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I’ve been all on fire about getting rid of unnecessary things lately. I even cleaned out both the fridge and pantry, throwing away anything that was expired and recycling packaging and putting aside some other things to go to the food bank. I’m itching to start getting rid of unwanted books, but don’t have any way to get them out of my house (other than walking, and books get heavy pretty quickly). I can be pretty relentless about purging unnecessary things from my house – I tend not to be very sentimental about possessions. I have special items made by family and friends, but if I’ve got multiple items from someone, I won’t feel bad getting rid of some of them, so long as I have something really meaningful left behind. But somehow it’s an awful lot harder to purge fabric.

Every so often I’ll go through my fabric and pull out anything I’m pretty sure I’ll never use, and then I put it in a reusable bag from the grocery store, but then… I don’t do anything with it after that. Sure, I could give it away or donate it or try to sell it on etsy… but somehow I can’t quite bring myself to do any of those things most of the time. I have occasionally traded fabric, sending away the bits I don’t like and getting something better in return, and that’s something I’m always okay with doing, but I rarely take the initiative there either.

I do find it easier with my non-quilting cottons. I’ve given away or traded flannels and canvas and voiles relatively often before. And today I’ve got some more voile I want to get rid of. If any one reading this happens to want some solid voile scraps, send me an email (clumsy.chord(at) and I will be entirely happy to send it your way:


The pink and orange are actually half yards. The blue is a little more than a half yard, though I think it’s less than 3/4 yd. The grey really is just a skinny leftover strip, perhaps 8 inches wide and either a yard in length or 54 inches. (I can’t recall if it was cut down the length or the width of the fabric.) These fabrics were leftovers from a brief foray into making receiving blankets for babies (and they’ve all been prewashed, hence the wrinkling – I’m always afraid to get too aggressive with pressing something as delicate as voile, seems like it could scorch easily), when I discovered that I didn’t particularly love sewing with voile. (I mean, it’s not so very bad to use, but I made binding with it, and that was not terribly pleasant. It’s far too thin and slippery to be hand-stitching down to anything.) It’s a bit ridiculous to have them sitting around doing nothing, but they’re not really usable amounts for someone, say, making clothes. (I guess maybe you could make something for a little kid out of a half yard? I don’t know.) But people do quilt with voiles, so maybe someone’s got something in the works and wants some solids to add to their voile stash? [ETA: The blue and grey are gone gone gone. Thanks Lynn!]


And then there’s this big pile of looks-like-nothing-much. It’s two metres of terry cloth because once upon a time I had a genius idea of following one of Amy Butler’s patterns from Little Stitches (I think…) for a little baby terry cloth backed, maybe hooded bathrobe. Or something like that. I don’t know. Anyway, clearly I didn’t get beyond buying the fabric for that project. I assume it was an Amy Butler pattern because her patterns give me nightmares, so I can see myself buying the supplies for something and then backing away first slowly and then running away like mad when I tried to figure out what the hell she was talking about. Anyway, that one is also up for grabs, should anyone want it. (Though in that case I’d prefer to be reimbursed for shipping – it’s a bit bulky!) It’s never been washed and it’s about about 2 metres long (so another 8-10 inches more than 2 yards, depending how generously they cut it at the store) and over 60-inches wide.


And then there is this. Canvas and home decor fabric. I keep telling myself never to buy them because I hate having the scraps but feel too guilty to throw them away. There was a bit of accidental purchasing involved in here – the green on white I thought was a quilting cotton, but obviously had reading comprehension issues. It’s a half yard. The grey one is also a half yard. Actually, it’s not. I used it in the lining of some pot holders I made, to add extra layers of fabric without using fabric I actually liked. I’d like to think I didn’t purchase that intentionally, and there is some part of me that thinks it was included in a scrap pack I bought somewhere, but it’s too big in size for that to be likely.


Then these cuties are mostly fat quarters, though there are strips removed from two of them. The hippos are a half yard. I like these, a lot, but I can’t figure out what the heck to do with them! When I bought them, there were both canvas and quilting cotton prints of the same thing that came out around the same time, and I accidentally bought the canvas ones. But what do you do with a fat quarter of canvas? I dunno. These ones, I think, I’m not going to give away right now – I think I’ll save them for December Giveaway Day/Week at Sew Mama Sew. I bet there’s tons of people out there with ideas for canvas.

Really, I could probably keep this up for weeks: a different selection every time. Maybe I should finally sort that bag full of unwanted quilting cottons by… colours or something and just give it all away. Well, another day. It’s too dark for photographing anything (and it’s only 6:30 pm!) so I might as well stop trying to get decent shots of anything!

Anyway, linking up with Finding Fifth‘s Sunday Stash, this week hosted by Rachael of The Floral Suitcase.

Finding Fifth


Author: clumsykristel

I'm a 30-ish quilter, and occasional sewist and embroiderer. I mostly talk about crafty things I'm working on, or wish I were working on.

14 thoughts on “Purging Stash

  1. i sent you an email! thanks!

  2. This post makes me smile, kinda because it’s so like me! Hope you are able to get rid of some stuff. I’ve sold a bunch of stuff locally so I’ve done a bit of reorganizing, but I still have lots left to pass off.

    • Every once in a while I get super overwhelmed by all the STUFF and then I want it all to go away! I wish I lived somewhere closer to any of the fabric stores in town – I know most of them have like… sewing days and stuff like that, which I’d attend if it weren’t such a hassle to get there, and then maybe I’d be able to take some of my uglies and general unwanteds and get rid of them. Haha… I should start including some of these things as bonus items in my swap packages. Like, hey, here’s your cute needlebook and fabric, oh, and bonus terry cloth! Your problem now!

  3. Those elephants and hippos would make lovely diaper clutches! Just sayin’!

    • This is true, and not a bad idea. Except then I’d actually have to do it, and I know myself, so I won’t pretend that I will πŸ˜€ When December giveaway day comes around, though, you’ll have to stick your name in if you’d be up for making something like that!

  4. I love how you have no trouble purging anything… EXCEPT quilting cotton. πŸ™‚

  5. Regarding your books, around here, the Diabetes association will take almost anything, and pick up once per month.

  6. Well, could you please send me some of your clutter busting mojo? I have been thinking about it, however, it is not translating into action. I agree fabric is the tough one!

  7. You go girl! Good to clear out some stash every now and then. I just did some of mine too, but not so bad since I shared with some other quilters, good homes and all for my little fabrics:) It is hard to just have the time to work on it, right? Now I have some room to add a few….

    • I wish I knew some local quilters to share the unwanted wealth with πŸ˜€ Oh well. This December’s giveaway day is going to have a couple of different giveaways (all the kids prints I’ve got) so I can start getting rid of at least some of it!

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