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State of Emergency


Some of you might know that I live in southern Alberta, in Calgary, which is one of several areas in the province that has been hit by some pretty bad, very damaging flooding. We’re expecting rain for several more days, so it’s possible it might still get worse before it gets better. I live in the ‘hood in Calgary and this might be the one time people will wish they lived in the North-East because none of the damage has affected us (beyond people panic shopping and clearing out the grocery stores of water and fresh food items). They’ve had to evacuate some 75,000+ people from parts of the city (and more from surrounding towns); they had to evacuate animals from the zoo. The Saddledome (the arena where the Calgary Flames play hockey) is apparently flooded to the 10th row of seating. It’s pretty crazy, and if anyone has any money to spare, the Canadian Red Cross is accepting donations (though their website is currently running very, very slowly) towards recovery.

I haven’t seen any blog updates from any of my southern Alberta friends who might be in the path of all of this, but I’ll be thinking of you and hoping for the best for you and yours. (And if there are any of you in the area that are in need of some help, let me know! I don’t have a car, so I’m pretty useless in a lot of respects, but I’d be happy to help out any way I could.)


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18 thoughts on “State of Emergency

  1. I saw the headlines and was thinking of you. I hope you stay safe.

  2. Was wondering how things were where you are. Sure hope things look up for Calgary soon.

  3. Stay safe! How scary! I was reading another blog that said they had to take the big cats from the zoo and put them in the county jail!

    • As far as I know they haven’t had to take them to the jail, but that’s the plan if they need to follow through – I suppose it’s the only place to keep them where the humans would be as safe as the animals 😀 (Or as my boss joked this morning: if a 350lb gorilla wants to spoon, then you spoon!) They’ve apparently taken away a couple zebras and some pot-bellied pigs, but otherwise have kept all the animals on site (just on higher ground). (Of course, they may not want to admit to having to move lions and tigers to the jail, either. Who knows? They’re not admitting it on their facebook page anyway.)

      It is pretty scary, in any case! I’ll definitely be safe where I’m at – we’re quite a distance from any of the flooding. (Calgary is an ENORMOUS city. Not a huge number of people, but it takes up an enormous amount of space. We often have different weather at the north end of the city than they have in the south. And I’m not even joking when I say that.)

  4. I’ve been watching the news as I’m in Edmonton and have family and friends in Calgary (all in safe neighbourhoods, thankfully). It’s incredible to see! I’m glad you’re somewhere safe. Hopefully, the waters will start to recede soon and people further south will stay as safe as possible

  5. Stay safe! And don’t make me threaten you again. haha
    We don’t get much flooding here, unless you count the numerous brainless, money-wasting bureaucrats at the capitol………..

    • I am fortunately well outside the danger zone 🙂

      We don’t typically have flooding here either, the last time there was a big flood was 8 years ago, before I even lived here.

  6. Our prayers are with you

    • Thank you! Things seem to be on the up-tick now – the water is receding, although it’ll be some time yet before people can go back into their neighbourhoods and some places are going to have too much damage for them to actually just move back home. Still, it’s good that things are getting less dire by the hour.

  7. Glad to hear you’re safe – been thinking of you since I know that’s your area – the pictures I’ve seen are mind-blowing!

    • Yeah – I can’t begin to imagine that it’ll be like for the people actually affected by it! Everything’s very quiet in my end of the city (even though we’re not truly affected by this), it’s kind of strangely placid out there. People are antsy I guess. A lot of people won’t be able to work for several days, and most of Calgary’s non-essential services are going to remain closed for the time being (public schools, libraries, swimming pools, etc.). Just bizarre.

  8. For some reason I didn’t realize that you were in Calgary. I’m in Lethbridge, and the flooding wasn’t too bad here because there are virtually no homes in the river bottom. Some houses were flooded when the sewers were overwhelmed by all the rain, but it was minimal. I’m glad to hear that you’re safe. My brother is in Calgary too, but he’s in the NW, so he wasn’t affected either.

    • That’s good to hear (and seems an apparently uncommonly sensible decision on the part of city planners, keeping houses out of the river bottom)! I suppose that explains why there was so little on the news about Lethbridge.

      I know or work with some people who were evacuated, but so far it seems like they all came out of it okay too. The pictures are pretty devastating though, eh?

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