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And look at me, I’m wearing a vegetable! (Doctor Who Stitch-a-long Week 5)


Does it offend you?

My only encounter with the Fifth Doctor was when the Tenth Doctor met him – the hat, the coat, the crickety-cricket stuff, the stick of celery… yeah. Brave choice, celery, but fair play to you: not a lot of men can carry off a decorative vegetable…

(Okay. I had to have two videos because I couldn’t not slip in a little extra Tenth Doctor.)


So, the fifth pattern of the Doctor Who Stitch-a-long is Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor, and since I created this pattern and since the only thing I knew about him was the crickety-cricket clothes and the celery, OF COURSE we’ve got celery:

Doctor the Fifth

Well, I’ve been reserving the space beneath the first picture of the newest pattern to talk about the designer, but since I designed this one, there isn’t much to say that couldn’t be found by looking around my blog. This is the first pattern I’ve designed and you can find it here at Fandom in Stitches. I’ve discovered that (no surprise) I’m a bit neurotic about these things – I can’t tell you how many variations of the almost exact same thing I went through. (This font? that font? no, this other font? More stripes? fewer stripes? different stitching instructions? Back stitch celery? straight-stitch celery? jagged leaves? round leaves? wheat sheaf passing as celery?…) I still want to fix the celery (thinner stalk, maybe make the leaves look like how I stitched them rather than showing the shape of the leaves), but at a certain point in the design process I just decided that I was done and had to be done or else I’d never stop fiddling with it.

I’ve had this pattern stitched up for quite a while – it’s the first one I stitched up, and I even did it twice. I started out with eyes and a nose in the original pattern, which went by the way-side because they’re hard to do well, and I started with black fabric and was using all rayon floss done in back stitch. It looked pretty awful, so I threw it away, but I wish I hadn’t because I stitched a bunch of sample celery stalks around the edges of it to try to figure out the best stitch method.

I used a promo shot of the Fifth Doctor as the base image for the pattern and I think he’s actually wearing a different vest in that image than he wears through most of the show! Feel free to fiddle around with the look of his vest if you want something more authentic to what Davison seems to have worn. I am happy to have you fiddle with the pattern so that it suits you!

5th Doctor Close-up

As always, this was mostly stitched with a 2-strand split stitch. I did a French knot for the point of the question mark, and used double rows of chain stitch for the lines on his vest. The leaves are a single strand of dark green and a single strand of light green rayon floss, and are stitched as described below. I am having issues with Flickr right now – it won’t let me upload my close-up pictures – so I’m going to have to use an old shot from my silver on black version to show you the celery. [ETA: The photo above has been changed to show the closer view of the vest and leaves, but I’m leaving in the black version because I think the celery leaves are clearer on it than in the version with green leaves. With most of my photos, you can click through to make them bigger, if you’d like to see it in brutally close-up detail.]


Both in this sample and in the finished product, the leaves are quite a bit different from how they look on the pattern. Essentially each leaf is done with one straight stitch up the middle, then two (or three) stitches on either side of that centre line, always coming up through the hole at the base. I think it probably looks more like wheat than celery, but my attempts at creating a back-stitch leaf were… terrible. I didn’t wind up using the satin stitch for the stalk in my final version, but that’s largely because every flaw in a rayon satin stitch showed up far more than I’d wanted it to show. (This by way of saying: please ignore the bad stitching on that version!) I probably should have changed the pattern to reflect the stitches as I actually made them, but I thought I should leave it up to each person to decide how they want to tackle the celery leaves and so I left it with the basic shape you want to create – how you get there is up to you!

A few details:
Sashing – light blue – Star Charts in Blue from Lizzy House’s Constellations
Sashing – purple – Supernova in Purple from Lizzy House’s Constellations
Background – Essex Linen Blend in Natural
Blue – DMC 939
Dk Green – DMC Satin Floss S702
Lt Green – DMC Satin Floss S504

Last week I didn’t have a finished image of my Fourth Doctor to show you – well, here it finally is! I did manage to fit in the word (it was actually rather small compared to how I was imagining it in my head! it fit perfectly!) and I went with red split stitch in the end.

Doctor the Fourth

If you share your photos at the Fandom in Stitches Flickr group, you’ll be entered to win a monthly prize and I’m also offering a special prize to someone who finishes all twelve patterns by August 12 – Nine Fat Quarters from Lizzy House’s Constellations line of fabric:

FQ Prize

This is the Lunar Landing colourway of the line, which has richer, more royal blues than the fabrics I’m using, and doesn’t have the purple tones. You MUST post your pictures at the Fandom in Stitches Flickr group to win, so if you’re stitching along, don’t forget to share with the class!


1. Doctor number four, 2. Doctor the First, 3. Doctor the Second, 4. IMG_4319, 5. IMG_9995, 6. IMG_0399, 7. IMG_3066, 8. The Fourth Doctor Block, 9. IMG_1317s, 10. IMG_1318s, 11. Doctor who block 03, 12. Wk-1, 13. Wk-2, 14. WK-4, 15. Wk-3, 16. DWSAL2crop, 17. 2nd doctor, 18. 3rd doctor, 19. Dr Who Block 2, 20. Dr Who Block 3

(Can I just say how very, very exciting it is to see so many new blocks this week? So exciting!)


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8 thoughts on “And look at me, I’m wearing a vegetable! (Doctor Who Stitch-a-long Week 5)

  1. I am loving these….they look so great surrounded in the constellation fabrics. Nice job….don’t know how you are finding the time 🙂

    • Thanks! Next week I’ll have a photo of the first six blocks together, which is pretty great with the fabrics. The constellations look pretty neat.

      As for getting it done,.. I had a few done in the weeks before we started releasing the patterns, which definitely helped 😀 Otherwise… I don’t have anything but a job to distract me from spending lots of time on it, which also helps! I just do it while catching up on tv or whatever.

  2. Well, as I said on FiS, I LOVE this pattern! It’s my fave so far and it’s the one that has me seriously thinking about joining the SAL. I have sooo many other projects going on right now (not to mention two little kids to take care of!), but I may scrape (yet) another hour off of my sleep to do a stitch up of this guy. And I know I’ll feel really compelled by the time Doctors 9 & 10 come around! (Side note: watched another 10th Doctor episode last night – Satan’s Pit – and he’s just so adorable in that one. *swoon*). (Side note #2: I just noticed you and I signed up for the same scrap swap on Flickr. :D) So glad you decided to go with red on the “four” for the 4th Doctor – it looks perfect and I don’t think it’s too much at all!

    • Thanks! The patterns for Nine and Ten are AWESOME so you’ll definitely be compelled to join! I haven’t stitched either of them yet, but I’m looking forward to catching up to that point because I am SO excited to stitch them 😀 (Also: David Tennant. *swoon* Adorable is a great word for him! I was going to link a clip of him from one of my favourite him episodes where he’s so good at switching between the manic fun self and the vulnerable and the angry, except then I got sucked into a YouTube vortex of DT interviews with the Scottish accent and all that and I never did find the video I was looking for. Maybe I’ll save it for his week in the stitch-a-long anyway!)

      Thank you! I was a bit torn about putting in so much red, but it’s such an brilliant red (SO vibrant!) and I’m glad I did. Next week I’ll have a picture of all six of the first blocks together, and looking at it makes me definitely want to go back and add more purple to the third block when I was so worried about “over” colouring it with the purple – it could always use more!

      Have you done that scrap swap before? It’s my favourite swap that I do online, I always have fun with it 😀 (And I got a TARDIS basket last go around, so I dare anyone to top that ;-))

      • Oh yes, I don’t see ANY harm in adding a DT video to every Doctor Who post. ;D

        No, this is my first time doing this swap – I’m really excited! My sewing skills are quite new, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to churn out something good enough! I’ve been practicing. 🙂 I saw the TARDIS bag in the group’s photostream – that went to you? Lucky girl!

        • I’m more than sure it’ll be fine – like everyone there says, there are a lot of different ability levels in the group and everyone expects that, and also the things we swap are generally pretty simple anyway, nothing big or super complex!

          I was SO excited to get that Tardis basket 😀 I’d been hoping it would be for me when the photos of it first popped up, and then it was and yeah. The awesomest.

  3. I’m loving this – even though I only have two done so far…!

    • You’ll get there! I had the advantage of starting my stitches ahead 😀 I’ve only got one in the can now, so I really need to get stitching the next one… just can’t seem to talk myself into starting it!

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