Bias Binding & Other Assorted Nonsense

It’s been pretty quiet around here, since the Giveaway Day post (which post wasn’t quiet at all! I responded to every single one of my 330 entrants!). I have been working on things, just… most of the things I can’t show yet. Which is the most irritating thing to read about on a blog “I’ve been doing stuff, but you can’t see it! Haha!” Today I’m that jerk. Again. You’ll get to see some of it on Wednesday, though, when the first pattern for Fandom in Stitches‘s Doctor Who Stitch-Along is revealed. I’m trying to get and stay on top of all the patterns, so there’s been a lot of handwork happening, and each week I’ll reveal my finished square along with a link to the pattern at FiS.

I’m also still working on the prize for my unannounced Eleventy-First Post giveaway, which omg was a solid month ago and I’m still not done! It’s true, I was waiting for a certain something to come in the mail before I could finish it, but that certain something showed up a few days after that post, I think, so it’s no excuse really. I’m determined to finish the item in question today though. Or tomorrow. It’s not like I can mail it off until Monday anyway, right? Right.

Bias binding

Here’s a thing to look at, though. Not much of a thing, but a thing. It’s bias binding! This will make my second time using the stuff and it kind of drives me nuts. It’s so stretchy and it’s true that some prints have interesting effects when you cut them on the bias, but it doesn’t always turn out for the best, and also I screwed it up my first time around, so I’m paranoid that I’ll also screw it up for my second time. Well, boo hoo, poor me, etc. I really just need to suck it up and get on with it instead of finding anything at all to do instead. (I did my dishes! Within minutes of dirtying them instead of waiting till I had a whole day’s worth to wash! I folded laundry, instead of never folding it and just running around like a wrinkled rag-a-muffin! I’m writing a post, even though I really have nothing to talk about! Maybe I should also organize my sewing room and decide which of my gigagillion of unused cookbooks to get rid of!)

I want to talk about my giveaway day winners, but I’m waiting till they respond before I post anything on the subject. I do have some stats, though. I had 330 people enter, but 80 of them forgot to tell me the one thing I wanted to know – where they were from. And so only 250 people were put into the draw. I had 162 mentions of book titles or book authors (some people mentioned two or three), of which there were 88 separate titles (and possibly a few more – some people said things like, say, ‘Angela Walters’ book’, but I don’t know if she has more than one, so that would get combined with other mentions of Angela Walters, and in truth I just labelled all mentions of Schnibbles books as “Schnibbles books” even though I think they might all have mentioned separate titles) and 12 authors mentioned without attaching titles alongside. Many of the books had multiple mentions, which I’ll break down further in the post when I reveal the winners, but the most popular three were Sunday Morning Quilts, Doodle Stitching, and Patchwork, Please.

I haven’t looked at or read either of the top two books, but I think I’ll have to borrow them from the library and see what I think. Neither of them are particularly new, so they’ve obviously had a more lasting impact on their readers than a lot of other big-name books that’ve come out. Patchwork, Please is still very new, so I’m going to be interested to see, if I ask this question again in the future, if it has a lasting impact. I actually own that book – a few posts ago I talked about ripping a page out of it (damn it. seriously. what was I thinking?) – and it is a very nice book. There’s a lot of cute and fun projects in it. I’ve got plans for trying out a few of them, which is more than I can say for most of the craft books I own, but still there’ll be more that I leave undone than that I finish.

Okay, I’ve been putting off sewing on the binding for nearly 3 hours now, so one more thing and then I swear I’ll go work on the binding…

Back in April, &Stitches ran a contest asking to see people’s embroidery toolkits. I posted a very long and rambling post about my embroidery supplies (which are now, mostly, consolidated into three drawers of my plastic craft supply cabinets) and while I didn’t win (the winner was MarΓ­a Tenorio for this post full of beautiful pictures and much less sleep-deprived rambling insanity), the people judging the entries were kind enough to offer secondary prizes to me and Carriebee.

&Stitches Prize

They sent me two skeins of very beautiful embroidery floss from Weeks Dye Works – the pink one is Azaleas and the multicoloured one is Confetti – and a packet of embroidery transfers from Sublime Stitching. The patterns are four ridiculously cute animals, designed by Erin Paisley. So cute! It as a fantastic thing to win, and I was pretty excited about it both when I heard they’d chosen my entry for an extra prize and when it arrived last week. So very many thanks to the people at &Stitches for that!

4 thoughts on “Bias Binding & Other Assorted Nonsense”

  1. Holy beans on toast, I can’t believe you replied to every single entry! Good Blogger Blue Ribbon for that one. πŸ™‚

    What a nice prize from &stitches. That floss is so incredibly vibrant.

    Go on, go bind something! You can do it! πŸ˜€

    1. Haha… yeah, I wasn’t really expecting so many people to enter or I might not have started πŸ˜€ (A lot of them just got one of two generic messages: “Best of luck” or a reminder that I needed to know their location if they wanted to be entered.)

      The floss is really nice – I’ve never used it before, but it’s all organic, biodegradable, color-fast, non-carcinogenic, no formaldehyde…. dyes/manufacturing processes, which isn’t something I’d ever really considered in relation to floss before. But anyway πŸ˜€

      I’m about a third of the way through binding the first of two things I need to do, but I’ve gotten distracted by stitching again. I’m working on the third pattern and have watched the entire first season of Happy Endings (13 twenty minute episodes) but have only finished the right half of the pattern. Can’t decide if I’m just being brutally slow or what πŸ˜€ Anyway, with the binding, I accidentally sewed the binding onto the back of the second thing, which I never do, and I was going to zig-zag it down rather than hand-stitching it, but then when I turned it over to the front, I realized I kind of hate that binding on it (it’s the pink one in the picture), so I guess it’s all right I messed it up because it’s totally got to come off anyway. Tomorrow, though. I think it might be Tuesday before I finish though…

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