Simple and Sweet Scrappy Swap

A little while ago I talked about the package I received from the Simple and Sweet Scrappy Swap, but I never really did get around to talking about what I sent out. And that’s because I super-stalked my partner so that I could tailor the package to her tastes as much as possible, but that meant that revealing any sort of information would really give everything away before it ever arrived. So for the swap, we were mailing out a hand-made pouch, 50 charm squares, and a notion of some kind.

Simple and Sweet Swap

I ended up unrolling the charms to mail, but the roll is 51 charm squares (I sent one extra that I think is linen maybe), the pink fabric is a 5 or 6″ by WOF strip of Heather Ross’s camper vans fabric, which was just an extra because I knew my partner was looking for it, and then three rolls of washi tape (which are kind of acting as the notion – I don’t know if washi tape can really be called a notion, but we’ll go with that :D).

Unrolled, these are the fifty charms I sent out:

Simple and Sweet Swap

Nadine’s favourites included, with five(ish) of each…:
– text prints
– greys
– aquas (though I leaned pretty hard on the turquoise end of the spectrum)
– a row of the five main fabrics in the pouch I sent out
– oranges (please note all the sneaky additions of turquoise there too!)
– polka dot fabrics (I kind of went rainbowish there) (duplicated in the top of the second photo…)

Simple and Sweet Swap

– chartreuse fabric, though I wound up mostly with lime – that’s what happens when you choose fabric at night, I guess, your colours aren’t quite what you were expecting πŸ˜€
– Tula Pink fabrics (I tried to aim mostly for older fabrics, but couldn’t bring myself to cut into my Neptune prints, which had been my intention to send :D)
– Mendocino mermaids and swimming sisters, in aqua, brown, and gold
– assorted Heather Ross, aiming mostly in the aqua and orange realm

Simple and Sweet Swap

The fifty-first charm, the linen one, is shown above.

So then the pouch. Well, Ms Lobster Grrl is a fan of Union Jacks and is going to London in spring for her honeymoon, so I made her a Union Jack pouch using her favourites orange and aqua, with some grey text:

Simple and Sweet Swap
Simple and Sweet Swap

The pouch is made using Noodlehead’s Open Wide Zipper Pouch tutorial, a favourite of mine. This is the medium sized pouch. The flags are made using this pattern from Four Twin Sisters.

I really enjoyed putting this package together for Nadine and I’m so glad it seems to have hit the mark for her. It’s great to be able to put together something that you’re really certain will please someone.

12 thoughts on “Simple and Sweet Scrappy Swap”

    1. It was a bit hard to give away some of my mermaids, but I do still have FQs or at least F8s of all of them πŸ˜€ I really need to find a good big project ot use all those fabrics in and then maybe I can stop hoarding them up!

      The pouch was a lot of fun to make. There was a giant Union Jack quilt-along last year that I sort of wanted to participate in, but didn’t because I so don’t need any more projects, but this kind of let me get out a bit of that union flag itch without committing to something really big πŸ˜€

  1. How fun to share your fabrics. Thanks for the two links. That zipper tutorial was very indepth. I am always afraid to put zips in anything because they are usually the “finish” of the project, and if you mess it up, your project is ruined. What I like about this method, is you START with the zipper!! It looks simple….I am going to try one this afternoon, and if I am successful, I will post a little picture on my blog later. Thank you!

    1. This one is pretty simple! It’s my favourite pouch tutorial (of the few I’ve tried) because the zipper part is so much easier than I usually find them. I can’t remember if she mentions it in the tutorial, but it can be useful to do a basting stitch first (I just use the biggest setting on my machine) to make sure it’s all in place as closely as you can get it, and then it won’t slide around so much when you stitch it down properly. Also, I’ve taken to using fairly long zippers and then opening the zip all the way, so that zipper pull doesn’t make a lump when you sew – that’s another thing that can send the seams askew when you sew the zipper.

  2. Thanks so much fro being such a wonderful swap partner and sharing your treasured HR fabrics. I agree with Stitching Grandma, I’m going to try the zipper. I have zipper-phobia, but this looks do-able for me. I’m saving my pouch for London! I can’t wait to use it over there. Thanks again so much, Nadine

    1. It’s definitely the easiest zipper installation I’ve come across, and it gives a nice finish at the opening (which is something I don’t always manage!) and if you follow the whole tutorial, I like that it’s so open, rather than being envelope style. It’s a great one to learn on, anyway, if you’re afraid of zippers! I certainly was the first time I made a pouch πŸ˜€

    1. Thank you! I loved putting this together for my partner! It really helped that she is super open about the things she likes/looks for! But sometimes it can be hard to tailor what you’ve got/can make to what someone else will like, and in this case I felt like it really came together.

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