May Bee/Exchange Blocks

Do you ever lose random craft supplies? Like, say, your good 12.5″ square ruler instead of your crappy one? When you only sew/cut fabric in one room of your house and it’s only like… a 90 square foot room and half of the floor is covered in furniture? Because I did that. My bad 12.5″ square ruler is still hanging around, so I can get some stuff done, but the numbers and lines are all faded and it’s got a slight inward curve on the side I tended to cut on the most, so I have to remember to use the opposite corner. Annoying. I really wish I could figure out what the heck I did with the good one because it’s so much nicer! I really, kind of desperately, need to clean my sewing space because it’s a gong show. But I’m really bad at organizing, somehow, and also it just seems like a boring way to spend my time. On the other hand, knowing where to find my things would probably save me time down the line. Or tomorrow, even.

Anyway, I got a few bee blocks done, one for my Simply Solids group, which is this block here:

Triangle Block

This block is for Deanna (at Little D and Me). She sent out the pre-cut fabric to make this great big triangle block. I was a little bit scared of putting this one together – so many bias edges! – but then it really just came together fairly easily. Deanna wanted it to be as random as possible, with no patterns to the fabric placement, so when the fabric first arrived, I pulled each layer of fabric out of the bag one at a time and laid it out into the triangle shape in the exact order they were in the bag, only making changes if two of the same colour were beside each other. And it seemed pretty good, but then I when I actually stitched it together yesterday and today I somehow kept managing to flip pieces or to sew the next triangle onto the wrong side, so my unplanned plan went at all out of whack, and all the greens wound up down the left side and across the bottom and all the darkest purple and blues down the right hand side. But it’s probably actually more random this way, even though things somehow seemed to clump up? So says I, anyway.

I really like that bright patch of orange in the middle of all that – I’ll be interested to see how it all ends up in the final quilt, once Deanna has all the blocks!

My second block is for the only May birthday girl in my Livejournal Birthday Blocks group. She requested a Card Trick block in forest greens with a trees/leaves theme on off-white or cream:

Card Trick

We have a few really traditional (and very triangle heavy) blocks in this years LJ group, including this Card Trick block. I’d never done a card trick block before, which surprises me a little because I’ve done A LOT of traditional quilt blocks in my ten years of quilting. I wouldn’t say this is one of my particular favourites, as far as traditional goes, nor one of my favourite colour combos. Every now and then I get the urge to cull my fabric stash and these kinds of prints are the things I tend to pull out to give away, because the colour is pretty muted and they can seem dreary if you don’t find a good way to pull them together, but then I wind up leaving them because you never know when you’re going to need something more neutral like this to tone down or pull back something else that’s a little more crazy. Or you just might need to make something for your Grandma and you know she’ll be all over that sort of thing. And it’s just as well because I might have had to buy a new tenth-of-a-metre of something similar if I didn’t have this hanging around. Anyway, for all my don’t-really-like-it, I really do hope that Suri (the recipient) will like it. And I hope it’ll work well with the quilt she’s planning, since I know she’s been collecting blocks for this quilt for a while.

So guess that’s that! Next up will be a very scary improv block for my Simply Solids group – gorgeous, but scary! I’m not good at improv! – and a birthday block for June, for Miss Aalia, in the brightest most Hufflepuff yellow I can find. (I’m pretty sure I’ve got a few things that’ll work, I just need to choose a block!) I’m hoping to get the birthday block done this weekend, so maybe I’ll have something to show early on next week, and the other… well, I still need to wait for the fabric, but once it gets here, I’m pretty sure I’ll hem and haw over it for a week or two before sitting down to work on it, freaking out about how bad it looks, deciding it doesn’t look that bad really and then questioning every life choice that lead me to quilting in general and bee sewing in specific. And then I’ll probably be happy with it in the end, because one not that improv-y block in a whole quilt can’t possibly stand out that much, right? (Because I’ll confess now: I’ve been looking at photos of waterfalls online and bookmarking ones that look like I might be able to work an improvish pattern out of them…)

See you tomorrow for the Doctor Who Stitch-A-Long! I’m even planning to pre-write my post, so it’ll be up sometime during the day tomorrow! (Still after I get home from work – I want to direct link to the ACTUAL Fandom in Stitches post, so I need to wait until it’s posted, and I don’t like doing that crap on my phone just so I can do it at work.) [ETA: You won’t see the DWSAL “tomorrow” because that’s Tuesday and the DWSAL happens on Wednesday. So, you know. See you Wednesday!]

18 thoughts on “May Bee/Exchange Blocks”

  1. Love the triangle block you’ve made for me. What were you worried about – looks like you nailed all those points and edges.
    You are right about the improv block though, that one’s scary.

    1. It came together so much more easily than I thought it would! It’s a bit bulky at some of the joins, but hopefully that won’t be a problem!

      I got my fabric for the improv block today, so now that’s on my mind! Eeep… scary!

    1. Hee… my fabric for it arrived today. And I did open it up – super pretty colours! – but I’m not quite up to attempting to sew it, just yet!

  2. I love that triangle block! Stunning. I struggle with the card trick block too, I’ve only ever made it for a bee and the colors weren’t me either, but seeing that quilt all finish, I have to say it was pretty outstanding looking. Thanks for linking up!

    1. Some of those super traditional blocks (that aren’t always my favourites) really do make amazing looking quilts in the end, don’t they?

      The triangle block is pretty amazing! Kind of makes me want to steal the idea for my month of the Simply Solids Bee, but I already know what I’m doing (and it’s something super traditional too: churn dash blocks).

    1. I didn’t think to measure it, but as long as I did it right, it should be about 30″ across the bottom and stands about 29″ tall. Quite a big block! (But it probably took about the same amount of time to sew as that one 12.5″ card trick block. It really was pretty easy to sew up.)

  3. I just want to jump in to that triangle block. It doesn’t even look real! Wowwwww.

    You and I used very similar leafy fabrics for the card trick. But, huh, your points are exponentially more exact than mine. My blocks came out looking like they were made from very old, worn, poker cards, bent corners and all.

    Can’t wait to see my Huffie blocks! I am so glad to hear you have some yellows in your stash. I felt a bit guilty asking for such a specific colour from everyone. But just a bit because 1.) it’s a primary and reasonably likely to be in most stashes and 2.) anything for the Hufflepuff cause. 😀

    1. Isn’t that block gorgeous? I’m not sure how she’s going to piece the quilt, exactly (will it be triangle shaped? Will she fill in all the edges to make it square/rectangular?), but I can’t wait to see it finished – it should be fascinating.

      I love your description of your old and worn poker cards 😀

      I wouldn’t feel guilty about asking for a certain yellow – it’s nice to have something so concrete to aim for!

  4. No, I cannot say that I lose random craft tools. I used to, and when it got annoying enough (over a decade ago) I got myself a grab and go box to put them all in, so I would have them all in one location. The annoying thing about that was, that the”” boxes”” (purchased at fabric and craft stores) would not last very long, the handles and/or closures would break after about a year of regular use, so I was screaming about that. For me, use means taking it in the car regularly, and not just siting on a desk or floor holding items. Three times I had to collect all my tools from a parking lot or sidewalk because the cheap-o, skinny plastic handles snapped, and another time I had to collect them all from the inside of my parents van because the lid closure broke. So a year ago, my father and I purchased a plain wooden chest from a craft store (not fancy, just 1 inch thick wood and not plastic yay!) and added a metal pull knob on the lid and metal handles. We painted the box my favorite color, so now my grab and go box is also a tool of mine! 🙂

    I am not a quilter, but I do like the second (card trick? green) block. 🙂

    1. A lot of my issues are space ones – the sewing room does double duty as a spare room when we have guests, so half of it is taken up with a bed, and it also has a bunch of crap stored in the closet belonging to my sister and her husband (and also all the internet stuff is in the closet there, the router and that), so there’s a certain amount of space concerns. But I always put my rulers in the same place – standing upright between the table leg and the wall – but somehow seem not to have done it just this one time! I can’t for the life of me figure out where I could have put it! I do think about getting bins or something to store some more of this stuff, but then the bins have to go somewhere and that’s a whole different issue. I don’t know. I need to hire one of those organizers or something 😀

      1. Personally, when I quit looking for something I always find it. Maybe give that a shot? 🙂

        Oh, LOOOONG rulers. We call those yardsticks here because that is typically how long they are.

          1. Haha, hopefully the phrase “now how did THAT get here” will be yours in the not too distant future. 🙂

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