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Giveaways, Bindings, and the Doctor… Doctor Who?


I’m feeling thwarted by Life, the Universe, and Everything right now. Or, anyway, an unbelievable exhaustion that had me coming home from work early on Monday so that I could sleep (seriously, who leaves work because they’re too tired? Who doesn’t drive heavy machinery, anyway…?). So. Tired.

But whatevs, today I’m going finally to:

1. Announce my Giveaway Winners
2. Talk Just a Tiny Bit More about Binding
3. Snicker about still not showing you the stuff I’ve been working on.

Actually, scratch that last one. Tomorrow I’m going to reveal the first bit of what I’ve been working on lately, so no point in gloating any more: the Doctor Who Stitch-a-Long is nearly here! (It’s a guaranteed post from me every Wednesday for the next 12 weeks! I’m not usually so predictable in my posting!)


I hope any of you Whovian Stitchers out there will join us! There will be monthly prizes throughout the course of the Stitch-a-long and a bigger prize at the end to be won by someone who completes all of the patterns.

So right, back to Number 1. Normally when I do a giveaway, I handwrite all the entrants names on squares of paper and put them all in a bucket and draw the winners name that way, but I had 250 people enter my giveaway! That’s a lot of names + locations + prize preferences (+ indentifying info, in the case of multiple Sarahs, Katys, and Patty/Pattis…). So this time I put all the information into Excel, printed out all the names + info, cut them up into thin strips, and drew names that way.


In this photo, the names in the basket are the Canadian/Intl. people, and the ones laying on the table are the Americans. The basket was too small, so I had to find an empty ice cream pail to draw the names, but that was less pretty, so I didn’t take a photo of that…

My first winner, to an International or Canadian entrant, was Kay:


It’s no surprise that she choose the fabric, since that was far (far far) and away the more popular of my two giveaway items! Sew, Mama, Sew is definitely a fabric lover’s paradise, more so than an embroidery lover’s one, anyway! I was a little afraid that my second winner wouldn’t be interested in the crewel kit at all, but luckily she was okay with that.

My second winner, drawn from all my entrants, was Patti:


I didn’t get to the post office on Monday (see: opening paragraph, also: life, the universe, and everything) and then forgot to take the packages with me to work today, but they’ll be off in the mail tomorrow to these lovely ladies.

Because I’m a bit of a nerd, I kept track of a few different things, and here are some interesting (to me) details about the people who entered this giveaway:

There were 330 total who entered, but only 250 left me their location. Of those 250 people, their countries of residence break down like this (barring me accidentally deleting info from my spreadsheet after I printed everything, once I started trying to consolidate data – I had some people down by State or Province, but others by US or Canada, and I’m pretty sure I messed some things up when I was trying to standardize what I’d typed in):
Australia – 19
Canada – 30
England – 3
Germany – 4
UK – 15
USA – 158

And with two entrants only: Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, and Spain. And with one entrant only: Brazil, Finland, France, Indonesia, Israel, New Caledonia, North Ireland, Papua New Guinea, Scotland, Sri Lanka, Switzerland. It’s no surprise that an American won the second prize, since more than 60% of the people who entered were American.

Also of note to me where the books people mentioned as being favourites. Fifteen people mentioned author names only, which I won’t reproduce here, but the most popular mentions were Angela Walters and Elizabeth Hartman. (These were people whose names were mentioned unaccompanied by a title.) There were also 88 books mentioned. I won’t list all of those, but these were the ones that had more than one mention:

Sunday Morning Quilts – 12 mentions
Doodle Stitching – 10 (inc. one for The Motif Collection, which is the second book in the series)
Patchwork, Please – 6
Material Obsession – 5
Modern Patchwork (Elizabeth Hartman) – 4
Modern Quilting (Gering & Pederson) – 4
One Yard Wonders – 4
Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters – 3
Improv Sewing – 3
Little Stitches (Aneela Hoey) – 3
Quilts from the House of Tula Pink – 3
Assorted Schnibbles books – 3
Scrap Basket Surprise – 3
Zakka Style – 3
Amy Butler’s Bag Book (sorry, I don’t know the title) – 2
Angela Walter’s FMQ book (see above) – 2
Farmer’s Wife Sampler – 2
Martha Stewart’s Fabric Crafts – 2
Practical Guide to Patchwork (Hartman) – 2
Pretty in Patchwork Holidays – 2

I was a little surprised by some of these – I thought Elizabeth Hartman would have more total mentions, for example, as I know her blog is enormously popular.

Okay. Jibber jabber.

Item the second. Did I say a few days ago that I was going to have some binding done by Monday?

Bound, Binding, Unbound

Yeah, okay. Maybe by the weekend. I called this photo Bound, Binding, Unbound because that’s pretty much where they’re at. Green is done, orange is 80% done, and the red… well, it’s sewn onto the front, at least! It seems to be taking me much, much longer than binding regular quilts. I’m finding it a bit awkward trying to deal with such a small piece, it’s somehow harder to get a good grip on it or something.

Anyway, that’s it and that’s all. Tomorrow, the Doctor.


Author: clumsykristel

I'm a 30-ish quilter, and occasional sewist and embroiderer. I mostly talk about crafty things I'm working on, or wish I were working on.

6 thoughts on “Giveaways, Bindings, and the Doctor… Doctor Who?

  1. We had similar lists but there were differences. I am considering joining the Dr. Who thing….I’ll check it out tomorrow πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, I was interested to see how much cross-over there was. I’m really interested to see Sunday Morning Quilts now. I think a certain amount of my differences was probably because I was also talking about embroidery, which probably pulled some people’s minds further in that direction than they would have on a quilting/fabric only post. If that makes sense.

  2. I think you’ve convinced me to finally work Doctor Who into my viewing schedule. I don’t think I’ll go all the way back to the original but I’ve heard good things about the new series and there’s been nothing but signs lately. And by signs, I mean recurring TARDIS’s appearing everywhere. Perfect, right? The last one was a combo-day of a mug and then a student wearing a shirt covered in them right after I told the mug owner I was going to start watching it.

    Wow – that was a long explanation. πŸ™‚

    • Haha.. awesome πŸ˜€ I’ve never watched the older Who (just snippets on YouTube, but mostly it makes me cringe from the combination of low budgets and poor FX back in the day), but the New Who is just so… charming. If you start with Christopher Eccelston’s doctor (you can usually find it as Series One), it’s… yeah. Charming. He’s lovely. And David Tennant makes me swoon (it’s the character more than him, exactly, but *swoon*). It’s just sort of light-hearted fun, and since I watch so many Big Serious TV Show (Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Mad Men…) where everyone dies or murders or whatever, it’s a great 180. Lots of deus ex machina kind of stuff, which can be annoying, and some really silly aliens (I will never not mock the Absorbalof, but I blame that on the kid who won the Invent an Alien contest), but yeah. Charming. πŸ˜€

  3. I find statistics like this fascinating. I was particularly interested to see which were the most popular books too, must have a look for them at the library. My gorgeous fabric arrived today, a huge thank you for sending it all the way to England for me.

    • I’ve been on a wait list a my library for Sunday Morning Quilts for AGES (ever since giveaway week ended, actually), and they don’t have Doodle Stitching at all, but I’m planning to borrow as many of these books as I can to see what I think. I have a pile of unused project books, so I’m trying not to buy them any more, but I do still like looking through them!

      You’re very welcome!

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