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Hello, I’m the Doctor! (Doctor Who Stitch-A-Long Week 1)


Doctor Who?

Two minutes later and the word “Doctor” has no meaning any longer. But never mind that! It’s time for the Doctor Who Stitch-A-Long!


For the first pattern/block of the Stitch-a-long, we’re going all the way back to where it all began, William Hartnell’s First Doctor:

Doctor the First

This pattern was designed by the lovely Aalia Zaman of Joy of Stitches, but this particular version was stitched by me. You can find the pattern here at Fandom in Stitches.

This is Aalia’s version, on the purple batik, and then Jennifer Ofenstein (of SewHooked and Fandom in Stitches), on the white background:

First Doctor Doctor Who Stitch Along - The First Doctor

Jennifer, or Ofenjen as I tend to think of her, has designed the layout for the quilt (as well as several of the upcoming blocks), and that’s what you’ll see with my blocks as you go along. The cutting instructions can be found along with the week one pattern.

For my sashing and borders, I’m going to use these fabrics from Lizzy House’s Constellations line, still available from some retailers on Etsy as well as at Hawthorne Threads (where I bought my yardage):


I’ll be using the top fabric (Asterisk in Black) for my binding, the middle fabric (Supernova in Purple) for my dark sashing/border, and the bottom fabric (Starcharts in Blue) for my light sashing/border. The centre fabric is Essex Linen Blend in Natural, which I bought from Mad About Patchwork.


I am a great big fan of split stitch, so this was worked primarily in two-strand split stitch, though I’m pretty sure I did the tie in itty bitty back stitch. It’s all done in DMC 939, which is a lovely deep, dark blue, except for the shiny bit, which is DMC Satin Floss (a rayon 6-strand thread) in S798 (also two-strand split stitch). It looks a bit shiny because I forgot to lower the temperature on my iron and I sort of… fused some of the threads together a little bit. (Sigh. Rayon.) It didn’t damage the fabric at all (though it looks here as if it bled – it did not), so I may pick it out and redo it (but let’s face it, probably I won’t). I’m a slow stitcher (my Grandma makes fun of me for doing everything in single, complete stitches: thread and needle all the way up, all the way down, all the way up, all the way down), but it took me about 3 hours total to stitch (while watching two movies, so that might account for some of my speed as well, since it wasn’t exactly eyes on the project at every moment).

If you’re fan of Who, I really do hope you’ll join in! If you share your photos at the Fandom in Stitches Flickr group, you’ll be entered to win a monthly prize (and there may just be a slightly bigger prize at the end for someone who finishes all twelve patterns…). (But that’s just a rumour! Shh!)


Author: clumsykristel

I'm a 30-ish quilter, and occasional sewist and embroiderer. I mostly talk about crafty things I'm working on, or wish I were working on.

8 thoughts on “Hello, I’m the Doctor! (Doctor Who Stitch-A-Long Week 1)

  1. I love the use of the constellation fabric – great choice.

    • Yeah, I’d been wanting to buy it for a while, but kept not doing it because I couldn’t justify buying more fabric without a plan (and also: I’ve been fabric-fasting for a while). This was the perfect project for it – space themed fabric + Doctor Who? Hells yeah.

      I really loved that pillow you made with it and was glad to see how well it came together because seeing all the fabrics lined up for sale, they didn’t seem like the greens would pull in with the purples and all the different teal, light, and dark blues, but it really does mesh pretty well together. (I bought yardage for the top, but a whole FQ set to figure out some sort of backing once the top is all done, so I’m going to need to have those colours all working together!)

  2. I just started mine this morning. This is going to be a great quilt.

  3. Looks really, really wonderful, Kristel! The fabrics ROCK.

  4. Printed. And that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Hoping for a crafty weekend this weekend!

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