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Pink Castle Stash Explosion


Okay. Okay, for real, after next week if I show up with NEW fabric to show on a Sunday Stash, somebody needs to slap my fingers. Maybe break my credit card in half. If I haven’t broken it already by using it too much.

It’s just… it’s just that Pink Castle fabrics had a 30% off sale, and that’s a big enough sale that even though I paid $60 in shipping for everything you’re about to see, it STILL was reasonably priced. (Damn those USPS shipping rates to Canada.)

Timeless Treasures Sketch.

Twenty fat quarters of Sketch from Timeless Treasures. Love these for blenders, so this wasn’t a hard choice.

Birds and Dots flannels

Some flannel for quilt backs – the birds are from Free Spirit fabrics and the dots are from Robert Kaufman.

Electric Sheep Blogger bundle

A blogger bundle called Electric Sheep, put together by Brenda at Just a Bit Frayed. LOVE the colours. Gorgeous mix of colours/fabrics.

Warm Scrap Pack
Cool Scrap Pack

Scrap packs. I love picking up scrap packs, but I have to admit I’m not the hugest fan of these. There are a couple bits I like, but not enough to make it worth the purchase. Oh well, they’ll get used eventually! (The Bonnie and Camille fabrics will probably wind up as binding on a quilt I’m working on. There are other good bits too, just… not enough, you know?)

Waterfront Park

Violet Craft’s Iris colour-way from Waterfront Park. So lovely.

And finally…

Real Humanity & Sun Print Feathers

Three randomish half yards. I was too late to get a bundle of the Sun Print feathers, so I picked up a couple random ones. I’d asked for Indigo and the pink (Magenta?), but they sold out of the Indigo so I said just to include whatever they had from that line in its place, and that’s where the green came from. Love it anyway, it kind of fits in with some of the other fabrics I bought this go around. The Real Humanity fabric is a sparkly one from Kokka.

Real Humanity fabric

I didn’t know it was glitter fabric when I bought it and I’ll be honest, I don’t really know if I’ll wind up using it after all. I’m always wary of glitter fabrics – how will they wash up, how will it interact with an iron, etc. It makes me think of Molli Sparkles a bit though πŸ˜€

Linking up to Sunday Stash with Finding Fifth.

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13 thoughts on “Pink Castle Stash Explosion

  1. I had to Pin the Waterfront Park bundle, I am loving magenta/purple and lime together right now, and I love Violet Craft, and I hadn’t realized how this line is both! Must go look for some now…

  2. Awesome haul! I particularly love the electric sheep bundle, so many great prints in there!

  3. Oh, very pretty!!! I love those blender fabrics too and the Waterfront set is lovely!! Great purchase πŸ™‚


    • I really like those Waterfront fabrics – this colourway is my favourite of the two though. (The other is sort of tomato orange and teal/aqua.) The birds are sort of deliciously creepy – they’d make a great halloween print, I think. And the domino prints will make a fun blender type fabric (though there is a lot of contrast).

  4. Seems like a great haul! Love that sketch bundle. If you don’t use ’em, hang on to the Heather Ross bits as I’m sure people will be searching for them in a year or two.
    P.S. in case you didn’t see the reply on Finding fifth, I looked around for you and I’m petty sure I found the one you were looking for.

  5. This totally looks like something I would do! And the go out to your Calgary stores the following week and buy more! I could write a book on this type of behavior, LOL! I’ve found that ironing on the back of the glittery fabric will help preserve its glitteriness. (Some are more susceptible to heat than others.) it usually doesn’t rub off, so don’t worry too much about that. They can also be a bit stiff feeling but I haven’t put any through the wash yet to see what happens. I prefer glittery along the lines of the MM mirror ball dots (still upset I didn’t pick more of those up!)

    • Haha.. I think most of us could write a book on that kind of shopping behaviour. I do wonder about those people who act like they’ve done something bad when they shop or feel guilty about their (often not THAT excessive) stashes: what must they think of my ridiculous buying habits πŸ˜€

      I’ve never actually seen those mirror ball fabrics anywhere – they’re really kind of disappearing off the scene though, aren’t they? I just searched on etsy out of curiosity and there’s only a couple people still selling it. Anyway, thanks for the hints for using the glitter fabric!

  6. See, this looks completely normal to me. πŸ˜‰ Course there’s no denying your large order certainly makes me feel less lonely in the fabric stashing world. Difference is, you USE yours in large quantities (for large projects like quilts), whereas I have loads of fabric and make only medium to little things. Truth be told I just can’t bear to use it all up. It is SUCH a pain to get the fabric from the internet and into my hands that I feel so protective of each and every print. Silly, I know, but hey, living out in the ocean and good 800 miles (possibly more) from the nearest quilt shop means I have to roll with the expensive punches and that I can whine (a little) about it. I often pay double shipping (I ship to my friend who then compiles all of my shipments and forward them to me), but it’s still cheaper overall than having each shop ship directly to Bermuda. Ok – how was that for today’s I-really-didn’t-ask/don’t-care tidbit?! πŸ™‚

    • Haha… yeah, I can see how that would happen, anyway. For a long time I used to buy and stash a lot of fabric and then when I wanted to make something, I’d just buy different fabric to use because I couldn’t bear to cut into my “good” stash. I’m definitely getting better about using what I’ve got, but I think it helps (for me) when I don’t buy something in a complete line. If I buy the complete line, I just want to use it together and then can’t use it at all because I don’t have enough or it doesn’t quite suit the pattern or whatever. I don’t know, it’s interesting that I find it more paralysing to use my fabric in proper sets than I do when I scatter things up a bit.

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