Belated Sunday Stash

So my parents came to town this weekend and decided that we should go take a road trip to southern Alberta – I wanted to see Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump:

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump
Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

So we did that, and we went Frank Slide, in the Crowsnest Pass of the Rocky Mountains:

Frank Slide
Frank Slide
Frank Slide

And we went to Lethbridge, to the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden:

Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden

We also, ahem, went to a couple quilting stores in Lethbridge. We had a little time in the evening where the things we wanted to see were closed, but the quilt stores were open, so I got to drop in on The Quilt Addict and Village Quilts. I rather prefered Village Quilts – the woman working there was super friendly and their selection was a little closer to my own tastes. They had a lot of Moda fabrics and precuts of fun lines that I like a lot. But I couldn’t leave either of them without buying a little something.

From The Quilt Addict:

Mini Quilt Kit

A mini-quilt kit.

Birdie Sling Pattern

A pattern for Amy Butler’s Birdie Sling. I’ve wanted to make that one for a long time, but always avoiding it because I’m scared of Amy Butler’s patterns. Still, the package says this one is suitable for beginners, unlike some of her more notorious patterns. I guess we’ll see how it goes…

FQ Bundle

And finally, a fat quarter pack. This was written up as an Amy Butler FQ pack, but there’s at least one Heather Bailey FQ in there. Oh well!

And then, from Village Quilts, I picked up these pre-cuts and some flannel:

Asst New Stash

I can’t recall (and it’s not on the same floor as I currently am…) but think that the flannel is a Riley Blake print. I was a real genius and bought enough for the length of the quilt back, but not for the width. Oops. I’m hoping I’ll have some more flannel at home that’ll cover that bit of extra that I’m going to need. It’s really not a huge amount of fabric, but just enough to be annoying. I didn’t buy the pre-cuts for anything in particular – I just always liked Lucy’s Crab Shack and never bought any. The mini-charm pack was just because those little charm packs are so cute. Who resist?

Other things no one can resist? Waterfalls. So pretty!

Lundbreck Waterfalls

And here’s some mountains off in the distance, with ranch and/or farm land in the foreground:

Random Alberta Mountains/Countryside

9 thoughts on “Belated Sunday Stash”

    1. It was a nice weekend – good to get away and do something a little different! (Of course, back to work tomorrow. Sigh.)

      When we were at Frank Slide, I was noticing the dozen of us wandering around with cameras and said something to my dad about how many millions of photos of it must exist in the world 😀

  1. Some nice finds! I hope you will report back on how difficult you find the Birdie Sling. It is such a cute pattern–just like the kinds of bags I like to carry around all the time (as diaper bag replacements).

    1. Oh definitely! I actually went and picked up interfacing yesterday, now I just need to decide on some fabrics! I think I know what I’m going to use for the outside, I just need to decide for certain about the lining and make sure I’ve got enough! (So hopefully I’ll actually start and finish it quickly!)

  2. Hey, you were in my town! I think that shop you were at is Fabric Addict, not Quilt Addict. 🙂 I’ve been to the Frank Slide many times. I love the Crowsenest Pass area. It’s such a beautiful place.

    1. Ha… what’s funny about my mistyping that is that I went and looked both shops up before I wrote my post because I was going to link to them – but then Fabric Addict didn’t have a proper website, and so I didn’t link either of them – but I did have their name/address/phone number and all of that in front of me when I was typing up this entry. Sometimes my brain is just so sad 😀

      That’s the first time I’d gone south through the mountains (we went through to… somewhere in BC before heading back), usually when I’m heading to BC, we go up through the Banff area (is that one Kicking Horse Pass?), but at least for the part of the pass we were in, it was kind of a nicer (by which I mean safer feeling) drive. I mean, appearance-wise Canmore and Banff and all of that area is just so beautiful, all misty and snow-capped mountains and all of that, but sometimes it feels like you’re cheating death driving through there (between the people going 150 down those winding mountain roads and then people towing boats and trailers and going so very slow and every other tourist stopping for every pretty picture…), so I can definitely see the value in going via the Crowsnest Pass. It’s a really pretty drive too, which certainly doesn’t hurt!

      1. Have you ever been down to Waterton Park? It is absolutely gorgeous there. You get the vibe of Banff and Jasper, but it is way less touristy. Such a beautiful place. It’s about 90 minutes from Lethbridge, or about 3 hours from Calgary.

        1. I haven’t been! I was angling to go down there – the nice shop owner at the one quilt store recommended it – but my dad wanted to get into the Crowsnest Pass (and my parents were hoping my cousin would be at her house in Coleman so we could visit her; she’d already gone back to Canmore where she lives, so it didn’t work out anyway) so we skipped it. I really need to buy a car so I can do some of this stuff myself, when I haven’t got anyone to drag along with me 😀

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