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Work in Progress Wednesday


It’s work in progress Wednesday and I’m a little torn on what to post about because the thing I’m actually working on is something I don’t really want to talk about! It’s a project for a swap and if the recipient sees it she’s going to look at it and know immediately that it’s for her. But I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read my blog, so I’ll just lock the photo on Flickr (where she might see it) and post it here:


What is it, I wonder? Well, not much to see there, but I like it that way. For now anyway!

I’m also thinking about working on my Star Surround quilt, but no photos because I haven’t gotten past the thinking stage yet. (Haha. That’s how I am with everything. My work has decided not to give me the boost in pay that my new job requirements entitle me too, which means I SHOULD be emailing the guy at the union so that he can have that fight with them – which I anticipate losing, but feel the need to fight anyway before stepping down and thinkingreallyhardabouttellingthemwheretoshoveit going back to doing my old job because hell no they don’t get my work for free – but I don’t like making phone calls so I’ve been sitting on the info for a week now and just thinking about calling the union guy.)

Instead, let me tell you about the work-in-progress that is 1. the spending of all the money ever and 2. the acquiring of increasing amounts of stash. And stuff. We can’t forget the stuff, no. Stuff like these shoes, made with Liberty of London fabric:

Liberty Shoes

Cutest shoes ever. Am I wrong? Because I don’t think I’m wrong. As a general rule I don’t like Liberty fabric all that much – it might be the bomb to work with and feel better than any substance known to mankind, but I find so many of their fabrics to be stuffy little florals that just don’t appeal to me. But this stuffy little floral is so sweet it could rot my teeth. Also, they were 70% off at The Bay and for $23, I didn’t have to work hard to talk myself into buying them. (I didn’t have to work too hard to talk myself into buying Lush’s Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub or their Sweetie Pie shower jelly or a Stila eyebrow pencil either, yesterday. It was a spendy day. I got my hair cut and coloured too.)

It’s a good thing I didn’t get over to the Japanese store full of weird and wonderful things like paper balloons and washi tape because a couple weeks ago I found a couple great Canadian online sources for washi tape, Omiyage, which has gotten even more and an even awesomer variety since I bought the tape below, and GreenMunch, which I haven’t bought from yet, but which has some of the coolest eco friendly things I’ve seen in ages alongside a fairly impressive collection of washi tape and bakers twine.

Washi Tape and thread

The thread didn’t come from Omiyage, but from Hawthorne Threads. It’s more drinking-the-koolaid: Aurafil thread. I still haven’t tried either of the spools of it that I’ve got, but I bought this one for quilting a project that I haven’t started yet. (A quilt for my mom, using honeycombs of Happy Go Lucky fabric.) I didn’t order the thread on it’s own. No. No… I bought another pile of fabric to try to put together that baby quilt for an old friend that I talked about in the early days of this bout of stress shopping. On the last go around, I started with 12 fabrics plus a backing material and then only liked 4 of them enough to put them to use in the quilt top. And I’d said I was going to try “shopping my stash” to fill out the rest of the quilt, but I didn’t do that even a little bit. Nope. These were the 12 fabrics, of which only the four in the centre row were going to get used (and four of which have since been re-purposed into the aforementioned Star Surround quilt):


And these are the new purchases, of which… some, but not all, will get used:

Fabric Stash

The obvious outs are:
– the white with green loops, Bekko by Trenna Travis for Michael Miller, which feels more like home decor weight (and is 50+ inches wide, so probably is) (and I have no idea what I’ll do with a half yard of home decor fabric in those colours, it doesn’t match anything in my house!)
– the blue and white cross-hatch fabric, from Mini Mikes for Michael Miller, which is just the wrong sort of blue, somehow
– the aqua text print, from Remember by Carina Gardner for Riley Blake, which is also the wrong sort of blue
– the blue running stitch print, from Michael Miller (I forget which line), which is also (say it with me) the wrong sort of blue

I’m left with this batch of fabrics (including the original four):

Fabric Stash

…which does come out to 12 fabrics and which, despite it’s range of blues and reds (the rope letters one is a very orange red compared to the more blue reds in the rest), somehow feels a little more cohesive to me. I may yet dig through my stash for a third green and another orange to tie those colours in a little better or maybe I’ll throw in a scrap or two here and there of fabrics that play with two or more of these colours, so that it’ll all feel a bit more like it fits, but overall, I think it’ll work (with all the extra white fabric that I’m planning to introduce). Now I just have to get it started!

[The unnamed fabrics, for the curious, in that last circle photo are, from the centre, then up and around clockwise from the green/navy circular print: Spot On in Red, wide width for Robert Kaufman; Tile in Navy from Technicolor by Emily Herrick, Michael Miller; Stamen Stripe in Navy from Pure, Stof; Half Moon Stripe in White and Navy from Uno, Stof; Medium (?) Chevron Tone on Tone in Navy, Riley Blake; Small Dots in Navy, Riley Blake; Medium (?) Chevron in Boy, Riley Blake; Bubbles in Orange from Full Moon Lagoon by Mo Bedell, Andover; Small Dots in Red on White, Riley Blake; Sailors ABC in Flame from Out to Sea by Sarah Jane, Michael Miller; Pirate Stripe in Flame from Out to Sea by Sarah Jane, Michael Miller; Side Step in Green from Ikebana, Dear Stella.]

Does that seem like 1. Spending all the money ever and 2. acquiring increasing amounts of stash? Well, the second, certainly, but the money situation hasn’t shown itself to be too out of hand yet… but that’s only because that’s not the end of it all!

This also came from Hawthorne Threads and Bobbie Lou Fabrics, an Etsy shop that happened to have the elephant print in blue:

Fabric Stash

I stumbled over the elephant fabric on someone’s blog a couple weeks ago when I was checking out various Work-in-progress Wednesday posts. I am not a particular fan of elephants, I mean.. I’m all for elephants being in the world, but they affect me not at all. (Except that I really, really loved this elephant statue at the Calgary Zoo and I wonder how it fared in the flood in June.) But I have a friend who has an elephant obsession. She’s one of those people who owns jewellery and figurines and cookie jars and napkins and table trays and every other thing with an elephant on it. She loves them ridiculously, but only if their trunk is facing up. So I stumbled across that fabric and thought, Mandy will love that, I should make her some pillowcases.

All of the prints are from the Madhuri line by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake. The two solids are Michael Miller’s Cotton Couture, in two colours who’s names I’ve forgotten. (Aqua and…?) I don’t know why I had to get SO MUCH of that fabric, I only needed two yards (one each of two prints) and a bit of something else to make two pillowcases, but instead I have two yards each of the elephants and one yard each of the prints and a half yard of the solids. Whatever thought was rolling through my brain at the time, I really can’t say. (And you’ll note I still haven’t made the pillowcases. So. Go me all around.)

That still still wasn’t the end because one thing I actually needed was enough fabric to make the binding on a quilt I’m working on, so I bought that from Mad About Patchwork, and since I was already there, I added a little more fabric to make it worth the shipping price. (That’s an old, old trick of mine. “I should just add a bit more to make the shipping cheaper per yard of fabric.”)


I forget what colour it is, but that beautiful red Kona Cotton is going to be a binding (maybe a boring binding, but it’s going to look stunning). The stripe is Kortek from Glimma by Lotta Jansdotter and the yellow is Dandelion from the same line. I saw a guy walking up the street wearing a windbreaker that inspired a mini quilt I intend to make with these two fabrics. (I have it drawn out an everything. Just need to get around to it…) (His windbreaker was not yellow, but black and white. Yellow felt more interesting.) And the final print is that lovely Pebbled Path from Indian Summer by Sarah Watson. That one was just because I like it and because it feels like it’d work for a low volume quilt.

Anyway, 1600 words later, I should really wrap this up. (I talk too much. Mostly its because I don’t have people in my day to day life to talk to about fabric and quilting and to spend time with on these hobbies, so I spew it all out here, where even if people are skimming they’ll still get it in a way the people I know don’t.)

Also, if you’ve made it this far, you should know that yesterday’s post about the Flags for Lac Megantic was my 150th post here at WIPGirl and as such, I’m going to run a give away. If you’d like to be entered, just leave a comment. Maybe you can tell me about something you’ve stashed recently – yarn or fabric or thread for some future project – or… whatever really. Just a comment of some sort. You don’t have to be a follower or anything, if you’ve popped by from one of the Work in Progress link-ups, you can feel free to enter as well. You’ll have to put in your email address to comment, so I’ll be able to contact the winner that way. The giveaway will likely be for something I’ve made, but to be honest… I haven’t really decided yet. (Let me know if you don’t fabric craft – if the winner doesn’t, I’ll make sure not to send fabric :D) Edited to say: I’ll draw a name next Wednesday, so you’ve got a week to get entered, if you’d like to be.

And finally, I’m linking up to The Needle and Thread Network and WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced:
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


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23 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday

  1. Oh my. You are chatty today : ) Because I spend all my day with a 3yo and an almost 8mo old, I’m that chatty when my husband comes home. Unless of course I’ve gone visiting that day, because then I’ve spent my word quota.
    And thanks for letting me know what all those fabrics are! I might have to have some of the Stamen Stripe by Stof. Really, I’m getting myself into a thing for navy lately. Navy and almost hot, but more dark, pink. And gray. Always gray with me.
    One more thing – your regular blogging is making me feel a little ashamed of my neglected blog. I could have so much to show and tell about, but I’m just too busy to do show and tell and somehow I think just posting pictures with captions is like cheating. My FB page is more active than my blog. Once cooler weather settles in, I’ll have more time. Way more time.
    As it turns out, I’m chatty today too ; )

    • I had a super boring day at work today – sitting around watching someone else working (to make sure she knows what she’s doing when I go on holidays soon) – and all that brain numbness seems to have shook loose until I had to spew a bunch of words πŸ˜€ (Granted, if you took out all the lines with fabric lines/names it might shorten this entry up quite a bit! But sometimes you just want to know what a thing is, and right now I could still look them all up at the sites where I bought them, so I thought I maybe should.)

      I really like those Stof prints. They’ve got that kind of bleak Scandanavianness (should I say ‘bleak’? probably ‘minimalist’ would be better…), but they’re still so lovely.

      I’m not usually too much of a fan of pink, but I do like it when it’s paired with strong colours like navy and grey – you should definitely make something like that! Could be interesting.

      Pictures with captions isn’t cheating! Everybody likes pictures, even if you don’t have so much to say around it. I have been more regular about posting this summer, which is weird for me. I usually go through stages of having nothing to say, even if I am working on things. I think the Doctor Who thing helped because it kind of bullied me into making at least one post a week, and then if I was working on anything else, that guaranteed another post.

      I never did get in to Facebook at all. I mean, I have an account, but I log in once a month or so – just never interested me much. And I never did figure out how groups work there! Kind of makes me feel dumb and old when Facebook makes my brain melt πŸ˜€

  2. I totally feel you on “buying all the stuff!” Also, I think your final 12 fabrics look fab. Also, also, I always say I’ll shop from stash and I rarely do. It’s an illness, really πŸ˜‰

  3. Seriously awesome shoes!!!!! Way to bargain shop!!!!

    • Was that you also who got a pair of these shoes? I know someone who’s blog I read bought some a while back and it was someone Canadian (because The Bay…)

      I love those shoes, anyway! They’re just so lovely.

  4. I love those Liberty shoes and what a score!! The Stof fabric is new to me and I love it, thanks for sharing! You have lots of pretty fabric stacks; can’t wait to see what you sew this week!!

    • Those shoes are great – they’re selling them on the Lord and Taylor website too at a reduced price. So. Cute.

      I really like the Stof fabrics too – very Scandinavian and minimalist and kind of organic looking πŸ™‚

  5. I agree, the shoes are awesome πŸ™‚ I rarely buy fabric (lots to choose from in the shop) but I’m gathering fabric for a special projecy, and indulged in a few small purchases from Etsy recently.

    Congrats on 150 posts!

    • Thanks!

      I could probably run a small (money-losing) store out of my sewing room, quantities would be limited, but the variety practically endless πŸ˜€ (I was doing SO WELL on my not buying fabric I didn’t need NOW and then it’s all just exploded in the last two months!) Anyway, hopefully you’ll post about your special project on your blog – I always love seeing what people are working on.

  6. Love your blog posts, your brutal honesty is so refreshing (& I mean brutal in a good way!). I have similar shopping habits & justifications, even though I’m trying not to buy any more fabric. Well done on the 151 posts.

    • Heh.. thanks – sometimes with me it just helps to admit when I’m doing something dumb so that I can’t keep brushing it under the table like it doesn’t exist πŸ˜€

      I’m definitely going to have to go back to the fabric fast after this! For me, that’s just buying things only if I need them to finish something (so backing fabric, usually, or occasionally solids for backgrounds and that sort of thing) – I really ought to finish a lot more than I do considering how much I’ve got.

  7. Well, hey, I’m always here to support spending all the money on fabric. I also wanted to drop by and thank you for your comment on mah rainbow quilt. So sweet, thanks ever so much πŸ™‚

    • It’s pretty easy to support new purchases, isn’t it? In both a personal way (there’s ALWAYS a valid reason for buying more) and in a cheering other people on way – oh, you totally deserve that *Briar Rose*Field Study*favourite line of the month* look at that beautiful quilt you just finished, you need to replenish the stash! πŸ˜€

  8. It’s funny sometimes how when we don’t have the time or urge to sew, we can substitute with shopping for fabric. I have done the same. Desperately trying to primarily use my stash now when making something, as my shelves are full. And finish UFOs before starting new projects… ummm, maybe not doing quite as well there!

    • Haha… yeah, I have the same goals! My fabric shelves are pretty well full now, so the goal is to never outgrow the shelves I’ve got – though I’m severely testing the boundaries of that this month! – so something has to go out before anything can come in. But you’re right – buying new fabric sometimes feels like a good substitute for actually using that fabric πŸ˜€

  9. Final 12 fabrics look great together ! Hands down, buying new fabric for your stash is the best thing ever – yep, that’s the crazy lady talking – still have fabric that must be 10 years old in my stash – never tire of adding to it though πŸ˜‰

    • Yeah, I’m pretty happy with them! Much happier than with my original purchases, anyway!

      I do love buying fabric… I’m trying to keep it confined to a certain set of shelves, though, so that’ll put a kibosh on the purchases since I’m going to outgrow the shelves soon πŸ˜€

  10. β€œI should just add a bit more to make the shipping cheaper per yard of fabric.” Never had that idea, never …..

  11. LIBERTY SHOES OMG. I would cover my whole house in Liberty if it weren’t $40 a yard. πŸ™‚ Sometimes a girl just needs to shop. It’s a lot healthier than some things that people do to make themselves feel better.

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