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I keep putting off writing a post – I’ll do it tomorrow, sort of thing – because most of what I’m going to post about is a little too light to bother about, so today can be a bit of a Random Thursday post, though it’s not really all that random: it’s sewing/fabric related, by and large.

On Wednesday, I received this really incredible swap package for the Flickr Fat Quarter Blender Swap:

FQ Blender Swap Received!

Love, love, love every bit of it. My swap partner really nailed it with this one – you might recall my saying the other day that I’ve been having a Pink moment? Yeah. These will fit right into the mix. I really love Painter’s Canvas (that’s the navy one), and would have it in every colour if I had the money to spend on it. The paper clips are just FUN and that aqua is really lovely.

I also received my swap package for a Livejournal swap, the Talk to Me Tuesday Pound of Love/Crafty Goodness swap, but I didn’t take pictures because I recorded a video. Just have to get the video off my phone and onto YouTube.

I recently mailed off stuff for that Livejournal swap and while I didn’t take pictures of most of what I sent, I did photograph the handmade bit, which was three pot holders:

Patchwork Potholders

I don’t know what sorts of colours my swap partner loves or what types of prints, so I pretty much just let myself go crazy with the scrap bags. I wanted to make something useful, but also beautiful, and hopefully I managed to accomplish that!

Pink Patchwork Potholder

I made this pink one first, more or less following the pattern in the book Zakka Style, which was compiled by Rashida Coleman-Hale (I hope I got her name right, I’m too lazy to go look it up…). The book uses the linen as the binding, which I should have done as it really ties the whole look together, but I didn’t want to cut a big old bias cut right through the middle of my Essex linen. So dark pink instead.

Patchwork Pot-holders

The pattern is for the kind of pot-holders that you can put your hand inside to pick things up, so they’re all done in that style. But I quilted the crap out of these things and even though they function as pot-holders (I tested them!), I was too scared to try holding a hot dish with them. I feel a bit like the super tight quilting clamped all the inner layers together so closely that it holds the heat too close to your hand (even though it does reflect it back up). I don’t know. There are 3 layers of fabric, a layer of cotton batting, and a layer of Insulbrite in each of these, but I was still nervous about it.

This teal one is probably my favourite, but I’m a big fan of teal/aqua. That extra bit of patchwork in the middle was in the scrap bag just like that – it was an off-cut from a quilt top I finished last year (but have never quilted…). Love it.

Chartreuse (I guess?) Patchwork Potholder

This chartreuse one was the last one I made. You can tell I haven’t really made much use of chartreuse in my sewing because I didn’t have too many options in my scrap bins – I had to slip in some other shades of green as well. This features my least favourite binding (I should have chosen a darker coloured print) and I think it knew I wasn’t happy with it, because it gave me all kinds of trouble. There are a couple little puckers, I had to sew the joining seam THREE times. Ridiculous.

Anyway, those are all en route to their new owner, who I hope will love them.

And finally – I need to go blow-dry my hair and get ready for work (I work midnight to 8:30 AM tonight!) – here’s the first block of my next project:

First block

It’s a shame my ironing board shows through, but I’m loving how this is looking. I’ve only got the one block finished, but I’m going to make 30 for the quilt top (it’s going to be a baby top) and hope to get it all together very quickly.

Baby quilt fabrics

These are all the print fabrics I’m going to use, but today I got them all sewed up into strip sets to cut into the block components. All pressed and ready to cut, and then I’ll start sewing them into blocks. I’m using 2.5″ wide strips (the white is a jelly roll), and the blocks come out to just a little bigger than 8.25″ square, though I’m trimming them down to 8 1/4. It’s a bit of an unusual size, but it’s convenient to start with the jelly roll strips, so there it is.

Oh, and finally, here is my September block for the Flickr Simply Solids group:

Simply Solids Aenous Sept. block

More churn dashes! They’re having a moment in the blogosphere.

10 thoughts on “Stuff and Things”

    1. Thanks! They were fun to work on – they all used scraps and I loved using the bright colours. I was really happy with how they came out (and didn’t particularly want to send them away…) 😀

  1. Sweet swap goodness! I love the package you received…those fabrics are so perfect. And Liza will LOVE the potholders! I can’t get over your binding prowess. The circles…they are so perfect….. O.O

    And that’s definitely a not-to-babyish baby quilt fabric selection! Can’t wait to see it all done. 🙂

    1. Haha.. thanks 😀 I’m always surprised by how easy bias binding is to do – it’s still a pain to cut, and I feel like it wastes my fabric, but it does look good without too much effort.

      I hope it turns out well! I’m a little nervous about the off-white prints, since I’ve got such a pure white for the solid. We’ll see what happens, I guess. I think I can make enough blocks without those three fabrics, or I could swap something else in if necessary. We’ll see.

  2. Love those potholders! I can’t bear to make bias cuts… to just hack away right in the middle of fabric! Ack!
    I have to laugh at your comparison of Moda and Disney because it is dead on. I always get stressed out when a new line comes out. Case in point: Briar Rose. I’m really not in love with any of the prints. Well, some of the strawberries are cute and I do like the darker green clovers, but the others… meh. (Is it just me or are some of the colors just weird and, frankly, kind of gross looking?) I feel like I should get yardage of all of them, though, because of the way HR is treated like a queen and her fabrics like gold around the fabric world. I mean, in two years time I could sell that yardage for $25/FQ! Kind of a shitty thing to do, though, so I know I wouldn’t. Questionable ethics aside, I’ll still get yardage because I have a young daughter who would love far too cute in some strawberries and clovers.
    As for King Moda and a wish list of reprints? I’d definitely like to see a reprint of the Hometown text prints. Love the red and off-white colorways. I’ve only been shopping for fabric (with concerted effort and with any kind of fabric knowledge) for about 5 months, so I totally missed the boat on a ton of pineable prints. I’m not usually a fan of Tula, but I expect that’s because my fabric sense is still “immature”? I say this not out of insecurity, but because I’ve already eaten my words by declaring my dislike for AMH a few months ago and now I own several of her prints. I do quite enjoy Tula’s flutterbys and have them in just about every colorway I could find!

    1. Yeah, I HATE cutting bias binding because what am I ever going to do with that leftover triangle of now super stretchy fabric? But it does look SO good when its sewn on!

      I’m pretty back and forth on Heather Ross’s more recent stuff – she uses a lot of colours/combinations I don’t love and I haven’t truly loved any of her lines since Mendocino came out. (I tihnk I read somewhere that you’re not a particular fan of the naked swimmers, which I can understand. I do find it to be a beautiful print, but I’d never push it on someone who isn’t into it!) Her earlier stuff, the Munki Munki ones were often sort of cute, and I like that kind of illustration style she was using, but I’ve felt pretty meh toward everything since. I sometimes wonder if I’ll come around on her stuff when it’s too late – Tula Pink’s Neptune was one that I didn’t particular love when I first saw it and then grew to love over time and kicked myself for not buying when it was still cheap – and then I’ll regret not having bought it, but I don’t know. I think I’m coming around on not buying things Just In Case because… there’s always going to be other, beautiful fabric out there, so I should spend my money on things I know I’ll like/use and even if I do come around on something later, someone else will probably have and be willing to share some of it with me. (Flickr seems to be great for that! I’ve done trades with people a few times and gotten my hands on some fabric I thought I’d never find.)

      Tula Pink… I think she’s been pretty up and down, honestly. I completely and totally love some of her stuff, but there are things she doesn’t do very well (for instance: she often has poor shadow work in her more… blender-type fabrics, so sometimes things will look completely flat, when I think they really shouldn’t be or that they’d love amazing, anyway, if she’d just shadowed it to give it some depth). I think she’s an incredible illustrator and she’s obviously very creative, but she does some things I just don’t love – the racoons in Acacia for instance, or the frogs from Prince Charming. I get where the idea is coming from, but I sure don’t love it.

      AMH is a strange one. I often have a kind of visceral dislike of her fabrics (too busy, too floral, too many colours, too much in general) and I don’t often understand what her thought process is in creating a line. And so I’ll swear never to buy any of it because ugh, and then… someone will make something using the entire line and it’ll be amazing and I’ll start questioning my assumptions and I’ll think I need to buy some of it. And then I’ll look at it again and think, My God, how ugly can it get? Up until someone makes something with it and then it’s love all over again. I don’t know. I obviously respond strongly to her work, but I sure can’t figure it out 😀 (That said: I have the entire Innocent Crush line to use someday. And I’ve got bits and pieces of various other prints of hers.)

      The hometown text prints were pretty fun – there’s a lot of things like that I wish I’d gotten too 😀

      (Holy crap. Sorry for the novel!)

  3. …daughter who would *look far too cute. 🙂 I overuse the word “love” so much my fingers naturally gravitate toward typing it out at any given moment LOL.

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