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So I haven’t really talked about it yet, though I’ve kind of hinted around it I think, but I’m going to try to challenge myself to a six month fabric diet. I’m still not going to talk about it much, because I’ve got a half-written, insanely long draft post on the subject that I need to weed down into something manageable before I really do. But there’s a button off to the right that reads Fabricholics Anonymous, and that’s what I’m talking about when I talk about a fabric diet. (If you’re interested.)

The funny (and slightly pathetic) part of this whole proposed fabric diet is that I’ve spent the last month or so in a vague sort of panic about What I’m Going To Miss (Botanics! Which, yes, I know can already be bought, but I don’t know of any Canadian shops that are already selling it and I do try, generally speaking, to buy from Canadian sites if I can) and What If I Need Colour X and all kinds of ridiculousness. So there’s been a little bit of binge shopping.

This is the first wave.


Oh look, it’s more quilt patterns! Just what I need! But I REALLY love that Gypsy Wife pattern and I’ve seen a small quilt-along for Midnight At The Oasis, which is producing some really interesting quilts and and and… I just couldn’t help myself. Every year I have lots of little goals about how I hope my crafting will go for the year – 2014 is meant to be the year of One Step Closer – and making myself a Gypsy Wife quilt is one of them. What I love about it is that it’s slightly crazy, but it should never be boring because it’s made up of a pile of different blocks (so none of the repetition that turns into work instead of play). Midnight at the Oasis? Well…. I liked it better when I was reading about it but not realizing that those Churn Dashes are actually 52 churn dashes, 3″ tall each. ACK. That’s a hell of a lot of work right there! And then after that comes the million and one Nine Patch blocks, also, I think, 3″ tall (I’d have to go fish out the pattern to be sure, but that’s A LOT of 1.5″ squares to be cutting out – and it doesn’t even recommend strip piecing! Which I’d totally do, just with lots and lots of colours, so as to minimize the amount of bitty little squares to be piecing). Anyway, if that one ever happens, I think it’d have to be a in a leader and ender type project, where all those little squares get pieced as you’re doing other things.

This next group of fabrics is really the fault of Sarah at Sarah Quilts because, you know, she held a gun to my head from all those miles away and MADE me purchase this fabric:


Sarah made a Pushme Pullme cushion cover featuring this fabric and if you read through the comments there, you’ll see me asking her just what that fabric is… See. Her fault. I just kind of love that it looks like an illustration in an old encyclopaedia. I bought two yards of it. Sarah’s fault. Also her fault? I had to fill up the shopping cart to Make The Shipping Worth It.


I always feel like I don’t have enough neutrals for using in the backgrounds of blocks, so there’s this bit of fabric from the Little Black Dress line (which I think was produced by Moda). It’s not true that I don’t have neutrals for backgrounds… I just tend to use solid neutrals all the time instead of prints, so really I’ve got a metric tonne of unused neutrals going back to the dawn of my quilting career, as it were. Just one more for the pile.

Three yards of fabric does NOT a full shopping cart make, so I added a few pre-cuts as well:


Two Simply Style honeycombs. The Confetti-Go-Lucky quilt pattern, Confetti by V and Co., was designed to feature this particular pre-cut. I haven’t decided if I’m going to make another Confetti quilt to use it in that way (although, the temptation is there, so long as I’ve got enough background material because I won’t be able to buy it, come January) or if I’ll make something more traditional with it, like hexagon flowers or whatever. The two mini-charms are Road 15 – another thing I’ve not no particular plan for. I just thought they were cute. There was also a third mini-charm pack of Kate Spain’s Sunnyside fabric, but it’s already pulled apart for use elsewhere.


Then I had to hit up Hawthorne Threads because they sell Emily Herrick’s Technicolor line and I wanted to get a little bit more of that green and navy tile print on the right side of that photo. That was my favourite print in the Double Hourglass quilt I made and so I used it as binding, but then I didn’t have any left! Since I was buying just that little bit more, I also picked up the same print in orange and then the two leaf prints, also from the same line.


And I thought, well, since I’m here… maybe I’ll also pick up those two Joel Dewberry honeycomb prints I’ve been wanting for ages. (Actually, it might have been the other way around: stopping by for the honeycomb and adding all the rest.) These were another case of being surprised by the scale of Joel Dewberry prints – somehow I’d imagined them being quite small and actually the overall print is quite large. It’ll work either way; it just surprised me. And, well, since I was there, I also picked up those four prints from JD’s True Colors line. (Man does it hurt to take the U out of the name of these fabrics! Technicolor. True Colors. It just looks WEIRD.)


And then finally it was the sale section. Subway tiles! A gorgeous purple print! Chartreuse! And some grey variegated Aurifil thread for a future project. I’ve used Aurifil off and on for a few different projects now and I’m still not convinced it’s the best thing since the rotary cutter and self-healing mat. It’s fine and has a nice sheen and my machine likes it well enough, but it makes WEIRD fluffy lint in my bobbin case. (I mean, all thread leave some lint, this is just sort of… different textured lint.) I’ve always had good results with Guttermann thread and it’s cheaper and I can pick it up at a store two stops down the train from my work, so I’ll probably mostly go on using it for regular piecing and if I need to colour match. I’ll use the Aurifil if I’ve got it or if I find a good deal for it (or if I someday buy a new machine and it doesn’t like the cheaper thread!).

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25 thoughts on “Fabric Binge

  1. Haha, I jumped on the fabric fasting bandwagon too. I think I have a few orders on their way to tide me over a bit. 6 months is going to be rough. Love those Joel Dewberry prints. Nice stashing!

    • I’ve got a few more orders incoming as well……. Sigh. That wasn’t really the point of fasting, was it? To buy it all up before hand, Just In Case… 😀 Oh well, it’s stuff I wanted so it’s not like I’m buying just for the sake of buying. Six months will be tough, but I think it’ll go well anyway – I’m hoping it’ll push me to use more of what I’ve got instead of thinking I need something new every time.

  2. So, what is that bird print fabric? Neither of you have shared the name of it.
    I also thought the honeycomb Dewberry print would have been smaller, but put with the other fabrics you have there, it looks kind of big. Still so pretty though.
    And diet… what’s a diet? Funny how sometimes I just love to buy fabric and other times I’m like, meh, not interested. I did take advantage of some sales on Friday though, and if Monday looks good. I might have to take some more advantage. Never diet in sale season.

    • Hah.. that’s awful of me 😀 It’s from Field Notes by Blackbird Designs for Moda, I’m not sure of the name of the print. It must be an older line because it’s hard to find – I got mine here on Etsy.

      Here is a picture that gives a better sense of the scale of the Joel Dewberry print. I think it’s the kind of print that will work well whether it’s chopped up or not, but I was surprised to see it’s size!

      Yeah, I definitely picked up some stuff with the Friday sales – less than I was expecting, though! I’ve definitely bought more Black Friday stuff in past years. (Also, I may have requested a gift certificate to Mad About Patchwork for Christmas, which my mother already told me she’s getting. So I won’t be totally hooped in January!)

  3. Haha – fabric diet 🙂

  4. Oh I’ll gladly take the blame for this. And I find it so hilarious that you guys are all stocking up before the big fast. 🙂

    Before nap time today my 4-year-old asked Daddy why Mommy’s sewing room is like a fabric store. THANKS KID. As if my husband needed more evidence against me.

    • Kind of defeats the purpose of fasting, doesn’t it, if I just buy six times as much now as I would in a normal month? 😀 (Well, at least I haven’t bought THAT much ahead. Maybe twice what I’d normally buy, but this time of year there are always lots of sales, so I think I probably do usually buy more in November/December than I would in just any random month.)

      Have to laugh about the little one asking about the fabric store, that’s awesome/hilarious at all once 😀

  5. Well you made me feel guilty like I should be on a fabric diet too…but that the same time envious that I don’t have those honeycombs!!!

    • The honeycombs are fun, aren’t they? I didn’t really think I’d ever play with hexagons because I hated the thought of making them, but the pre-cut takes away a good chunk of the work!

      I don’t recommend feeling guilty about whatever you buy – I don’t generally. A lot of my reasons for fabric fasting involve things like just wanting less stuff in my house, wanting to feel less overwhelmed by my stuff, not wanting to feel prodded along by the quilting advertising machine (that whole Buy It Now or It’ll Be Gone Forever thing – I rebel against Disney for putting their movies “in the vault” so why don’t I feel the same about Moda for doing it?). I think sometimes too that I just keep buying more because I’ve forgotten what I’ve got – I want to sort of reacquaint myself with what I’ve got and to make use of it, rather than always buying something new. Anyway, there’s a lot of reasons behind my fabric diet decision, but I really think everybody has to figure out what works best for them, in terms of stash and what you spend on it and how quickly you use it and so on…

  6. I like to think of ‘making the shipping worth it’ as an art form, albeit a dangerous one since I tend to buy a lot more fabric than I intended to just get my money’s worth out of the shipping!

    • Haha… I totally do it all the time! And it’s an expensive habit! It does occasionally help me weed out purchases, on those rare occasions when a shop doesn’t have enough stuff I want for me to pull the old Making The Shipping Worth It trick, but let’s face it… those times are few and far between!

  7. Great post, at least I feel better about resisting the black friday sales — that shipping from the US really adds up! I did recently pick up some prints from Pink Castle when they had 20% off after quilt market, with no idea how to use them, I need to quilt faster or something.

    • I think I need to quilt faster, too. Actually, that’s at least part of why I’m thinking fabric fast — I don’t sew enough to account for the amount of fabric I buy!

      I try to buy from the US most often when I can get sales that will essentially save me the cost of shipping. Black Friday was good for that, but I did buy a lot less than I thought I might. (Which is a good thing! Just before Christmas is the worst time to be mindlessly spending money on myself – we’re going to have guests to feed for most of a week and gifts to buy and this and that and the other thing.)

  8. Good luck with your fabric diet! You certainly have stocked up on some great fabrics so I think you will make it, at least for a little while. I am dying to make the Gypsy Wife pattern too. Maybe that will be a goal for 2014 🙂

    • I’m pretty sure I’ve got enough stash to well outlast my six months, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Fingers crossed I’ll dip into my stash more often, instead of just buying new when I want to make things 😀

      The Gypsy Wife pattern is so fascinating. I can’t wait to get started on it, but it’ll have to wait till after Christmas at least. Got a few things I want to finish up first.

  9. I have had my eye on the gypsy wife pattern too. I am a big fan of technicolor + joel dewberry prints. I have most of those too 🙂

  10. While I haven’t totally abstained these past eight months or so, I have bought SIGNIFICANTLY less than in other years. I’ve been challenging myself to use what I have, and I’m finding that the more I do, the easier it gets to resist the siren song of new fabric, particularly the online kind.

    • That’s what I’m really hoping for – that I’ll wind up using what I’ve got, rather than constantly buying new stuff. It’s too easy sometimes to just add things to the shopping cart online, isn’t it?

  11. Wishing you EVERY success with your fabric diet…….. No, I won’t be joining you – I KNOW I can’t do it!!

  12. Obviously we both shop the same way! Oh that’s pretty… Ooh look at that… Oh shiny! I get so distracted that I just have to have it all. I love this post and all the new additions to your collection. Thanks for linking up this week and I’m organizing a plan for y’all to link up in the new year even during your fabric diet!

    • Like magpies, we are – special, fabric hunting, magpies.

      I’m pretty sure my existing stash is extensive enough I could go link up all year without buying anything new, but I love that you’re working on a plan anyway! It’ll help keep my posts more fresh than just “here’s some more of my stash… see why I’m fabric dieting? haha.”

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