Weekend Goals

I had Sunday off again, just like last week (and what I wouldn’t give for a full weekend off – Saturday AND Sunday!), and so I had a list of goals again.

1. Cut out Star Surround Quilt top
2. Make another Churn Dash with the red fabric from Kiss Mary
3. Make a flag for Lac Megantic
4. Transfer final Doctor Who Stitch-a-long pattern

I mostly achieved all of that. Yay for productivity!

The mostly is this: the flag isn’t finished, and my in-progress photos were awash with a lot of yellow light, so I’ll write more about that when it’s finished. Also, the Churn Dash is done, but there are no photos. I just didn’t think to take one. Also, it is currently in two pieces, because I’ve decided to stagger the columns and if only 1 column in three will start with a full Churn Dash, there’s no point in having them all sewn together into complete blocks, since I’ll just have to rip a seam anyway. (I think I’m going to aim for a 6×7 layout, so I’ll have 4 columns with broken Churn Dashes, so my next couple that I put together will be left a little bit in pieces.) There’s no photo to show of the DWSAL because… it’s a secret (and I can’t pull the angled photo trick again – I haven’t started stitching it, so you wouldn’t be able to see anything – no thread to stand up off the fabric).

So that leaves me with the Star Surround to talk about. Do I often say that I’m not going to start anything new because I never finish anything? Yeah. Yeah, I do often say that. I’ve got a million unfinished projects to work on! My entire blog name is based on the fact that I never finish anything! Every year my biggest goal is to finish old things and to start nothing new. But then something always slips by and I find myself working on something I didn’t intend to work on. Something like Happy Quilting Melissa’s newest quilt-a-long, the Star Surround quilt.

Last week I entered one of my posts into Freshly Pieced‘s Work in Progress Wednesday link-up, and whenever I do that, I always check out all the blogs on the same row as my post as well as everyone on the line above and everyone on the line below. And I kept stumbling across people who were making plans for the Star Surround QAL. And oh my is it great looking or what – seriously, go click on that SSQAL button and just LOOK at the quilt in those green and blue fabrics. I half want to buy the kit to make that exact quilt because I love the freshness of it. But I wasn’t going to do it because I SO do not need any more projects. But then I’d find another blog talking about it. So I started looking around more closely and Melissa has created the quilt-a-long in a way where there are options for sizes ranging from a single 16″ x 16″ pillow to a 96″ x 96″ queen size quilt. All in various block sizes and block counts. And one of those sizes was a 48″ square baby quilt made with four blocks. And all the fabric you need for the top is 4 half yards plus a little over a yard of something for the background. Well, I have lots of solid fabrics, and I just happen to have decided not to use four half yards of fabric that I bought for that baby quilt I’m planning for my old friend.

Star Surround Quilt-a-long

So those fabrics that I didn’t like enough to put into a baby quilt for a friend are being repurposed for this quilt. I didn’t like them because they seemed dingy looking, up against the other fabrics I’d chosen, but somehow with that blue (which I think might be Kona cotton in Robin Egg) they seem a little more alive. Brighter. I don’t know how well they’re going to work out in something like this – directional prints and lots of half square triangles and flying geese? – but we’ll see, I guess. Worst case scenario, I hate it, and give it away. I think I can live with that. (Especially since I’ll probably give it away regardless!)

I TOTALLY want to do it in fabrics I’ll like, though. Like, bed-sized, using any of the gagillion fabric lines I’ve been saving for “the right project”. Of course, most of those are in fat quarter form, rather than the larger amounts those larger quilt sizes need, but maybe once I see how it’s all constructed I’ll be able to figure out if I can do one of those larger sized quilts using, say, 24 fat quarters rather than nine 2/3 yards. Not that I need another project…

4 thoughts on “Weekend Goals”

    1. Thanks! I do hope it turns out! I love the colours and fabrics you’re using it – it’s just so bright and those colours are really going to pop off that dark grey background.

  1. I love the blue for the background, it really does make your fabrics look bright. And you for sure can change up the fabrics for a future quilt. And yes, once you see how it is going together it should be easy to change up the layout. If you ever want a color page of it just let me know. That might help 🙂

    1. Even seeing the bit that you posted yesterday, I think I’ll be able to figure out how to do it with more fabrics, which is great! But thanks for the offer, that’s so sweet of you!

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