WiP Wednesday and a Giveaway Winner

I’ve got myself into the middle of two different projects and I should really just settle down and finish one of them instead of bouncing back and forth like a demented pinball, but… yeah. Sometimes that works for me?


I’m still working on the pouch for my Simple & Sweet Scrappy Swap on flickr. For this first round, we’re swapping a handmade pouch and fifty charm squares. (I tried to argue, briefly, for 42 as it’s the answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything. But… fifty is sort of a rounder number, I guess. :D) There isn’t much of the pouch to be seen in this photo, although layered in that photo somewhere are both sides of the pouch. The rest of it is the first 30 charms. I had a really hard time figuring out how to decide what sort of fabrics to pull for the charms, but fortunately my partner has a very extensive likes/dislikes list, so I figured out ten things she’s into and am doing five of each of them. (I’m also aiming, in a way, to mix and match a bit to get in more than 5 of various things she likes… if I have 5 plaids, that’s great, but there might be a plaid in the pile of browns as well, and then if I can, I’ll fit a brown zigzag into that set of charms as well.)(Just for the record: plaids, zigzags, and browns are not on her list of likes or dislikes.) I’m hoping to get the pouch finished up tomorrow, and the charms finished up the day after that, so that I can drop it all in the mail on Saturday.

So my other project is the Star Surround project. I’m only done about half of this week’s homework:

Star Surround

There are sort of two components this week, the surrounds and the corners of each block. In the photo above, you can see all the parts of the surrounds sewn into two strips, which will eventually be joined. I chain pieced everything and haven’t cut them apart yet. They’ll need to be pressed and then pieced together.

Star Surround

And this long garland of chain stitched pieces will be the corners of each of the blocks. They likewise need to be trimmed apart, pressed, and then sewn together. That I’d like to be done by Sunday. And then… I’m on vacation for a week! I’ve not got too many sewing plans, but I’ve got a few things I’d like to finish up. It’s going to involve freezer paper, which I’ve never used before, so that’s a bit exciting/scary. And possibly embroidery. And also hexagons. But we’ll see.


4 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday and a Giveaway Winner”

  1. Congrats Cathy! Winning is always exciting : )
    Those are some tempting charms there…
    I am very tempted to make a Star Surround quilt for my baby girl, but I just can’t seem to settle on fabrics. I was first going to collect navy and a dark hot pint (more magenta…? Kona Pomegranate says the new doodad over at Play Crafts) along with gray, but now I’m thinking maybe peachy coral and mint… Either way, I don’t have enough of any of those to even start and that means fabric shopping. I hate having to match colours from my screen though. Hawthorne Threads is pretty awesome for helping match and coordinate, but so much nicer to see things in person. That said, I did go to my LQS today and they are not very helpful. I don’t think they like me much anymore since I only ever buy 1/4 yards and I have my two girlies with me, one of whom likes to touch all the pretties.

    1. I think you should go with the navy/magenta 😀 But then if it is for you daughter…. I suppose whatever she’d be more into would make more sense! As you say, colour matching can be SO difficult!

      I hate to say it, but I seem to have bad luck in LQSs – it used to always be that dismissive look like I was too young and what could I possibly be doing there, and now it just seems like no one has fabrics I like. I mean, there’s a few fabric shops in Calgary, but they’re all so far away that even by transit it’s ridiculous to go there, and I went to the biggest one a month or so ago, I can’t think of its name right now, but it’s this enormous store and I could only find a handful of fabrics in the entire place that I actually wanted. They had no solids, nothing bright (except kids prints and realistic food prints – they had an entire, enormous table of those!) or particularly modern. I’ve never really felt that I fit in so well with the whole modern movement, except sort of on that overlap between traditional and not, but being in that store really brought home to me how much I don’t really fit into that side of things either. Anyway, I really don’t need more fabric, so I shouldn’t worry about it. But yeah 🙂

  2. Your projects look very interesting, and working with freezer paper is much less scary than finding fabrics for a swap partner!

    1. Haha.. you’re probably right 😀 It’s always a little nerve-wracking the first time I try a thing, though! I saw a tutorial using it a little while ago that made it seem much less scary than it’s seemed in the past – so I need to find that again and keep it open when I start working on that project.

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