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Sunday Stash, Star Surround QAL & a Union Flag


[Edited on Monday morning to add a reminder that I’ve got a give away open on the entry prior to this one – scroll to the bottom of that entry (work in progress Wednesday) for the details. It’ll remain open for entries until Wednesday August 21. Sorry no direct link, I’m updating from my phone at work and don’t have time to track down the direct link.]

So, some of the people whose blogs I follow have been doing a Sunday link-up called Sunday Stash, wherein you show off something in your stash – something new, something old, something special, whatever. I don’t know that I’ll do it every week, but it seemed like a fun thing to do, so here’s my first Sunday Stash post. (Last Wednesday’s post could easily have been one too!)

This is my most recent set of purchases from Mad About Patchwork. There’s one more package from Pam en route, but it’s just 6 yards of a background material for something I’m about to get started on. (Super nervous about, though: I need to learn to do hexagons!) And then that should be the last of this spending spree,… at least until I need something again. (And by need I actually mean Need in order to finish something.)

Sunday Stash

First up, a low volume Fat Quarter bundle. For such a long time, modern quilting seemed to have been mostly all about having the right kind of bright fabrics. Bright this mixed with bright that, and I like bright colours and I like rainbows and pure hues and all of it, but I’ve always loved the quiet stuff too, so I like that Low Volume has become a Thing in the last little while. That said, I don’t have a ton of low volume fabrics, so one of the things I’ve been looking for more often are the quiet prints that appeal to that side of me. These are, left to right top row first: Indian Summer Wilderness in Rose, Oval Elements in French Vanilla, Architextures Blueprint in Grey, Bijoux Sublime Stitchery in Spring, Benartex Crayon Stripe White, Pearl Bracelet in Sandbox, Pirouette Ballet Dictionary in Mocha, and Glimma Marby in Mineral Dust.

I also picked up a few half yards of some other low volume prints, and a couple Briar Rose prints.

Sunday Stash

I didn’t think I’d buy any of Briar Rose, I haven’t liked any of Heather Ross’s fabrics so much as I liked Mendocino, but then I got thinking about this embroidery thing I’ve been working on (but haven’t talked about in months – that’ll be for another day, though) and I need some background fabric for that and those little bumble bees (and the colours) will be perfect for that. The strawberries probably won’t work, and I can’t even really say why they appealed, but they did.

Anyway, clockwise from the bees: Briar Rose Hex Bee Yellow, Briar Rose Strawberry Orange, Color Me Retro Dulcette Lobelia, Glimma Kulla Rosey Cheeks, Architextures Cross Hatch Peach, and Bijoux Sublime Stitchery in Spring. I also picked up a hera marker, which is something I’ve never used before, but have recently noticed people talking about. I thought it might be interesting to try out!

So that’s my Sunday Stash. And now to figure out some way to fit them into my fabric shelving units…

I worked nights all weekend, so I didn’t have as much sewing time as I’d have liked this week, but I did make myself stop being a slug today long enough to get a few things stitched up. First, I caught up on the Star Surround Quilt-a-long:

Star Surround Quilt-a-long

This week we started putting the blocks together, staring with the star in the centre – at this point, they’re very much like any regular quilt block, the size I’m working with is even 12.5 inches right now. But soon we’ll start building the “surround” part of the star surround, and I’m definitely looking forward to that!

And finally, a paper-pieced Union Flag:

Union Flag

I think I should have chosen a stronger aqua for this block, but overall I’m pretty happy with it! This is for a swap I’m doing, but the photo is locked on Flickr so that the recipient won’t see it (since she may spot it there, but will be unlikely to read my blog here). There’ll be a second one as well, in the same colours, but with a different orange and a different aqua. I can’t wait to see how the finished project will turn out. I hope it’s as fantastic as I’m imagining it.


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I'm a 30-ish quilter, and occasional sewist and embroiderer. I mostly talk about crafty things I'm working on, or wish I were working on.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Stash, Star Surround QAL & a Union Flag

  1. love your low-volume prints, and your blocks are fantastic!!!

  2. Nice haul! I really like the peach low volume fabrics – very pretty

  3. Your stars look awesome!! The points are just perfect!! Great job getting them all done up when you are so busy πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! It all comes back to trimming those stinkin’ half square triangles a couple weeks ago…. makes such a difference for keeping everything in its place πŸ˜€

  4. Loving the LV bundle and strawberries! The flag is pretty awesome too.

  5. Did you get the low volume bundle from Mad About Patchwork? If so, I must look more closely because I don’t remember seeing it.

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