Finally, the Eighth Doctor! (Doctor Who Stitch-a-Long Week 8)

It’s half a week late, but I’ve finally finished(ish) my eighth doctor! I haven’t put on the sashing yet, but that’s easy peasy and I can do it as soon as I’m caught up with everything else that needs doing right now. I had put in a request with the library to borrow the movie that features the Eighth Doctor, but then the flood hit and the central library in the city was badly damaged and that’s where the data centre was, so I think they must have backed up the (currently temporary replacement) website to an older version, which didn’t have all my requests listed any more. (No biggie. Considering the cost to repair that library and replace the book collection, cut back services and some lost data is pretty easy to handle.) Anyway, I re-requested the movie, and it’s actually at my branch waiting for me, but they’re closed on Sundays through the summer, so I have to wait until tomorrow to pick it up. I’ve heard the movie is pretty crappy, but that Paul McGann makes a pretty good Doctor anyway, and I guess I’ll soon see!


The eighth pattern of the Stitch-A-Long is Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor:

Eighth Doctor (Now Completeish)

This pattern was created by Jordan/dozmuffinxc, who I don’t think has a blog. (Though I could be wrong!) Jordan is a queen of fandom craftiness who made this Adipose baby stuffie for me:


The awesomest thing ever. I call it Addy, because I’m super creative with names.

Anyway, you can get the pattern for the Eighth Doctor here at Fandom in Stitches.

Eighth Doctor detail

There’s nothing particularly special about my stitching on this pattern – it’s largely 2-strand split stitch, with a little back stitching for the 8. I’m not thrilled with the way the 8 looks, so I’m toying with the idea of doing… something, but I don’t really know what. Maybe satin stitching over it so that it’ll fill it all in a bit more? It seems too subdued, anyway. From the pictures I’d seen of Eight, I had the impression a little that he was more subdued anyway than the others, though likely that’s just that his costume wasn’t all crazy-cakes like some of the preceding Doctors. In fact, his blue Eight is a result of those subdued clothes: I didn’t have any rayon thread to match his beige cravat and there was nothing else that stood out about him, colour-wise, so I used the same blue I used in my version of the First Doctor – he didn’t have any colour impressions for me either!

A few details:
Background – Essex Linen Blend in Natural
Blue – DMC 939
Shiny Blue – DMC Satin Floss S798

If you share your photos at the Fandom in Stitches Flickr group, you’ll be entered to win a monthly prize and I’m also offering a special prize to someone who finishes all twelve patterns by August 12 – Nine Fat Quarters from Lizzy House’s Constellations line of fabric:

FQ Prize

This is the Lunar Landing colourway of the line, which has richer, more royal blues than the fabrics I’m using, and doesn’t have the purple tones. You MUST post your pictures at the Fandom in Stitches Flickr group to win, so if you’re stitching along, don’t forget to share with the class!

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