Star Surround Top

So I’ve gotten my Star Surround quilt top finished!

Star Surround Quilt Top

Looks pretty good, I think, though I wish I had a slightly better balance in the darks and lights. Still, for using four fabrics I really didn’t like very much, I think it’s come out pretty well.

I really want to get this thing done by the end of September, so I need to figure out a backing material and decide how to quilt it. I’d like to learn free motion quilting, so maybe I’ll make this a practise piece. I don’t know.

Next up this week is finishing up my Doctor Who quilt top:


So that means sashing on these unfinished blocks. (And maybe changing the blue digit on my eighth block to a green one.) And then cutting out and putting on the inner border. And then deciding once and for all if I’m putting words (and maybe a sonic screwdriver) into the outer border and getting all of that done. I wanted it finished by the end of the week, but I’m not sure that’ll happen at all. We’ll see, I guess.

20 thoughts on “Star Surround Top”

    1. Thanks! I love the blue background as well – gives those fabrics something more interesting top pop against, compared to just a white or off-white.

  1. Your star surround looks fantastic. I love the soft blue background. It just came out so good with those cute little car prints!! Great job on matching up all your points so perfectly. Just fantastic!!

    1. Thanks! I’m surprised by how much I like it – I was just using up some fabric I hadn’t really liked! It’s turned out pretty well in the end, though!

  2. Wow, your Doctor Who quilt is amazing!! I can’t wait to see the quilt top come together (though I’m sure the feeling is mutual there) šŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! I REALLY want to see it done, but I am so very, very good at procrastinating šŸ˜€ I know it’s going to be wall-hanging size (well, perhaps a little big for that, but not big enough to use as a bed quilt either) but other than that, I just can’t seem to make up my mind about anything!

  3. Oh I just love your tardis and the little swirls around it! Your stars are beautiful too! A carpenter’s star mini is up next after the tardis quilt I am making–great minds think alike šŸ˜‰

    1. Oh… that Doctor Who quilt of yours is just going to be brilliant! I love that image from that episode! My Who quilt is from this stitch-along, for which I designed a couple of the blocks.

      Is that star called a Carpenter’s Star? I didn’t know that! The things you learn!

    1. Haha! I’m working on it! I think I’ve got the border situation figured out, just need to…. execute it šŸ˜€ (Though now I’ve been thinking I should embroider the corners of the outer border, which would add HOURS onto the finish. So maybe that’s not such a great idea.)

    1. Thanks! I think it helped kind of… perk up those prints, which I found kind of drab – I’d bought them online and didn’t end up liking them much. Now that I’ve made and like a version with fabrics I didn’t really like, I’m going to have to make a version with fabrics I do like – I’m bound to wind up loving the quilt then.

  4. Great quilt top! I love the stars and I think your colour balance is great. I can hardly wait to see how you quilt it! Hope you’ll give FMQ a try (practise a bit on some sample sandwiches perhaps) it really is a fun way to do your quilting!

    1. I’ve done a little FMQ practise, but not nearly enough. I’ll definitely have to do some more practising before I try it on the real thing, but I think with this one I’ll be happy if I can keep myself from quilting it too densely and if I can stop myself crossing all my lines all the time. My biggest issue is that it feels more natural to quilt it super closely, and then I sort of lose control and can’t seem to help but cross-over my lines constantly. I need to work on speed modulation for sure šŸ˜€

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