Weekend Works

I meant to post this yesterday, but I forgot, and then suddenly it’s past my bedtime and now’s my last chance to get this up before tomorrow’s big Whovian post. Anyway… I haven’t been talking about work, but my department head quit about a month ago and since there was no one else trained, I’ve been working 6 days a week (plus additional overtime) since whilst trying to train people who’ve never previously spent a day in my department. Which is not the easiest way to spend a month, certainly. (And I’m not even being paid for it yet! They still haven’t updated my pay scale! A month! They’ll have to back pay me, but still! We get paid weekly, which is why I find it shocking they haven’t updated it yet.) Anyway, I decided this week to chance leaving one of my new ladies alone for a day, and that day was Sunday this week. My first proper day off in a month!

I had goals for my first proper day off in a month. And those goals didn’t involve deep cleaning my house or shopping or lazing around in the sun or… whatever. They involved crafting.

1. Get at least the coloured part of my next Doctor Who stitch finished
2. Cut, package, and prepare to mail away fabric for my month in the Simply Solids flickr bee
3. Sew up another Churn Dash block to be certain I was sending the right amount of fabric to my bee-mates
4. Finish my Mug Rug for my Modern Scrappy Bits Swap

I hate sports metaphors, but I hit it out of the park!

Stitchy stitch?


I didn’t just get the coloured part done, I got about 90% of the blue part done as well. Sweet! And I had to start right from the beginning – the fabric wasn’t even cut out! So there was pressing, cutting, pattern printing, pattern transferring, and then stitching after all of that. I watched old episodes of Happy Endings and Party Down for about the third time (each!) while doing it and I know the rhythm of those shows so well now, I really just had to listen to them while I stitched. It worked out great!

2. No photo, but done! They’re in the mail as of yesterday, and I managed to package all but three of them into envelopes small enough it didn’t cost me eleventy billion dollars to send. (I ran out of small envelopes though, so a couple people will get 4 strips of fabric that weigh under 100 grams in biggish kraft envelopes made of and padded with old newspapers. Kind of ridiculous, but I didn’t want to go buy more small envelopes just to finish up. And it was only about 80 cents more expensive to mail.)

Churn Dashes


I finished the Churn Dash and did cut the right amounts to send away! The new one that I made is the blue and pale green one top right. I made the two grey/green ones several months ago (and I’m sure I talked about them, though I don’t really remember). The others are all blocks I’ve received from the swap group at the Livejournal Birthday Blocks community. The two blocks with orange came from Aalia, the yellow and purple block is from Suri, and the newest (just arrived this week!) is the yellow/blue one in the centre, which came from Kiss Mary. (She also sent me a fantastic tomato red fat quarter – in exchange for some fabric I sent her – and I think I’m going to make at least one more Churn Dash that’ll use that red because it’s fantastic!)

Mug Rug


I’ll talk more about this later, and post more pictures, but this was for the Modern Scrappy Bits swap – I just had to finish the binding, which I managed! I used bias binding (which I thought might help with those weird angles, though in retrospect, I don’t think I needed to use bias binding) and it was a bit hit and miss as to how it worked, but generally speaking I’m pretty happy with it. I love the colours on this one and can only hope my partner will like it half as much as I do!

And now, I really should sleep. More training tomorrow, which is scary because I’m throwing my new gal off the deep end and I wouldn’t normally do that until I was absolutely certain she could swim. (One solo Sunday is not enough time to be sure about that!)

15 thoughts on “Weekend Works”

  1. KissMary is driving up to me this weekend and your block is on the top of my to-do-list for our sew-in this weekend! Just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten!

    1. Not to worry! It’s still a ways off until my Birthday, so I’m not stressed about it 😀

      Sounds like a fun time, though! I might have to be a little jealous! I don’t have any crafty friends anymore!

    1. Thanks! These ones did turn out particularly well – it was still nice and bright outside, but it was pretty cloudy so I didn’t get such a harsh light as my outdoor shots often have. (Also, it’s been raining a lot and everything was really green and lovely for the background!)

      That teaser shot was hard to capture! The angle on the hoop was so extreme that half the time the camera would focus on the ground rather than the stitches – it took WAY more shots than I normally do! (I loved it though, with the churn dashes in the blurred off distance.)

  2. Well, I think that your busy work life went over well for a busy crafting day! I really love those churndashes; so bold! That hexagon is great! Is it a tabletopper? I’m glad that you had a productive day off and that you get another one real soon!

    1. Thanks! I’m really hoping the Churn Dash quilt will retain the boldness (and won’t just look crazycakes) once I’ve got more blocks added – the fabrics I sent out are all fairly bright and vary pretty wildly, but I’ll be getting some from another swap where I’m not choosing the fabrics, so I have no idea what I’ll be getting! I’m thinking I’m going to off-set the blocks so the columns will be a little more like in my photo than the standard side by side layout.

      The hexagon is a little mug-rug, so it’s about 8.5-inches across from point-to-point (or 7.5″ across from one edge to another). I think I started with 2 inch tall triangles, though maybe they were 2.5 – I can’t remember now!

  3. like peg above me said — love those churn dash blocks! The churn dash has always been a favourite block for me. Following the Dr Who posts but have not actually done one block, but totally enjoying your progress!

    1. I love that it’s a super simple block, but really has an impact. Love it!

      I’m so glad I’ve kept up with the Doctor Who stitch-a-long because I’m usually the queen of dropping off mid-project!

    1. Thanks! I’m really liking where the churn dash thing is going too! And I really like the mug rug – I might need to repurpose that colour scheme and the triangles for something larger

  4. I just love your fabric choices and stitchery:) The triangles would def make a nice quilt. I am really starting to collect some solids now. They just look so great and let the block design shine. Love a Churndash.

    1. Thanks! I love working with solids, though I pretty well always blend them with prints. I don’t know if you’ve seen Cherri House’s books City Quilts (and the new Urban… what is it called? Urban Views), but she uses pretty much solids exclusively and still makes these incredible, luminous beautiful quilts. I seem not to get enough depth if I try to go all solid, but maybe one day I’ll figure it out! (I think it’s about getting the right blend of values, so it doesn’t fall flat from being all mid-tones or all brights or whatever.)

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