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Sunday Stash: Scraps and Solids


I’ve talked a bit lately about being on a Clean It Up and Clear It Out mission – in the kitchen, I’ve now progressed to having cleaned and emptied of expired or unwanted stuff the fridge, both freezers, the spice drawer, and the pantry cupboards – and it’s still not going super great in the sewing room. I have sorted more fabric out of my stash that I want to get rid of (mostly the previously mentioned children’s fabrics, as well as my non-quilting cottons like voile and canvas – I found a little more of both). Then yesterday I went through all my piles of scrap fabric and threw away anything that wasn’t at least 1.5″ square (I know, I know, there are people who use that or would stuff it into dog beds or whatever, but I don’t know any of those people and so it’s going to go away) and resorted everything by colour, removing solids, cross-weaves, and linen pieces.

Fabric scraps

I do keep my scraps sorted by colour in baggies like this, more closed up than that, obviously, but I don’t ever zip them up – I don’t know if this has happened to any of you, but I find fabric will get an odour if you close it up in anything for too long. I used to keep all my fabric in plastic tubs and after I moved to this house, it took me several months to get the fabric out of the tubs and into use… and every bit of it smelled musty. I had to wash and press everything, and since I don’t use fabric softener (and since I use unscented laundry detergent) I was worried it wouldn’t get rid of the smell. It did, thank god, but I might have had a much smaller stash if it hadn’t.

I’ve put my name into the Stash Bee pile, so as long as I get in for next year, I’m planning on requesting large kinda scrappy log cabins. I’m going to make two or three blocks ahead, so it was good to see what I do and don’t have much of in my scrap piles these days. I was surprised to see I’ve got virtually no purple and that my reds are dwindling. I was sure I had more purple (and there are two boxes in my sewing room that are full of junk – I have a tendency to stack things up if I can’t decide where to put them, so who knows what’s underneath – so I’m hoping there will be a stack of purple scraps in there), but I’m not surprised about the red, since I seem to make most use of it. I have piles and piles and piles of blue and green scraps though. Piles.

ANYWAY, my big cleaning/organizing goal today was to deal with my solids.

Solids stash

Fair to say I have more than I thought I did. Somehow I always think I haven’t got that many options for solids, but clearly that’s not true.

It might not look like it...

These weren’t in the photo above because I don’t want to mix them in with the rest: it’s all the fabric I’ll need to make the Mario quilt designed by Angela at Cut to Pieces.

Solids stash

And then there are all these – amounts of 2 yards or more. Seriously… where does it all come from? (Oh, that’s right. My bank account.)

Essex Linen stash

My bit of Essex linen is smaller than I thought it was, but that’s probably a good thing – it means I’m mostly using it up as I’m buying it.

Cross-weave fabrics

And finally my cross-weaves. Well, some of them anyway. The rest (I’d bought a FQ bundle of Moda cross-weaves some time ago) are in a box with a project-in-progress. These ones I’d bought (mostly) to make a Twelves Trees quilt. Obviously I haven’t done that yet. (Much like many of my ideas… I buy all the necessary components, and then never get around to making the thing.)

So that bit of my sewing room is cleaned up. Which is good. I’m going to store all these fabrics in the plastic bins I mentioned earlier, but I’m going to leave the lids off so that the fabric doesn’t get that cooped up smell. I just have to figure out where to store them…

Linking up to Finding Fifth‘s Sunday Stash, this week hosted by Lisa in Port Hope.

Finding Fifth


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6 thoughts on “Sunday Stash: Scraps and Solids

  1. Oh, man, I love seeing pics of your stash. Just….dazzling!

    And the 12 Trees quilt you linked to is amazing. Added to the Bookmarks That I Really, Really Want to Make.

    • My stash is an embarrassment of riches, considering how little I seem to finish! I haven’t talked about it yet, but I’m going to sign up for a six month fabric diet challenge – the only fabric you can buy is backing fabric to finish something. We’ll see how long I manage!

      You should Google Twelve Trees quilts — some of the ones that you’ll see there are just gorgeous. One of these days…

  2. I use plastic boxes and never noticed mustiness. Even though some have been there for years. The linen closet, on the other hand, yikes!

    Love your rainbow of solids, you have lots of choices there.
    Thanks for linking up to Sunday Stash!

    • Maybe it was because it was in the basement? I don’t know… we have a very dry house, so usually you don’t get that damp smell from anything. Anyway, I’m a bit paranoid about it now, so I like to let my fabric breath a bit πŸ˜€

      It’s pretty awesome seeing all my solids there like that – most of those are fairly small pieces (about F8 through half yards), but there’s so much more variety than I thought I had!

  3. Haha you sound exactly like me. Always such grand plans! I had not thought about my fabric being cooped up in my plastic bins though. Oh dear. I must free it. Thanks for the tip!

    • I would need to sew 20 hours a day to get made all the things I’d like to make or have plans to make πŸ˜€

      Lisa (who hosted Sunday Stash this week) mentioned that she keeps her fabric in plastic bins and hasn’t had the smelly fabric problem so maybe it’s… something to do with the weather or humidity levels or something. I dunno. (Honestly, I’m surprised that fabric didn’t smell more like pot than must – before it got binned up, it was in my then roommates’ favourite… smoking room. I can just imagine broaching that topic at the local quilt shop.)

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