First Snow of the Year (and a bit of Sunday Stash)

First snow of the year. Ugh.

I don’t know who the people are in this video – presumably whoever uploaded the song to YouTube. The music is First Snow of the Year by Hawksley Workman. He had a fun album several years ago called Almost a Full Moon, which was partly a Christmas album, but also contained a few songs like this that are more about the experience of winter than necessarily the holidays. Anyway, I was working on a mix cd with some autumn songs on it (including Hawksley’s gorgeously melancholy song Autumn’s Here), but too late for that, I guess!

Anyway, fabric! Surprisingly, I don’t have new stash to share. (Also thankfully? Well, my credit card thanks me. The credit card company probably doesn’t.) What I’m showing you today is something I bought a little while ago, but there was such an influx of fabric at the time (I tend to shop when I’m depressed, and this fall was a bit of a miserable one for various reasons – it’s something I’m aware I do and I try to combat it because it’s such a useless, pointless exercise and one that typically leaves me feeling worse because it feels wasteful to spend money on unnecessary things and, well, I’m sure you’re aware how negative thoughts can spiral) that I never ended up talking about it.

Stash stash stash

So this fabric all came from a shop on Etsy called Sew Fine Fabric. This shop is kind of unique in that her shipping to Canada is so reasonable, it’s almost like purchasing fabric from a local shop. (Seriously: 4.50 US$ flat rate to Canada. Unless you a request a custom order that is over 4 lbs, which price she doesn’t mention except to say that it’s still cheaper than standard.) Some of her fabrics might be a touch more expensive than elsewhere (probably to off-set the shipping costs), but I think it still comes out better for the average Canadian shopper than almost any other shop I’ve seen out of the US.

"Floret" in Raspberry from New Leaf Collection by Daisy Janie

This shop focusses a lot of organic fabrics, which is something I don’t buy a lot of. I have a bit of it, here and there, but it is quite expensive and that does put me a off a little. Still, I loved the colour of this print: “Floret” in Raspberry from New Leaf Collection by Daisy Janie. Lovely. (It didn’t photograph particularly well – it looks most like itself in the first shot with all the fabrics.)

Circle and Square Stitch from Michael Miller

And then there’s the well loved Circle and Square Stitch prints from Michael Miller. They’re just fun fabrics (and I gave away a chunk I had in orange) and I think they’ll be useful for a lot of things, so there they are.

Starcomb from Curious Nature by Parson Gray

And finally some Curious Nature. These are actually two different Starcomb prints, one of them has a kind of blueish-grey background and the other a… kind of greenish stone grey. I guess I shouldn’t have photographed them together. I was thinking that while I’ve got plans for a quilt for my mom and my sister (and a finished top for my younger sister), I’ve never put too much thought into a quilt for my dad. So Parson Gray/David Butler, right? I don’t think my dad would turn up his nose at anything I made him, even if I made him a pink floral quilt like I made for my grandma, but I might as well aim in a slightly more masculine direction, right?

And now I’m going to start pressing fabric – running the iron and having billowing steam (not that I will – my nearly brand new Rowenta iron has started leaking water from the base, so I’ve been running it water free the last few days) might warm me up a bit!

13 thoughts on “First Snow of the Year (and a bit of Sunday Stash)”

    1. Isn’t it gorgeous? I loved it as soon as I saw it. I’m pretty sure I bought as much as I did just to make it worth the shipping for that one fabric πŸ˜€

    1. Yeah, I try to shop Canadian as well, but of course you just don’t get the same variety – sometimes you just want that one thing and nobody up here seems to have it. It seems like I’m finding new Canadian shops more frequently than I used to, though, so I’ll take that as a good sign πŸ˜€

  1. I love the Michael Miller fabrics, nice find! Wow, first snow….I am just waiting for it to happen here in Chicago. Keep that iron working and stay warm πŸ™‚

    1. It feels too early for the first snow, but we’ve had a couple of nice winters, so maybe we’re due for a cold/early one. (I shouldn’t say that: I feel like I’m tempting fate.)

      I love those Michael Miller prints! I wish I’d found them in teal, it’s such a fantastic colour. I haven’t actually seen them anywhere, though (except on the front cover of Quilty magazine).

  2. I haven’t been here for a while – I see I have much to catch up on! Do you still do your TTMT videos? I always enjoy hearing you chat about this or that thing. πŸ™‚

    Oh and I completely understand the shopping while depressed thing. Actually, shopping is a bit like food for me. I’m an emotional shopper/eater and I do both no matter the emotion – happy, sad, depressed, bored… it’s not good, I know this, but there it is. :/

    Anyway, hope the snow has melted and you’re back to that cusp of winter feeling. πŸ™‚

    1. Well, I know you found the videos! I haven’t posted one of them here in a while, though I’m not really sure why! I guess I should start linking them again. I didn’t make any for a long time (my computer keeps corrupting the files when I try to edit them) and now I’ve started using my phone to record them, which is not ideal (they don’t react well to changes in the light or focus), but is better than making no videos I guess πŸ˜€

      I’m a bored eater, but an emotional shopper. I’m trying to cut it out again, which has been mostly working. (Only one purchase last week, none so far this week! Other than necessities, I mean.) With fabric, I’ve been putting things in website shopping carts, and then talking myself into deleting them, if I get all grabby hands about things πŸ˜€

      We’ve still got a bit of the snow, but most of it has melted, and it’s supposed to stay nicer weather for the next couple of days at least. It should all be gone by the weekend, I’m hoping!

  3. wow snow already!!! My son would love it!!! I love the stitch square and circle prints. Don’t they have great color choices. I think my favorite are the orange and the yellow πŸ™‚ Thanks for linking up this week for Sunday Stash.

    1. I could definitely live without the snow coming this early! Fortunately it’s mostly gone (though they have been hinting in weather forecasts that it might snow again this weekend – sigh).

      I love the circle and square prints too – great little prints.

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