I finished a thing!

I finished a thing this weekend, despite spending so much time working when I should have been sleeping and sleeping when I should have been sewing. (I have to work two weekends in a row this month! Not fun! I normally get alternating weekends off.)

I’m still not showing what that thing is, but a photo anyway:

Binding done

It pretty much looks like the last time I showed it, but, you know… it’s done this time!

It’s funny and annoying how often I change my mind when I’m working on things. Originally that pink mini with red binding was going to have binding that matched the pink fabric – I mean, it was the same fabric – but then I hated it when I looked at it from the front side, so I picked it all off and decided to go with a nice red dot, because that nice red dot fabric matched the front really well. And all was fine in the world, until I flipped the fabric over to the back to stitch it down and realized I hated the red dot against the pink back just as much as I’d hated that pink against the red on the front. Ugh. Well, I wasn’t picking it off again, so there it is. I don’t know what I’d have done instead, anyway. It’s not easy to find that sweet spot of mixing pink and red. They’re so close to one another, but they can look awfully awful together.

I wish I had more to show this week: I have two quilt blocks I desperately need to get finished and in the mail soon, but I haven’t got very far with either of them. One is for my Livejournal birthday blocks group – it’s a Card Trick block, in forest greens on cream, and I neither want to make that particular block nor want to make it with that mix of colours. I mean, that’s the way things fall sometimes when you’re working on stuff for other people, but all those half-square triangles are making me cringe in advance (generally I do them well, but I don’t very often WANT to). I really just need to sit down and bang it out, though. The other block is for Deanna at Little D and Me and is also a whole mess of triangles, though very very very different from the triangles in the Card Trick block! (If you go to her blog and scroll down to her April 24th post, you’ll see!) I’m both excited and scared to work on it, but I feel like I need some time to devote to it before I want to start working on it.

I should have had time today – I work six days this week, so I skipped out early from work today (since I could), and was home two hours earlier than usual. But my brother-in-law was home and playing obnoxiously loud music. I am the biggest baby going when it comes to loud music, so I decided I could either go to the library with my laptop and catch up on blogs or sit in the sun in the backyard and catch up on blogs. I went with the sun, and I sat there for two hours, and sunburned my arms. Nice! (Yeah, nice. Nice and painful, that is.)

After that I thought I’d better walk to the library and pick up some stuff that was being held for me and I picked up a couple of craft books while I was there – Sweet and Simple Patchwork Gifts by Hisako Arai and Yoko Sanjo, Jelly Roll Dreams by Pam and Nicky Lintott, and Embroidery for Little Miss Crafty by Helen Dardik.

On the way home, I went down by a pond in my neighbourhood and tried to take pictures of ducks:

Duck, duck, duck...

They swim away too fast!

Anyway, tomorrow I’m getting my hair cut and coloured, so I probably won’t have time to sew then either! Thursday, I guess! Hopefully I’ll have something worth showing then. In any case, more Doctor Who Stitch-A-Long tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “I finished a thing!”

    1. I haven’t burned myself in years – it sucks! Oh well. Now it’s just going to rain for three days, so it’s good I took advantage while I could πŸ˜€

    1. That’s an interesting idea! I’ve done flanges before, but always between borders, ever up against the binding. And this = no hand-stitching! That’s pretty awesome too. Thanks for the link!

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