Bee Blocks and a Hexie Quilt

It’s been a while since I did a Work-in-Progress Wednesday post, so I thought it was time I did it again. I’m so tired tonight, though, that I’m not sure I’ll stay awake long enough to get it written and posted! (Sometimes if I write when I’m particularly tired, I’ll start drifting off and find myself with two or three lines of …………………………….. or I’ll start typing the things I’m thinking about, rather than the things I’m trying to write about. (So, I don’t know. There’s a dvd case on the floor in my eye line for the tv show Michael: Tuesdays and Thursdays and maybe instead of talking about Exactly What I Think About Hexagons, I’ll switch mid-sentence to something about how disconcerting it is that Carlos is actually Indian. Or whatever. Tired=babbling=random nonsense. Sorry.)

Anyway, first up, things I finished this weekend and haven’t mailed yet, but really should:

My last block for my Birthday Blocks group on Livejournal:

LJ Birthday blocks for Cat

It doesn’t look it, but this is a block for making a Pineapple-style quilt. It feels incomplete without the other three blocks to create the pattern! This was created for Cat, who requested this block with white on white and scrappy blues, greens, and browns. The pattern also lets you create a kind of bonus block, using the off-cut bits, so here is that second block:

LJ Birthday blocks for Cat

I don’t know if Cat actually wants this block, but she’s getting it anyway! If you want to make your own set of these two blocks, you can find the pattern here at Quiltville (and you can see how it looks when you multiply the block across a quilt).

And then my November block for the Simply Solids swap on Flickr:

Aeneous - November block

Man was this not a happy block to make. There are parts of this block I stitched and then picked out, twice, before it finally looked good. And it does look so lovely, but there are 4 layers of fabric in the centre (6 where the lip of the cathedral window is sewn over), so you can imagine just how thick that central patch is. (Especially when you start thinking about how many layers are contained in the seams in the centre!) I like how this looks, but can’t quite imagine it as a block in a quilt. Maybe the recipient will cut out all those extra layers from the background… I don’t know.

Anyway, we got our instructions for December early, so here is my December block as well:

Aeneous - December block

I just don’t know WTF I was thinking when I chose that fluorescent green OR that mint green. I rather think anything would have been a better option than those two colours. My only defence is that the lighting is very bad in my sewing room and if it’s dark outside, the overhead light makes it hard to see what’s what. Anyway, it’s going into a quilt with a mishmash of colours, so I’m hoping it’ll just sort of… blend.

In any case, those things are finished now, so the work-in-progress part of this post is the hexie quilt I’m working on.

Hexagon beginnings

I’m using two honeycomb packs of Bonnie & Camille’s Happy Go Lucky line, and I finally, finally sorted out the issue of how to deal with the hexies. I didn’t want to have to trace a bunch of hexagons onto the roll of freezer paper I’ve got, but when I tried buying papers from… that company that makes pretty much all the English Paper Piecing shapes you’ll stumble over on the Internet, the ones I was sure would fit were actually too small. So I bought some freezer paper sheets, ones that are cut to printer paper size, and then I worked out how to get two of the shapes to fit onto a single sheet of paper. And then I got to work centring and pressing on all those freezer paper hexagons. I think they’re just a hair too large (I should have trimmed off all the black outline of the shape, I think, rather than leaving it on), so before I reuse those papers, I’m going to trim off those little extra bits. There’s a little less than a quarter-inch of fabric in my seam allowances, and I’d hate for any of these to blow out when I wash the finished quilt.


And here’s a shot part way through folding over and pressing down all the edges. Bit of a dull job that, but I did get finished five sets of three, which is exactly what I need for the first five blocks of V And Co’s Confetti quilt.


Now that I’ve got 5 blocks worth of hexagons dealt with, the next bit will be cutting out the 24.5-inch square blocks that I’ll those hexagons will get stitched to. I haven’t used it before, but I’m planning to sew them down using water soluble thread so that I can quilt it down properly later on without having existing stitching interfering with anything.

Anyway, I was typing about home inspections a few moments ago (what? what?! what!?!), so I think that means I’m too tired to be lucid any longer tonight! Time for bed.


16 thoughts on “Bee Blocks and a Hexie Quilt”

    1. Hopefully! It’s a kind of neat pattern, with some loose scattered hexies and others paired up and some making large or small rings. I was way too tired to be very clear last night, but the pattern I’m using is Confetti by V and Co. And the fabrics are Happy Go Lucky by Bonnie & Camille.

      I can’t imagine making an entire quilt out of the Cathedral Windows! I suppose the original style blocks were pretty heavy too, since there is all manner of folded fabric in them as well.

    1. Thank you! I do enjoy making the bee blocks – sometimes it’s nice to let someone else’s vision push you in directions you mightn’t otherwise go.

  1. What a great group of projects! That’s too funny about writing the wrong thing. I hope you got some rest! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you! I did get some rest – I even managed to shut off my alarm and get an extra half hour in! (I did make it to work on time, just barely.)

    1. Trying, anyway! It’s so cold I just want to bundle up and watch crappy tv or something, so at least the iron generates some heat if I’m sewing πŸ˜€

      Thank you!

    1. Thanks! I find that fluorescent green especially a bit tough to work with (I’d paired it up with a bright pink in the past, which I thought worked in a kind of late 80s/early 90s way).

      I think I must have really needed the sleep, because I slept in (apparently turned off my alarm and went back to sleep! Fortunately, I still made it to work on time)…

  2. The birthday block has some awesome prints, I really like it! The cathedral window is so great, too- it’s a modern twist on a classic! The greens aren’t as bad as you think, maybe they’ll grow on you….

    1. Thanks!

      I agree about the Cathedral Window – I love the look of it for sure! I suppose a Cathedral Window done the traditional way is probably pretty heavy too. I hate that it looks a bit like the fabric is pulling between the outer points of the window, though. Sigh. It looks the same in all the blocks I’ve seen, though, so maybe it’s unavoidable.

      Hopefully the green will work for the recipient of the block πŸ˜€ It’s going into a quilt with a real mix of colours, so probably it’ll just blend in and be a little bright spot in the quilt, which isn’t such a bad thing.

    1. Thanks! I really need to get working on them – it’s been so cold the last couple of days I haven’t wanted to do much more than curl up under a blanket and think warm thoughts, so I haven’t progressed much further than I was on Wednesday. Tomorrow, hopefully!

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