroidery or would like to try it out, I’d absolutely recommend both her books (The New Crewel and New Crewel: The Motifs Collection). Shaughnessy’s books, kits, and all the supplies you could need can be found at her website, Wool and Hoop, along with a free pattern to stitch her Motley Mums – you can see my rainbowified version here. (You can’t see my version of Honey Drops because I forgot to photograph it before I sent it away, but you can see my version of her Star Bursts kit here.)

When you comment, you do not need to include your email address in your response – it is available to me from when you put in your name/email address. I recommend that you do NOT click the button for notifications of follow-up comments on this giveaway post. I will discard any responses that don’t give me the required information or that look like “form” responses (ie. Hi! Thanks for the giveaway!

Have fun!


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673 thoughts on “May Giveaway Day!

  1. I would love to win the crewel kit… have been wanting to try for awhile… I’m from Ottawa 🙂 And my favourite craft book (the one I have used the most) is Pretty in Patchwork Holidays

    • I’ll cross my fingers for you 😀

      I don’t think I’ve seen Pretty in Patchwork Holidays… although maybe I borrowed it from the library and I’ve just forgotten 😀

  2. I’m in Australia! And I love the top pile, though I’d definitely be a happy girl with either!

  3. Ooooh, pretty fat quarters!!! I don’t use many crafting books – I mainly stick to the blogs.

  4. I’d love the win the fabrics love the rainbow! I’m from Queensland Australia and I love ‘Sunday morning quilts’ All of the projects bar 1 is on my ‘to do’ list!

    • Best of luck!

      Quite a few people have mentioned Sunday Morning Quilts – I don’t think I’ve seen that one, so I’ll definitely have ot look it up one of these days!

  5. I would love to win the rainbow fabric! And right now my favorite crafty book is a book on jelly roll sampler quilts. I have been wanting to do a sampler and it seems an easy way to start!

  6. Both prizes are excellent, Kristel! I especially love the crewel kit. Although we’ve discussed it before, my favourite craft book remains Erica’s Wilson’s Embroidery Book. Because 1.) it taught me how to embroider, 2.) it’s a treasured gift from my mum, and 3.) it’s got a cool cloth cover. 🙂

    And I’d say you did a great job of curating that fabric bundle!

  7. Beautiful fabric! Thank you so much!

  8. I love Gertie’s Sewing book and the Material Obsession books by Sarah Fielke. I love the fabric. Thanks!

  9. I’m in NY. I would love the fabric, I don’t know anything about crewel, so it probably wouldn’t benefit me.
    Thank you for a lovely giveaway.

  10. Thank you for an amazing giveaway. I live in England and would particularly love the fabric set. One of my favourite craft books is Sew by Cath Kidston. It has a pattern for a craft bag made out of hexies that I have done 6 of in the last year.

  11. I’m from Massachusetts, USA and I can’t pick I love both prizes!

    My favorite sewing book is probably Material Obsession as well. It was my first quilt book I ever bought and I got hooked on quilting after reading it! The book really has excellent detailed photos and tips! It has basically everything you need to know in it!

  12. I would love to win the fabric, thank you! I have to say, I’m not really big on craft books, I tend to look to blogs, Flickr, etc… for inspiration.

    • Just a reminder: I need to know where you’re from if you’d like to be entered!

      I used to buy quite a few books, but after being disappointed by too many of them, I’ve started borrowing them from the library instead (and have only bought two since, both of which I liked quite a bit – one of them Katherine Shaughnessy’s second book and the other Ayumi… I forget her last name.. anyway, Patchwork Please, which has a lot of fun projects in it). I get most of my inspiration online too.

  13. Softies only a mother could love ~ love that whole series, except the piece of poo, who would want to make that? Lol really fun fleece/felt softies tho!

    I’m in USA ~ Delaware and would LOVE that rainbow fabric if I’m lucky enough to win! Thanks for the chance!

  14. Those rainbow fabrics are fab! And I for one love Last Minute Patchwork + Gifts 😉

  15. I’m from singapore and I’d love prize no. 1.

  16. That fabric looks adorable! Pretty sure my embroidery skills would butcher that poor crewel kit. When I used to knit all the time I had a knitting encyclopedia type book that was a god send. No projects, just how tos. I love books that help problem solve.

    I’m down in Texas.

  17. Both of these are fabulous. I’m on the hunt for rainbow fabrics though so I would LOVE that stack. 🙂

  18. I am from the US. I love Option 1, but Option 2 is awesome too! My favorite craft book of the moment is Patchwork Please. I think I want to make every project in that book!

  19. Love the rainbow of colors in the bundle you picked! Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. I’m from Southern Alberta. I love the rainbow bundle of fabrics you picked out. It must have been serendipitous that they were all at the tops of their colour stacks. My favourite crafting book these days is Sunday Morning Quilts. I want to make almost every quilt in that book!

    • Best of luck!

      I did have to swap out my original yellow for the one I put in (it was too small), and I took the top of the light blue stack (rather than the dark blue stack) because I already knew there’d be some other light blue elements in there. I think mostly it just looks good because rainbows look good in general 😀

      I’m going to have to check out Sunday Morning Quilts, it and Patchwork Please are the only ones to have gotten more than one mention.

  21. I’de love to win the fabric bundle please, lush! I’m from the UK

  22. I don’t have a favorite craft book- instead I read a lot of blogs and draw my favorite designs on graph paper.

  23. I don’t own any craft books. I usually just get some from the library and generally I haven’t been super impressed with them. I find a lot of inspiration and tutorials on the internet. I do get Ottobre magazine though, but that’s starting to get a bit old too. It seems that once you’ve gotten a certain amount of sewing experience, you can make almost anything! Really, nothing scares me, but that may just be that I’m naive. 🙂

    • Ooops, in my rambling, I forgot a preference! I love the red and purples you’ve chosen for fabric, so I’d like them if I win. Thanks!

    • Best of luck!

      I decided a while ago to stop buying craft books because I was pretty much always disappointed by them, so I’ve been taking them out of the library before buying. I’ve only bought two since I started that – Katherine Shaughnessy’s second book, and Patchwork Please, both of which I’m happy with having spent the money on.

  24. I’m from VA in the USA and love the fabrics! Would be great to add to the fabric stash I’m creating! Don’t have a favorite book yet….

  25. I live in southeast Florida near the beach. Since I’m a quilter at heart I’d love to win the fabrics. Thank you for the chance to win.

  26. I’d love the rainbow bundle! I’m in Indiana and I love Elizabeth Hartman’s quilting books.

  27. I love that rainbow bundle! I’m in Virginia and I love the material obsessions books.

  28. I live int he Sunshine State of Florida. I don’t do embroidery so I would choose package #1. Thanks!

  29. I’m also in the UK and have my eye on the fabric. I can recommend pretty much all of the Pam and Nicky Lintott jelly roll books

  30. I love both of Heather Ross’s sewing books. I’m in America and would love the fabric!

  31. I am loving the rainbow bundle…and I hail from the good ol’ USofA! I just got the modern quilts from the blogging universe…so that is my current read.

    • Best of luck!

      I don’t think I’ve read that one, though… maybe I’ve had it out from the library. I can’t remember! I’m sure it’d be interesting, anyway!

  32. im in hawaii, i’d love teh fabric – i’ve never creweled before… i wouldnt know what to do! haha

  33. that rainbow is so cute!! It would look great as part of my scrappy trip… 🙂 teeheehee!

  34. I’m from Buffalo, NY – 45 minutes south of Niagara Falls.
    And prize pack 1 – stashing fabrics is too much fun!

  35. Those rainbow fabrics make me feel more cheerful just looking at them. I highly recommend
    Amanda Soule’s books for inspiration.

  36. I love the colors of the fabric in the first prize pack! Very pretty!

  37. Hi–I’m from Whitehorse, Yukon (Canada!) and am so happy that there is a cdn bias to your draw! I would love to get a copy of jacquie gering’s modern quilts. Looks so great.

  38. I’m from Toronto, Ontario! 🙂 I would LOVE those rainbow fabrics. I actually haven’t got a favourite crafting book at the moment. I’ve ordered a book of small things to make that I want to go through with my daughter – if it gets us sitting together making things, then it will definitely be my favourite.

    • Best of luck!

      Hope the book works out for you – I didn’t do a lot of crafting with my mom, mostly I think she would help fix things I’d messed up trying to figure it out on my own 😀

  39. I would take either price pack, really! I love sewing AND I love embroidering, crewel and other styles. If I HAD to pick, I’d say … fabric. No, crewel! No wait, FABRIC! 🙂 I’m out in Washington State on the shores of Puget Sound. I don’t really use craft books, so I’m not sure I could name a favorite. I seem to be web-centric with my crafting. Tho I did enjoy looking at the gorgeous photos in the Zakka Sewing book.

  40. I’m from Indiana and would love to try crewel

  41. I’m from Ohio — well, that’s where I live right now, and I’d love the rainbow of fabrics — so fun!

  42. Greetings from Portland, Oregon USA – I would make good use of the fabric – it’s a lovely set! I wouldn’t make use of the crewel kit (another hobby and my brain might explode) so if the odds fall that direction, please select a more suitable recipient. Thanks!

    • Haha.. at least you’re honest! I have two crafts: quilting and embroidery, and that’s all I can take 😀 Sometimes I think I’d like to take up knitting and then I remember I don’t have enough time to spend on all the things I’d like to be doing as is, and so I stay away 😀

      Best of luck!

  43. I would love the fabrics! SOOO pretty! I’m loving the Patchwork, Please! book right now…really cute stuff in there!

  44. Oooh I’d love to win the fabric of course! I’m in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada! woot!

  45. I’m in Texas and would love to win that rainbow bundle!

  46. well, i’m from switzerland, tough homesick to boston, were i lived for 12 years.
    i would love either, though would prefer the fabric. right now i’m knitting on a cowl and on the side working on a big free form quilt.

  47. I’m in So. Cal. I would love prize #1.

  48. Oh I love her crewel books, thank you for the giveaway! (and those were some lucky fabric choices to go so well together 🙂
    My favorite craft books are the Doodle stitching books, always able to find nice quick projects with it as inspiration!

    • Just a reminder: I need to know where you’re from if you’d like to be entered!

      I’ll have to try out the Doodle stitching books, I’ve never read them, but several people have mentioned them.

  49. I’m in the USA 🙂 I’d probably pick the fabric first but I’ve never tried crewel and love a new technique!

  50. I’m in England and love the rainbow bundle.

  51. The fabric would be great! I have way too many books to try to pick a favorite!

  52. I live in Northern Ireland and would love to win your rainbow fabrics – beautiful. My favourite book is Any Ray’s Doodles stitches or maybe Modern Blocks – both great additions to my craft library.

  53. I am from Minnesota. I would love to get the fabric bundle.

  54. =) Love the fabric. Don’t really buy books very much, at least not paper ones. The last book I downloaded was Simple Stitchery by Helen Dickson. It is a very handy embroidery primer.

    • Just a reminder: I need to know where you’re from if you’d like to be entered!

      I’ll have to look into the Stitchery book – I don’t have too many embroidery books, so I like to keep my eye out for them.

  55. Wow two great giveaways… Love both too hard to pick…. Not sure why Embroidery is calling me but oth would make me really happy. Love doodle stitch the motif collection for embroidery design!

    • Just a reminder: I need to know where you’re from if you’d like to be entered!

      Doodle Stitch has been mentioned so many times, I think I’m definitely going to have to look into it!

  56. Hi! I am from Portugal and I would love to win the fabric bundle! Thanks for the giveaway. Ana

  57. Loving the fabric you picked for the giveaway! I live in Maryland and love to quilt and sew. AND I HOARD BOOKS…I love all patchwork books….The lady from I heart linen has a great zakka book!! Thanks for the chance!

  58. I’m from Barcelona, in Spain and I’d be really happy with eitherM thank you!

  59. I’m in New Hampshire, USA. I’d love the fabric bundle!

  60. I’m from Virginia and I would love to win the fabric bundle! My favorite craft book right now is Sunday Morning Quilts.

    • I think that must be the most popular quilting book out there, based on how many times people have mentioned it here! I definitely need to look into it!

      Best of luck!

  61. What a great rainbow fabric bundle. I would love to win it.

  62. I would love to win the fabric! I am from Toronto, and my favourite craft book is Pretty in Patchwork Holidays

  63. Tee! You know I’m from Western/Upstate NY, near lake Ontario. I’m obsessed with the book Material Obsession currently (and Jan Eaton’s 1001 Ripple Stitches) and I’d love the fabric bundle – it’d work it’s way into my Bottled Rainbows quilt!

    • I haven’t read either of those books – I’m going to wind up compiling quite a list to try to borrow from the library after doing this post 😀

      I’ve wanted to try out a bottled rainbows quilt, but I keep giving away my scrap fabric, so I don’t think I’d be able to make it work 😀

  64. Cute fabric bundle – would love to work with some of those prints! I’m from Seattle and my current favorite book is Modern Minimal. thanks!

  65. Elizabeth Hartman’s books are fantastic!

  66. Hi! Love the fabric bundle. I really like my Amy Butler bag making book. i’d give you the name but I am sick and stuck on the couch! it does make for a great day to enter giveaways though. thanks for the opp to win and good luck everyone! hoping this giveaway day to finally win something.

  67. Oh my goodness I love the fabric – what a colourful giveaway!!! amycav at hotmil dot com

  68. I’m from the U.S. and I’d love prize pack #1.

  69. I’m from Texas and I’d prefer the rainbow fabric! Its a bit of a stretch as a ‘craft book’, but I love Young House Love!

  70. I am liking Patchwork Please, and Pillow Pop at the moment. I love the fabric you chose. :-)Can’t wait to see the Dr. Who stuff 🙂

  71. I love the fabric–it’s a great combination of colors and prints. My current favorite book is “Doodle Stitching” as I am trying to re-learn embroidery.

    • Just a reminder: I need to know where you’re from if you’d like to be entered!

      I’m going to have to check out Doodle Stitching – it’s always recommended to me on Amazon (I suppose because i’ve bought embroidery books before), but I’ve never actually seen it.

  72. I like the fabric best and am from Michigan, USA.

  73. Hi! I really like those rainbow fabrics 🙂 M favorite craft book is Sunday Mornign Quilts. I have made 2 quilts from it and my copy is getting rather dog eared.

    • Just a reminder: I need to know where you’re from if you’d like to be entered!

      Quite a few people have mentioned Sunday Morning Quilts – I definitely need to check it out!

  74. I live in Kentucky and I love the fabric pack! I have Kim Brackett’s 3 Scrap Basket books and really enjoy them.

  75. I love your beautiful giveaway! I don’t have any favorite craft book but I do like to read tutorials and posts from Moda Bakeshop


  77. I’d really like the fabric prize pack, thanks. Also my favorite quilting book right now is tula pink’s newest book city sampler. I love all the block designs and it is full of inspiration. In fact I am giving a copy away on my blog this week as part of giveaway day. =)

    • Just a reminder: I need to know where you’re from if you’d like to be entered!

      I didn’t know Tula Pink has another book out – I’ll have to look into it!

  78. Hello. I am a Canadian living internationally in the UK. I love the fabric pile, mostly because of that red FQ (thought they are all beautiful) as I have a tiny scrap of it from a swap and have loved it ever since without ever knowing what it was. I dont use books really. I rarely use patterns and find most of my inspiration online. Thank you for the chance to win.

  79. My favorite book is an applique book by Beth Ferrier I love the fabric pile.

  80. Hello! I’m an Albertan who really like the book improv sewing–lots of neat ideas! I really like that top prize 😉

  81. I’m from California, USA and I love the rainbow of fat quarters. I don’t have too many craft books but I love Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray. Thanks or the chance to win!

  82. fabric please thank you

  83. texas and I love the Zakka and Japanese style

  84. I’m in the state of Washington in the US> Love that rainbow bundle!

  85. Number one and I am from St. Louis!

  86. Love your fabric bundle… I’m from MN patiently waiting for spring and need bright colors! My favorite craft books are the Nickel Quilt series by Pat Speth.

    • You still haven’t gotten spring yet?! Poor thing! We’re having 26 C weather today (I’m north of Montana, so…. west of you, if I’m mentally picturing MN on the map in the right place… actually if MN is Minnesota, as I’m guessing it is?)

      Anyway, best of luck!

  87. Thanks for the chance to win! I’d love to win the fabric. I’m from Newfoundland, Canada. My mama is an avid quilter and I’d love to win this for her; she plans to make a rainbow quilt soon and this would build up her stash a little more. 🙂

    • Best of luck! (For you and your Mama!)

      I live in Alberta now, but tennish years ago I lived in Nova Scotia for school and always regretted that I never got over to Newfoundland before I left – what if I never hit the east coast again? (I drove – it’s a hella long drive!)

  88. I don’t do crewel embroidery. I did at one time, but don’t really enjoy hand sewing. I am in South Central PA and would love to win the fabric to use with some of my favorite quilting books by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville.

    • Best of luck!

      It’s funny how things strike us – I hate cross-stitch and don’t usually have a lot of patience for handwork, but love embroidery and kind of find it meditative.

  89. The fabric looks so nice. I love embroidery but in a machine.

  90. Hello from Northeast Ohio! I love the fabric bundle. The quilt book I use the most is The Modern Quilt Workshop. Thanks for a chance to win!

  91. I am from the upstate of SC, US. I would love the fabric bundle. I got Amy Butler’s bag book for Christmas. It is awesome.

  92. I’d probably be more likely to use the fabric…. but I do love to imagine doing more embroidery. Great giveaway 🙂 And hey!! You’re in Alberta! Me too. Rocky Mountain House! And I will always love my first quilting book, Practical Guide to Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman 🙂

  93. I am from Virginia, I would love the Fabric. I don’t have any quilting books, but I would love to get the 101 or is it 100 quilt blocks that comes out every year.

  94. I’m from Brazil! I would love this rainbow fabrics, but I also love embroidery so I would be happy with the kits too! I just bought “Shape Workshop for Quilters” and it’s a great book with lots of tips and lovely designs.
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  95. I would love to win the fabric bundle. I live in Papua New Guinea, but all our important mail – like fabric – goes to family in Australia and is collected when we visit.

  96. I’m from Lancaster, Pa and I love your bundle of fabrics. I think my favorite book for quilting has to be Gwen Marstons Liberated Quilting II. Not new I know, but a truly great classic in my opinion. Thanks for the chance to win!

  97. I’m from Columbus, OH. I would love to that beautiful FQ bundle. My fav crafting book is Amy Butler’s Little Stitches. Thanks for the chance!

    • Best of luck!

      I have that book! Sometimes it gives me nightmares, trying to figure out how to make her patterns…. Always so professional looking, but they just seem complicated to me.

  98. I am from Iowa and would love to win the beautiful fabrics! Thanks!

  99. I love the fabric pile! I’m from Australia. Thanks for the giveaway!

    I don’t really have a favourite quilt book, I tend to go online for inspiration and patterns!

  100. I’m from Chicago land and I would love those fabrics – thanks for the chance! I only use craft books when I’m crocheting though – for sewing I use blogs.

  101. I love the fat quarters!

  102. Would love the fabric. In NM/USA

  103. Hi! The fabrics are just gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win them. I’m in Montreal. Cheers 🙂

  104. Howdy from Texas, USA. I’d prefer #1. Thanks for the giveaway!

  105. I love love love the fabrics. They are beautiful!

  106. #1 from Riverside CA please 🙂

  107. Oh this fabric bundle looks yummy. I love the option #1
    Blowing in from the windy city in Illinois USA
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  108. Love both prizes. Currently using a quilt as you go book to make a quilt. different but fun.

  109. I’m in southwest Ohio, and since I love to both quilt and embroider, I’d be happy with either bundle. Thanks!

  110. I am from Arkansas and I would love either. Prize 1 would be my fav. Thanks

  111. I am from California and would love the fabrics 🙂

  112. I don’t have a favorite craft book. I have found that between blogs and pintrest I can always find what I want online.

  113. Love the rainbow of fabric!

  114. I live in Oregon, USA. Would love to have the fat quarters.

  115. I’m from Nova Scotia, Canada. I’d love the fabric. I love Jennifer Paganelli’s Girls World, on loan from the library

  116. Option #1, Atlanta, GA. My current favorite book is Patchwork, please by Ayumi.

  117. I`m from Ottawa. I would love the fabric – love the colours.

  118. those fabric picks are lovely all together! i’m in Kentucky!

  119. I would love to win those lovely fabrics you pulled for us! I live in New Orleans, I think my favorite quilt book is Tula Pink’s – a lot of inspiration!

    • Best of luck!

      There were a few quilts I really liked in the one Tula Pink book I borrowed from the library (i forget what it was called!), but I have so many projects I made myself mentally set it aside, because realistically? I’m not going to get around to making it! Maybe someday I’ll come back to it, though!

  120. I am from Edmonton, Alberta Canada. I would love to win the fabrics. My favorite craft book is “Simplify” by Camille Roskelley. I also love “Little Stitches” by Aneela Hoey. Thank you for the chance to enter.

    • Best of luck!

      I haven’t read either of those books, but I’ll add them to my To Read list! I love Aneela Hoey’s fabrics, so I’m sure the book is lovely too.

  121. I’d love the fabric here in Cincinnati Ohio! My favorite craft book is the the “Big Book of Best-Loved Quilt Patterns”

  122. Cath Kidston’s “Make” is full of darling ideas!!!

  123. I love that rainbow fabric. I am from England but currently living in Indonesia. My favourite craft book at the moment is Aneela Hoey’s book Little Stitches

  124. Thanks for the giveaway! I am in the US and would prefer the fabric. Thanks!

  125. I am from Pennsylvania and would love to win the fabric! Thanks!

  126. I really love Angela Walter’s Free Motion Quiting book, it has helped me a lot to get the hang of FMQ and I read parts of it again and again. I’m from Munich, Germany and I’d pick the fabrics if I win.
    Thanks for the chance!

  127. I’m from somewhat overcast California, and I love hand sewing. Both of your prizes sound fabulous!

  128. LOVE the fat quarter bundle! I’m in Australia. I am really enjoying ‘Sunday Morning Quilts’ and ‘Softies: 22 friends for you to sew, knit and crochet’. The softies book has some lovely quirky projects that are great for a quick finish!

  129. Wow what lovely prizes! I’m from the UK and I’d love to win the fabric…sewing is my latest crafting venture and those fabrics are stunning! They would make a great addition to my stash 😉 my favourite craft book is a constant changer but at the moment I am in love the the Great British Sewing Bee book…there are so many amazing projects in there that I want to try!

  130. Thanks for the chance to win ! (if it’s me I prefer the first one).

    I don’t have any favorite craft book, since I’m loving blogs. When I was young, I used to cut a lot of images I like and store them by sort, but know I do the same thing from the net, and I’m storing images on my computer (it may be better for environnement). I’m quite good at drawing, so I draw the embroidery models by myself, and the sewing paterns too. But as I’m the beginner, the hardest thing is the realisation… !

  131. I’m in New Zealand! Thanks for the giveaway (I love the fabrics). I love craft books though. . . any craft book. My favourite at the moment in probably the Practical Guide to Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman. It’s so useful!

  132. Hmm… I’ve never actually cracked open a crafty book! I’ve always just looked online for tools and inspiration and that’s worked great so far! I reside in Sydney, and that rainbow goodness would be my preference.

  133. Thanks for the giveaway. I live in Sri Lanka.

  134. I’m from Australia and would LOVE the fabric bundle! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  135. I’m from Finland and I’d love to win the fabrics. Because there’s never enough fabric.

  136. Both prizes are awesome! Fabric is gorgeous!!

    Can’t wait to learn crewel!

    I don’t have any books as yet, but I would love to get my hands on the Doodle Stitching set!

  137. Sunny Queensland in Australia is where I live. Love the fabric.

  138. I live in NC, USA. My favorite book is the Schnibble collection – I’ve made many of these quilts. If lucky enough to win, I’d choose the fabric.

  139. currently I am loving patchwork please by ayumi takahashi.. Would love to win either one of this giveaaway!

  140. Hi, i love the fabrics. I love ‘You Sew Girl” by Nicole Mallalieu. Its got hats, bags, clothes and she’s a great designer. I’m in Sydney,l Australia

  141. Hi from Sydney! I like the way you think RE giveaways 🙂 I would love to win the fabric!

  142. I’m from Scotland. Those fabrics are lovely, I’d have to pick them!

  143. I’m in the UK and would pick the fabric bundle – so lovingly curated 😉 You are hilarious!
    I am currently enjoying Anna Maria’s needlework notebook because I love her aesthetic

  144. That rainbow fabric is great! (and so is the book…) I like Doodle Stitching – just learning about embroidery. I live in the Colorado Rockies.

  145. I’m from Mallorca (Spain). Both prizes are really great, if I could choose I would take the first one. Thanks so much for the chance.

  146. i love those rainbow colours….colour colour colour what makes my heart sing is colour…all week along a wear those ugly green scrubs at work and i pine for colour….

  147. Love the fatquarter pack. Thank you for participating in the SMS giveaway.

  148. I am from Louisiana. I would choose prize pack number 1.

    For paper crafting, I like scrapbook blueprints. For quilting, I have so many it’s hard to decide. I really like Twist and Turn Bargello Quilts. It has a ton of great designs. 🙂

    • Best of luck!

      I’ve never gotten into paper crafts.. There are so many great ideas out there but I decided to keep my crafting down to just needlework and quilting 🙂

      Sent from my iPhone

  149. I have to admit that I don’t really own any craft books. I recently got some 80s books for “the busy housewife” from my mom and one of those contained lots of sewing & tailoring tips for sewing clothes, I enjoy flipping through that one. Another one has a few fun plush animal patterns which I plan to make someday, but that’s about it.

    Thanks for the giveaway though, love your selection from the rainbow. (:

  150. Right now my favorite book is “Patchwork, Please!”, it has some fresh new ideas for patchwork! I’m from southeast Pennsylvania and I love to sew! I’ve never tried crewelwork before…

  151. I’m a sewer and love to buy sewing books (Sunday Morning Quilts is my favorite right now) — but on a whim, I just bought “Shrink Shrank, Shrunk.” I’m blown away by what these women created using shrink plastic! I’m in the USA (Virginia) and would love the bright fabrics!

  152. I just purchased about 6 quilting books. I have a ton of needlework books, as that was my first ‘love’. And like children, I can’t say which is my favorite. Di van Niekerk’s are a favorite.

  153. forgot to say, I’m in the USA and would prefer fabric prize.

  154. Hi! I live in Seaford, Delaware, and I love that fat quarter bundle! I don’t really have a favorite craft book…I read any I can get my hands on, including some vintage ones I just got from my grandma 🙂

  155. I’m from Sydney, Australia & I really like the fabric bundle. My most recent craft book purchase is Modern Quilting by Jacquie Gering & Katie Pederson, it’s fantastic. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

    • Best of luck!

      That one is a nice book isn’t it? I didn’t find enough projects in it that I wanted to make so I didn’t buy it, but its really nice to look at and read.

      Sent from my iPhone

  156. I am in Pennsylvania, USA and I would love to win the rainbow bundle of fabric. Thanks for the chance!

  157. Hi from the fabulous Las Vegas! I love that rainbow bundle! I’m working from the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt book right now. There are so many beautiful blocks to choose from. Each block is unique and small and adorable. Thank you for organizing a giveaway!

  158. Nice giveaway! I love the fabric – such pretty colors :). Ok, my favorite craft book is Quioting Modern by Jacqe Gering and Katie Pederson. It’s full of great improv techniques and I like how you can apply that to the projects in the book or your own designs.

  159. Oh what lovely fabric! And the book looks great too! Either is a great give away. I’m in America, and I would love either, so perfect. Thanks!

  160. Hi. I’m from SC. I’d love Camille Roskelley’s new quilting book. The fabric’s are gorgeous. Thanks for the chance.

  161. My favourite craft book is Sock Innovation by Cookie A. I like how it’s not just patterns – there are helpful ideas about designing your own as well.

    I’m Canadian, and I’d choose prize pack #1. Thanks for the opportunity!

  162. love the fat quarter bundle especially the purple trees. my favorite book right now is reinvention i love that it’s recycled projects and i’ve made several things from it and love them all.

  163. I am Canadian! I live in Ontario. I love your idea of two giveaways. I would love to win the rainbow fat quarter. My favourite book right now is Knitting Socks Two at a Time. The socks patterns are beautiful and I love the idea of getting it done faster.

  164. I live in St. Louis, and love prize one! My favorite book is Scrapbasket Surprises by Kim Brackett–I think I’ve made half the patterns in that book!

  165. I don’t have a favorite craft book. I mostly use the internet for free tutorials!

  166. I’d love the fabric; I have embroidery supplies overflowing at the moment! My fave craft book is Quilts from the House of Tula Pink – it’s the pictures!!!

  167. I would like to win the fabric. I am from the North Georgia Mountains, USA. I absolutely LOVE the Loanni Prior Tea Cozy books. I like to just look at the pictures though someday I am going to knit one up myself.

    • Best of luck!

      I never did learn how to knit, sometimes I’ll see some gorgeous thing someone’s made and wish I knew how… but then I really don’t need another craft!

  168. Ohhh such pretty fabrics! I dont have a quilting books at the moment as I am pretty new to the whole thing and still building up my quilting stash, I usually just find what I can online and go from there.. I live in Abilene, Tx.

    • Best of luck!

      I do a lot of my looking online too – there’s so much out there to see (and so many books are talked about so much in the blogosphere that you almost don’t need to get the actual thing sometimes).

  169. I love the fabrics. I am in Georgetown Delaware and the nearest quiltstore is 15 miles from me! So I am often drooling at fabrics I see on line. I am a fan of Pat Sloan and have taken classes that feature her two books “I can’t believe I’m quilting” both the beginner and the intermediate. I’ve been quilting for about 5 years, and spent the past year taking classes and increasing my knowledge by reading blogs! Without the bloggers I would still be a Beginning beginner! Thanks for the chance to win. Mary.

  170. So beautiful and very similar to a project I’m working on right now.

  171. I really like the “stitched Whimsy” book – for nothing else but inspiration. I haven’t made anything from it yet. I also really love the old Mary Engelbreigt cross stitch books (cross-stitch is my first love – although I don’t do much of it now)

  172. I would jump in for the rainbow fabric.
    I do not think one need too much books. There are so much interesting blogs out there with so many ideas…
    Have a sunny day and thank you for the chance !

    • Just a reminder: I need to know where you’re from if you’d like to be entered!

      Yeah, when I first started quilting there wasn’t nearly so much online as there is now, so I have more older books than new. I like to flip through them for inspiration, but I tend not to find much I want to make, so I’ve started borrowing them from the library rather than buying.

  173. I love the fabrics. Although I do embrodiery, I mostly do it on baby quilts. I really like to do this because I think it adds so much more to the quilt. I am from N.E. Georgia,USA. Thank you so much for a great giveaway.

  174. My favorite craft book is actually one from 1970’s I found at goodwill. Its called “DON’T THROW THAT OUT!” its a book about reusing stuff, and the outcome on the projects are dated, like they look like they are from the 70’s, but the projects are still very useful and can be updated. The popular DIY project that is floating around the web where you turn a picture frame into a jewelry/hair thingy display is in the book for example. thanks for the chance!

  175. Thanks for the great giveaway and I Would love either… I have never done crewel and would love to try it… My fave book is not a book but crossstitcher magazine… they have wonderful patterns and lots of other ideas that you can get from it also…. it is a UK publication which I think adds an element of difference and fun!

  176. I’m from New Mexico, US, and would love the fabrics. My favorite quilting books right now are The Quilt Maker’s Journey.

  177. Pretty fabrics! I don;t embroider, but I do quilt. I just got a new modern quilting book I love!

  178. The fabric is beautiful! I’m a self-taught sewer who recently ventured into quilting and would love to expand my fabric stash without the hubby raising any eyebrows!

  179. Hi there, I’m from Alberta, Canada. I’d love to win the fabric – that red one especially is fantastic! I don’t have a lot of crafting books, but this crochet one I have is fantastic!

  180. im from huntersville NC, have only made 3 quilts…so far

  181. I love those fabrics you chose, the colors are wonderful. I would pick that to make a quilt for a friend’s BIG birthday. I used to do crewel back in college. The wools were very forgiving and easy to work with. Looks like a great book.

  182. Love the fabric, can’t think of a good book.

  183. Love the fabric. Not too fond of crewel work I am more of a redwork kind of gal:)
    I love Angela Walters books… machine quilting:)

    • Just a reminder: I need to know where you’re from if you’d like to be entered!

      I’ve never tried redwork, but it’s on my Eventually I’ll Get Around To That list 😀

  184. I’m from St Paul, MN and I would love to win the fabric. Thanks!

  185. Hi! I live in Portugal and would love to win Prize Pack #1. One of my favorite craft books is Scandinavian Stitches by Kajsa Wilkman.
    Thanks for the chance!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  186. I like Sewing in a Straight Line

  187. I love that purple fabric with the leaves. I live in Michigan. I still consider myself to be a beginning quilter as I have to keep beginning all over again. In addition to quilting, I am a musician. Violin and handbells are my major instruments.

    • Best of luck!

      I LOVE violin. I used to wish I’d learned when I was young, but I probably wouldn’t have been very good – I’m not a very musical person!

  188. I love Little Birds. It is so whimsical and most of the projects can be done rather quickly.

  189. I like the One Yard Wonders books. I live in the US and would love to win the crewel kit. Thanks for hosting!

  190. I can’t have another hobby, so I’ll go with the fabric. 🙂 I’m in Virginia. Angela Walters’ book changed how I think about quilting, so it’s my favorite!

  191. I am from CA and would chose #1. I did a crewel clock when we were first married (44 years ago) and still use it to this day.

  192. You won’t believe it, but I don’t own any craft books! Actually, my aunt gave me a book with directions for making different kinds of aprons, but I believe the directions were written in a different language… or so they may as well have been. Creweling looks amazing, but the fabric is what caught my eye. I love the vivid colors!.

  193. Most of my favorite craft books are yarn-related. Like the Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook. Or a bunch of stitch dictionaries that have great (knit or crochet) stitches in them and if you know what you’re doing them you can use those individual stitch patterns to create your own intricate patterns. From reading through your blog a bit I don’t think you partake in that craft, but if you’re ever interested I’d be happy to share some specific titles with you!

    The only embroidery book I have is Mary Thomas’ Dictionary, though there are others i’d love to try including Crewel technique! The fabrics are gorgeous, too. Thanks!

  194. I’m from the US, and I love that fabric selection!

  195. thank you for the chance to win. i am from Saskatchewan, Canada and option 1 is pretty fun

  196. I am from Salt Lake City, Utah. I like the bright rainbow colored fabrics in choice #1. I just bought the The Border Workbook, to try to add some fun borders to my quilts. Thanks for chance to win.

  197. I love the Material Obsession quilting books and Sarah Feilke’s books that she wrote after them as well

  198. I would love to get my hot little hands on that stack of fabrics, they are so pretty thanks for the chance

  199. I live in the US and my first choice would be the beautiful rainbow fat quarter bundle

  200. I’m from the US and I adore the fabric bundle. Great colors!

  201. My favorite is Sunday Morning Quilts

  202. I live in Los Alamos, NM and if I won I would like the fat quarter bundle.

  203. I’m in Vancouver, Washington – NOT the one in Canada! I’m really enjoying Bonnie Hunter’s books and hoping to buy her most recent, String Fling, as a Mother’s day treat for myself. I like any kind of scrappy quilting.

  204. I’d really be happy with either and I’m an American. 🙂 My favorite craft book–depends on the day, but I do love Quilty magazine because it feels like talking with a sewing friend.

  205. Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway. I really like the rainbow fabric bundle pack. Beautiful fabrics. I am from South Carolina, USA.

  206. I’m in the US
    I have been reading Modern Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman. her patterns are great!

  207. I’d love for you to send the beautiful fabric to Washington, DC! I have really enjoyed using both of Elizabeth Hartman’s books. Not only are her patterns creative but she walks you through them with out pressure to follow everything 100%.

  208. I’d love the rainbow of fqs! Those are so fun together. I think I would like to try a rainbow dress or outfit for my little daughter!

    Thanks for the chance – I have two giveaways happening too:

  209. I live in WA state. My favorite book right now is Sunday morning quilts.

  210. I’d love the fabric prize pack. I’m just east of San Francisco, ca… And just got Sweet and Simple Handmade by Melissa Wastney in the mail today, so that’s my new favorite craft book!

  211. I would love the fabric set. Australia here and I haven’t started a book collection as I’ve only just started quilting. I’m liking the library idea although I don’t think they will have many in our small town. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  212. I would love the fabric, I’m from Beckington a sleepy village in the UK.
    I like the liberty book of home sewing. The content for making things is pretty poor in it, but the pictures, fabrics, and little bit of history you glean along the way more than makes up for it!

  213. I am from Newcastle, NSW Australia. I would love the fabric. I am loving the beautiful rainbows at the moment. I am working on a rainbow Sashiko Embroidery at the moment. My Favourite craft books are my my A-Z of stitches collection. They are my most referenced books as I love hand stitching but have so much to learn.

  214. The first book I bought when I started quilting was The Quilter’s Ultimate Visual Guide. I read it straight through! 🙂

  215. I’m from Sydney, Australia and I’m a fabric addict…I mean…I’d choose the rainbow of fabrics!
    My favourite craft book is “The Quilters Ultimate Visual Guide” because it’s full of so many hints and tips and always has an answer for me somewhere in it’s pages. It is FULL of illustrations and I’ve thumbed it to death!…it’s proof of the saying “everything old is new again”

  216. I love the first bundle. I don’t have a favorite craft book right now, but would love some inspiration.

  217. Tough choice but those gorgeous prints are too good to go past 🙂 I’m from Nouméa, New Caeldonia (in the South Pacific), thanks for the genre out giveaway!

  218. I would love the rainbow bundle. Thanks for the giveaway!

  219. Hi – i’m from New Zealand, so I’m in the international catagory! And I really like the bright fabric! I am using the Stitch n’ bitch knitting book a lot lately, cos I’m a beginner knitter and need a lot of help someimes and I find that book’s instructions clear and easy to understand.
    Thanks for being so generous. I might turn this fabric into skirts…!

  220. I like “Sew Serendipity Bags” because I like to sew purses/pouches/wallets and this book has nice variety.

  221. thanks for this chance to win. I’m from the Netherland. and should I be so lucky to win, i would pick the fabric. I’m more of a sewing girl then a embroidery girl 😀

  222. thanks for the giveaways and the chance to win– I am from Ohio and would love to win the fabric.

  223. I’m in the UK and I’d love to win the fabrics!

  224. I’m from Ottawa, Canada where it has been sunny all week! I’d love to win the rainbow fabrics!

    • Best of luck!

      I could have sworn I commented on this earlier, from work… hm. Where did my comments go? We’ve been having some gorgeous weather out in Calgary too, a bit too windy, but sunny and warm as anything.

  225. I like to embroider and have heaps of threads so could easily do justice to this crewel kit. 🙂
    thanks heaps for thinking of us who are international. I am in Brisbane, Australia.

  226. oh wow, that’s a lovely collection of rainbow fabrics! i’d be thrilled to win it. i just ordered the “Sew Liberated” book and am really excited to flip through it and bookmark some projects!

  227. I’m in Missouri, USA and would love the first prize pack. I love sewing from any and all japanese pattern books for kids.

  228. I would love the fabric. I use to do loads of handwork but have gotten more and more into quilting. When I am away from my machine I crochet hats for our homeless shelter. I like then because by now they are pretty mindless, I can use all colors of yarn, they finish before I get too bored of the project and I don’t need a tons of supplies to be productive. Thanks.

  229. Hi! I’m from southern Manitoba, Canada. I’d love the fabric! And I like my old reliable Singer Sewing Guide book. 🙂 It’s help me out of many a pickle.

  230. Love that fabric. Thank you for the chance to give it a home in SLC Utah.
    Favorite craft book… wow that is a hard choice but would have to say Quilt from my Crayon Box. I really want to try this method and will be this fall/winter.

  231. I love both packages but package 1 would be my preference. I am from Ajax, ON. My favourite craft book is my iPad…does that count. I love the blog community for inspiration and patterns.

  232. I’m in Western Australia and I love your fabric bundle 🙂

  233. I am from Connecticut, USA. I would love that first bundle of fabric! It would be perfect to use in a couple of the quilts I like from my newest favorite: Sunday Morning Quilts by Nyberg and Arkison.

  234. I love the fabrics, so nice and bright. I’m from Detroit, Michigan. Right now, my favorite craft books involve clothing for the kids. Sewing Clothes Kids Love is a favorite.

    detroitgirl77 AT gmail DOT com

  235. I would love to win your fabric prize. My favourite craft books are of course, quilting and my most fav book is 100 Quilt Blocks by Quilt Mag. I love this book because there are patterns for pieced blocks, paper pieced blocks as well as appliqued blocks. Thank you for a chance to win your fab fabrics!

  236. I am loving Sunday Morning Quilts. It is opening my eyes to using even the smallest of scraps! I’d love the fabric, and I’m from Oregon!

  237. I’m from California and the good ol’ US of A, and I’d prefer the FQ bundle 🙂

  238. I’m from Oklahoma, USA and I’d love pack #1

  239. I don’t have a favorite crafting book, unless you count my sewing machine’s owner manual! lol I like to wing things… So, I just can’t do a book. Sure, I make mistakes along the way, but it helps me do some criticial thinking and problem solving, which my mind could really use more of these days. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  240. I really like sewing books – I have a couple by Amy Butler, Impromtu sewing, and One Yard Wonders that I like quite a bit. 🙂

  241. I’d love the crewel kit. I live in Vancouver,BC, Canada

  242. i am from COnnecticut, US, and would love to win the rainbow fabrics.

  243. I’d love a chance to win the fabric. I’m from England

  244. I’m in Utah, USA and would love the fabrics!

  245. Hi, I’m from UK. I’d love the chance to win the FQ bundle. The colours you have put together are glorious. My favourite craft book is the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt. I love reading the letters and eagerly await next month when I can get started on the blocks.

  246. I am here is overcast Oregon. I love the fat quarter bundle and I love the book making children’s cloths. It has a bunch of fun quick easy projects. Thanks!

  247. Hi from Ohio! My favorite craft book is Martha Stewart’s Fabric crafts. I would love the fabric! Thanks for the giveaway! Amy @ gasudimack(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  248. Hi, I am from Kansas, USA. I would love the FQ bundle. I like sewing quilts and things for the home.

  249. Hi I am from British Columbia. I love your choice of fabrics in the FQ bundle. I would choose the fabric. I like the book Sunday Morning Quilts. I also search Pinterest for great ideas and have found some great books and patterns to buy because of a picture i found on Pinterest.

  250. I live in New Westminster, BC, Canada. Fabric for me, please!
    My favorite craft book is one I’ve had since I was little, and has lots of fun craft ideas in it.

  251. Hi I live in (currently quite cold) Queensland Australia. I would love to win the fabric bundle.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  252. Hello from Minnesota! I would like the fabric bundle if I was lucky enough to win. Thanks for the chance!

  253. I live in Bristol, in the UK, and would love that fabric. I’m in a rainbow charm swap at the moment so it would be perfect to add in to the mix (and those yellow birds are so cute!). And my favourite is Quilts from the House of Tula Pink, because I love how much quirkiness and imagination she puts into everything. Thanks for a great giveaway.

    • The birds really are great, aren’t they? I actually had a half yard of that one, so I get to keep some, which is good as it’s a fairly old print and probably unavailable anymore!

      Best of luck!

  254. I’m in California, USA and I would love the rainbow fabric. Seems like a popular pick!

  255. I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! I love the rainbow set!

  256. I would love to win the fabric! So pretty. I currently live in Canada!
    My favorite craft book? I’m not sure I remember the exact name but I think it’s just the Sewing Bible. My husband gave me it, it’s so handy!

  257. I would love the fabric pile. My favorite craft book is Modern Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman. Made two quilts from it.

  258. i’m a Canadian living in southern BC, best place in Canada lol, just ask an easterner lolol,, oh and i’d love the fabric, still trying to build a stash, i’ve traded in my cross stitch obsession.

  259. I’m from Hollister, California. Really, I’m not kidding you, and I don’t live anywhere near the ocean as the fake Hollister, CA of store fame. 🙂 If I were to win, I would love to add your beautiful fabric to my stash.

  260. I would be happy with either prize. Although I never tried crewel, I would like to give it a try. I currently do quilting, counted cross stitch and crochet – here in NJ.

  261. I am still pretty new to the sewing world, but I just picked up the book ‘Bags: the Modern Classics’ by Sue Kim. I am looking forward to learning more sewing techniques!

    • Just a reminder: I need to know where you’re from if you’d like to be entered!

      Sounds like it could be an interesting book – I’ve made a few bags, but I tend to get frustrated with making things rather than quilts – my brain doesn’t seem to like translating patterns into objects 😀

  262. I’d love to be entered for the fabric, it’s just too enticing not to enter. I can’t really speak to a favorite craft book though. One I’ve checked out from the library a million times is the original One Skein Wonders knitting book. My husband decided I’d checked it out so often he should surprise me by buying it for me, but he bought me Designer One Skein Wonders, which I really don’t like anywhere near as much… I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was a totally different book.

  263. I think it’s funny that most people are skimming and not reading what questions are asked from them. If they weren’t quilters/crafters and mean people, I would have better chances of winning just for following directions 🙂 I’m from MI. My favorite craft books…I have a book called The Quilting Bible…I think that’s what it’s called, but basically it goes through EVERYthing about quilting. I’m kinda new to it. I also like the Fat Quarterly book that just came out because I like modern quilts. I also like traditional quilts, but only if they are flowery and pastel. I don’t really care for the browns/tans/blues, although I appreciate their beauty. The new Tula Pink book looks cool, although I haven’t seen it. It’s supposed to have modern blocks. I can almost appreciate all books for something in them, whether it’s general information or for cool looking patterns/projects. There’s also a 1 yard wonder book I have that has different projects you can make with a yard. I like that book because they are pretty simple sewing projects. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

    • Haha.. yeah, I kind of have to laugh because just about the first thing I talked about was needing to know where people are from, and yet SO many people haven’t said! It’s true I often talk too much, and Giveaway Day/Week can be kind of intense where you’re just RUSHING to get through it all so that you can enter everything you really want to enter, but yeah. I don’t mind so much if people skip the book question, but Where and What were the two big questions 😀

      I hadn’t realized that Tula Pink had a new book coming out (I follow her blog, but she posts so infrequently, I can’t remember the last thing she talked about), but a few people have mentioned it, so I should probably look into it. The first one had some nice projects in it, though nothing that sparked my imagination so much that I would buy it. (I borrowed it from the library.)

      Anyway, best of luck!

  264. I absolutely love the fabrics you have picked up there! I always have such a hard time deciding what color I like best and sometimes end up with odd color combinations but they look good to me! Deep purple and orange are two of my favorites!

  265. I am from South West Iowa. My favorite is the fabric pack. They are all so pretty. I have a joke from my 5 year old grandson.

    Why did the cow cross the road?
    Cos he wanted to go to the moooovies.

  266. I love the fabric prize! I`;m from central British Columbia, Canada! And my favorite craft books are quilting books – I`m currently loving 101 Fabulous Small Quilts! Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  267. My name is Susan and I’m a craft book addict. From Southern California. I’m working on adapting a pattern from Tula Pink’s last book. She has super easy instructions and fun, helpful tips. Thanks for the giveaway!

  268. I’m from Oregon, USA and would especially like the fabric, as I am a quilter. My favorite quilting book is Modern Quilting by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen. I find it very inspiring.

  269. i’m from Singapore. I love the rainbow bundle. thanks.

  270. Oh I would much prefer the fabric bundle – I do tend to be a bit clumsy and have to take care of several blood drops when I hadn quilt so I think it’s better I don’t do stitching. As foor books, there are so many great ones – the ones on my nigh stand at the moment are Making Welsh Quilts, Quiltmaking by Hand and The standard book of quilt making and collecting – I don’T often do projects from books but I love using them as inspiration. (I’m just not good at having to chose fabrics to fit the “ingredients” part of those instructions… ). For everythign not quilting related I have two old standard “sewing schools” my granny said she didn’t need anymore but I doubt they would be much use to you they are in German – hmm that got a little longer than planned – Greetings from Mainz, Germany

    • Haha… nope, German wouldn’t do me too much good. I studied German for a year in university, but it didn’t really take. That was 10 years ago and I don’t even think I could count to five any more! (Ein, Zwei, Drei,… Funf?) I’ve got German ancestors (my great-grandparents on my mom’s side were mostly German and from what’s now Austria), so I thought it would be interesting to learn, but yeah. Didn’t take.

      Best of luck!

  271. I’m from Ireland but I live in Heidelberg, Germany – I would love to win the rainbox bundle as I’m not very good at handsewing – I much prefer the regular stitches that my machine makes!
    I’ve had to make quite a few baby quilts in the last year, so my go-to book for that was Two from One Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott.

  272. I’m from Cheshire, UK and would love to win the rainbow bundle of fabric. Thank you for offering the giveaways 🙂

  273. I love the One Yard Wonders books 🙂

  274. I actually love rainbows, so I’d love to win the fabric. Also I’m from the US. My favorite craft book is probably the new Abby Glassenberg one that details how to design stuffed animals. It’s called Stuffed Animals from Concept to Construction. It’s full of a ton of good information.

  275. I am from Iowa, USA – I would love to win the fabric. Thanks!

  276. I’m in upstate NY and would love the fabric…favorite book…I’m afraid I mostly just use the internet! But I do like Martha Stewart books as inspirational standbys.

  277. Wow both are such great giveaways. Thank you for the chance!

  278. I live in Northern California in the U.S. I like the second packet of fabrics and I like the crewel book. I am currently busy making quilts that have embroidery in them–m current favorite book Im using is called little stitches by aneela hoey. I hope I win your giveaway!

  279. I am from Washington State near the canadian border…Vancouver is closer than Seattle to me. LOL
    I would like the gorgeous fabrics. The book looks great but those fabrics are calling me. :o)

  280. I am from SE Wisconsin. I’ve never done any ‘real embroidery’ let alone crewell. So, really either prize would be great. I’d probably be more likely to use the fabric, though. Thanks!

  281. I’m from Ontario! I love that fabric. Fingers crossed.

  282. I’m in the UK, i love the rainbow fabric bundle. Thanks for the chance :o)

  283. Hi. I’m from Manchester in the UK. If I am chosen I would prefer the fabric, please. I like Jennie Rayment’s books, especially Tucks & Textures 2

  284. East Texas here, rushing to enter on a few more blogs before the thunderstorms get here this afternoon @@ I’d be thrilled to win your pretty FQ’s, thanks so much for a shot at it! My favorite quilting book is “That Dorky Homemade Look: Quilting Lessons from a Parallel Universe” by Lisa Boyer. It’s not very instructional, but it will tickle your funny bone, which we all need once in a while, don’t we? 😉

  285. Hello! I’m from New Orleans, LA USA and think that the rainbow stack is awesome! My favorite craft book right now is Doodle Stitching, it lets me finish up a project pretty quickly.

  286. I live just outside Cambridge in the UK and my choice would be the rainbow bundle. My current favourite craft book is Doodle stitching because it got me back into embroidery after many years

    • Best of luck!

      I thought Sunday Morning Quilts was going to be the top pick for books, but it’s looking like it might actually be Doodle Stitching instead. Definitely going to have to get a look at that one!

  287. emmevon(at)gmail(dot)com

    portland, oregon! into the fat quarters!

  288. I like Big Little Felt Universe because the patterns are so so cute and full size so I don’t have to attempt to find a copy machine!

  289. ooh, yours is my favorite giveaway so far! i love crewelwork and am working on the abc sampler from Rosy Little Things. i’ve had my hands on a copy of New Crewel once from the library-thanks for the reminder-i LOVED the book. i’m gonna go check out katherine’s blog/shop. i really love my Granny Square Love book and spent a long winter crocheting a bunch of things from that book and also Microcrafts-have you seen it? it’s filled with adorable little, well, micro crafts. anyway, i’m rambling…thanks for the giveaway!

  290. live in washington’s olympic peninsula! love either prize. love embroidery companion from alicia paulson!

  291. I’m American, way on down in North Cackalacky. I’d prefer the fabric but the crewel looks cool too! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  292. I live in Germany and I would pick the rainbow fabrics 🙂
    Don’t have a favourite craft book, but am looking into buying some about freemotion quilting, cuz I want to learn it 🙂

  293. I am from the US and would love to win the fabric bundle. Thanks for the chance!

  294. I am in Lafayette, Louisiana and my favorite book is the Fat Quarterly book, I love the way it is laid out and the quilt blocks in the book!

  295. I would love to win the fabric bundle – I’m not an embroiderer at all. I live in the UK and my favorite craft book at the moment is another bite of schnibbles by Carrie Nelson.

  296. I would love either! I love the Doodle Stitching embroidery books by Aimee Ray. I wish I could doodle that well with a pen, much less a needle!

  297. Magic of quilt making my first quilt book.

  298. I would choose that yummy stack of fabric! one of my fave books? “Printing by Hand: A Modern Guide to Printing with Handmade Stamps, Stencils, and Silk Screens” by Lena Corwin. I have tried stenciling on fabric and it was great fun!

  299. Well, I love the fabric, I’m more of a machine sewer. However, I would love to try something new 🙂 I don’t own nor have I read any craft books! Crazy right, I am not really sure how over all this time I have not!

  300. I live in southeast Michigan. Thanks for a chance to win.

  301. Hi! Love that grouping of fabrics!!! Rainbow can be beaten! i’d love to be included. I’d definitely use them in a lap quilt.

  302. I’m from Wisconsin, US, and I love that rainbow fabric bundle! Thanks!!

  303. I’m just outside of St. Louis in the suburbs. Thank you for doing a giveaway.

  304. I am from Minnesota, and I thank you for the generous giveaway. As a quilter, I would love the rainbow bundle.

    I don’t have many craft books, but one I know I will use is a book with quilt patterns called Schnibbles Times Two by Carrie Nelson.

  305. I’m in Tennessee; I’d love the fabric bundle, thank you; and hmmm, I don’t own or use many books, but oh! I do have Martha’s Fabric Encyclopedia, and I like it. It has a lot of nice overview if you just want to stick your toe into a lot of different pools. Thanks so much!

  306. I’m in northern California. The rainbow bundle is yummy. I really love “Modern Patchwork” by Elizabeth Hartman. She has so many lovely inspirational quilts in there.

  307. I live near Penticton, BC, Canada. I would definitely choose the beautiful fabric bundle in the yummy spring colours. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  308. I am from Oregon. I don’t know if I would like the embroidery but I love the fabrics and would use them for my quilting. Thanks

  309. Hi, I’m from Jerusalem. I actually don’t own any sewing books…

  310. Hi I’m Jane from Washington state in the US and I’m a fabricaholic, so the lovely stack of fat quarters is my first choice. My favorite quilting books are anything by Gwen Marsden in her Liberated Qyilts series.

    • Best of luck!

      I don’t think I’ve seen any of the Liberated Quilts books, though I’ve heard of them in the past (and a lot of people have mentioned them for this)… I’ll have to look them up, obviously!

  311. Now following on Bloglovin because I read your post on “random hatin'”. We’re going to get along just fine.

  312. I don’t have any craft books but I did just get my very first E-book about how to make beaded flowers and there are videos imbedded in the book, totally awesome

  313. I’m really into quilting and fabric. It’s helped a lot to read blogs. They have helped me more than any book.

  314. From Australia, just around from Jodi at the top! We met via a SMS giveaway a couple of years back! True story! I love the rainbow bundle, I can’t believe it was chosen randomly, wow! I have a few quilting books, love scrap republic for its colour inspiration! Thanks for your giveaway 🙂

  315. I’m loving zaka style at the moment. Thanks for the generous giveaway from Lake Macquarie Australia.

  316. I’m in Sydney Australia, and I’d go with option 1. You totally could have said it was a carefully chosen set and I’d have believed you!
    I don’t know if I have a favourite craft book, but my most recent purchase was the Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters and I’m looking forward to making up some of the blocks in it.

  317. I’m in St. Louis, Missouri. I’d love the fabric. My favorite craft books are Elizabeth Hartman’s second book and Angela Walters books.

  318. I’m in Baltimore, Maryland- lovely prizes- I’d like either:)-the fabrics are gorgeous and the book looks interesting! One of my favorite embroidery books is Colorful Stitchery by Kristin Nicholas.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  319. Rainbow pack! Love it.
    I live in Florida.

  320. From the middle of Illinois, I would love Prize Pack #1 as I’m a great fan of color. Tough to answer the favorite craft book question. I’ll mention two and they’re both sewing related: 1) Sew Wild by Aliza Burke – in addition to giving license to great creativity, the inspiration to mix media is wonderful. 2) Fresh & Quilting by Malka Dubrawsky – broad ranging projects encourage color and design choices

  321. Hi, i wanted to say thank you for dropping by at my blog. Boy you have been busy with replying to each of the comments!
    Ha ha, i going to enter this give-away too! I am from the south of the Netherland in Europe! I live near the city of Maastricht that some might have heard of. I would love to play with the fabrics you are giving away. So, option one please! 😉
    Have a lovely weekend!

    • Best of luck!

      I did some of my responses (sneakily!) while at work, so as to cut down on coming home to fifty new comments to respond to every day 😀 I wasn’t really expecting so many people to enter, when I first started!

  322. I live in the US and I would *love* to win that stack of fabrics. I think the orange that you pulled is a stunning print. Actually, I think they all are. I am a quilter and I got Sunday Morning Quilts recently and I really like it.

  323. I live in the US and love that fabric. Thanks for the chance to win!

  324. I am from the US (NJ) and would be more than happy to win either prize. My favorite craft book is a very old Reader’s Digest Complete Book of Crafts inherited from my husband’s great-aunt.

    • Best of luck!

      Some of those Reader’s Digest books just can’t be beat for laying out all the details – you might not like the projects, but they tell you what you need to know. (At least, I find that to be true with the stitching books I’ve got from RD.)

  325. I’m from the USA, Ky is where I live. I’d love to win the beautiful fabrics that you have here! I like quilting books but don’t really have a favorite.

  326. Hello from SE Ohio where it is rainy and a good day to stay in to quilt! Love your rainbow of colors, so after the rain, hope the rainbow of fabrics show here and if not hope I can lick it as it goes by. LOL

  327. Here from MI. More of a craft novel: Miss Scarlet’s School of Patternless Sewing!

  328. I don’t know if I have a favorite craft book. I recently got a copy of Improv Sewing that is pretty rad and thought provoking. Also, I’d love that rainbow fabric. I’m a sucker for rainbows.

  329. I am in florida and as for favortie book, well lets say anything quilting gets my attention right now.. I also have books on all my crafts, like stained glass, ceramics, painting, card making etc

  330. I am from california and i like the fabric bundle. I don’t usually use craft books, but I love pdf patterns. I have been liking the sewsweetness purse patterns being released lately 🙂

  331. I am in Europe, waiting forever it seems for spring to truly spring… The blossom and tulips are out, but it doesn’t quite feel like we’re there yet… I’d love to put that fabulous rainbow of fabric to use. A friend just gave me a Japanese embroidery book – Design collection for kids. It has such cute motifs in it, I can’t wait to work them into some wee projects. Thanks for the chance!

  332. Fabric prize
    Trenton, Florida
    I’m reading Mary Tatum’s The QUilt of Life.

  333. I love the fabric and I’m from Tennessee. I don’t have any craft books yet.

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