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Time to Reverse the Polarity of the Neutron Flow (Doctor Who Stitch-A-Long Week 3)


I’ve never seen the episodes with these older doctors (I’ve seen the New Who eps only), but I do know that our third pattern features Mr. Reverse the Polarity himself.


So for our Third pattern/block in this Stitch-a-long, we have Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor:

Doctor the Third

This pattern brings us back to designer Aalia Zaman of Joy of Stitches again (she also designed week one’s pattern), but this particular version was stitched by me. You can find the pattern here at Fandom in Stitches.

On the left you’ll see Aalia’s version of Three, and on the right is the one stitched up by Jennifer Ofenstein, who designed last week’s block and who is our Stitch-a-long Mama (so to speak). (Click through to see these stitches embiggened):

Doctor 3 with Sashing The Third Doctor

Third Doctor

I’ve stitched mine, again, primarily in two-strand split stitch, though there’s a little stem stitch to make the top of Three’s Sonic Screwdriver and his neck ruffle is done in back stitch. I really, really love that purple cloak, and I’m going back and forth on maybe, maybe filling in the cloak with satin stitch, to make that purple really pop out. On the other hand, none of my other patterns have a huge amount of colour, and I don’t want it to be the odd man out, so far as colour goes. Thoughts?

Third Doctor

I took a close-up of the neck ruffle so you could see how I did it, at least a little better. I use the Window-As-A-Lightbox method of pattern transfer and I’m using a slightly heavier than quilting cotton cotton-linen blend (with little bits of other darker colours and sometimes thicker threads), so I had a little trouble seeing some of the pattern lines when I was tracing it, and I wound up just kind of winging the neck ruffle by drawing it so it looked approximately like the pattern, and then I changed it a little more as I stitched, so that if I accidentally veered a stitched off a little to the left, then it curled to the left. I quite like how it came out in the end. I thought maybe I should use a single strand of floss when I stitched it, since it’s a fairly small area, but I did it with two anyway (laziness is a powerful force – I didn’t want to have to rethread my needle!) and I think it turned out delicate enough anyway. (Looking at it so close-up, I think my split stitch could stand to have been stitched with three strands, rather than two!)

Third Doctor

My last close-up. I made the Three on mine a little bolder looking than Aalia and Jennifer did. I did a split stitch around the outline, then did one line straight through the middle, and then just filled in where necessary around the edges. Did I say I love that purple? Because I really love that purple.

A few details:
Sashing – light blue – Star Charts in Blue from Lizzy House’s Constellations
Sashing – purple – Supernova in Purple from Lizzy House’s Constellations
Background – Essex Linen Blend in Natural
Blue – DMC 939
Purple – DMC Satin Floss S550

If you share your photos at the Fandom in Stitches Flickr group, you’ll be entered to win a monthly prize and I’m also offering a special prize to someone who finishes all twelve patterns by August 12 – 9 Fat Quarters from Lizzy House’s Constellations line of fabric:

FQ Prize

This is the Lunar Landing colourway of the line, which has richer, more royal blues than the fabrics I’m using, and doesn’t have the purple tones. You MUST post your pictures at the Fandom in Stitches Flickr group to win, so if you’re stitching along, don’t forget to share with the class! There’ve been quite a lot of Doctors stitched up in the last couple weeks and I get excited every time I see a new one in the group. It’s fantastic to see how much people are making these blocks their own. Here’s what’s come along since my post last week, each one a little different:


1. DSCN1746, 2. whoblock2, 3. Dr who stitch along, week2, 4. DW SAL 2, 5. Second Doctor block, 6. Second doctor, 7. IMG_1252s, 8. DW SAL 1, 9. First Doctor Block, 10. Doctor who block one, 11. whoblock1, 12. DWSAL 1, 13. DSCN174514. Not available15. Not available

Also, because this has been my big work in progress for the last little while, and will continue to be worked on (though mostly behind the scenes), I’m linking up to:

The Needle and Thread Network

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WIP Wednesday at Freshley Pieced


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10 thoughts on “Time to Reverse the Polarity of the Neutron Flow (Doctor Who Stitch-A-Long Week 3)

  1. ooh I love this one!!!

    • Thanks 😀 This one was a little more time-consuming to stitch up (it took me all of season one and half of season two of Happy Endings – a 20-minute sitcom, if you’ve never seen it – to get it stitched up, which is…. more than 8 hours, anyway.. I’m a slow stitcher though), but it’s such a great pattern.

  2. Fabulous stitching and I love the purple too!

  3. I love what you did with the ruffle and the 3! Perfect modifications!

    The purple rocks, too. Go onnnn – fill in the cape, it won’t be too much. One can never have too much luscious shimmering purple floss.

    • Yeah, I’ll probably fill it in, though it’ll probably take me a while! I’m trying to get my Four finished up, but unpicked a pile of it last night (and accidentally snipped a thread I didn’t mean to snip, so now I have to fix that bit too, sigh) and then realized I forgot to transfer the entire pattern, so it’s centred to the bit I transferred, not for the whole pattern, and ugh. Frustration. I need to go measure things and make sure I can make it all fit properly, else I might have to do some modifications.

  4. Stitch-Along Mama is my new favorite title, lol!

  5. Great stitching, wonder whether I should start watching Dr. Who …..

    • Thanks!

      It’s a kind of fun and silly and ultimately pretty charming show. If you try it out, I’d start with Christopher Eccelston’s season and work your way through the new ones.

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