Sunshine & Cats

A little while back I got a mini-charm pack of Kate Spain’s Sunnyside collection – I didn’t pick it out or even have a plan for it because it was a gift included with a purchase over $50 from an Etsy shop – but I found a pattern at Sew Me Something Good for a Christmas pillow, Joy that I thought I could turn into something more sunny.

We’ve just had a blizzard that dumped piles and piles and piles of snow on us, so it’s particularly good timing – I could use the reminder of summer and sunlight and bright things.

Sunshine pillow

This is a general idea of where the thing is going. It’s a bit more put together than this now, but it’s far too dark for photos – even these ones are pretty flooded by the light I use to light my table for sewing.


I swapped out JOY for a quote from the song “My Girl” but I got a bit lazy and didn’t want to do the bottom layer of the appliqué (in the original pillow, you sort of have a drop shadow behind the word) so I just hoped that the bronze thread and the bright orange would provide enough contrast. I think it works okay, but the gold I used for the stitching is… not ideal. A little too similar to the background, alas. Ah well, it gets the gist across anyway!

Cat-vent Quilt-along

I’ve also been cat-venting along with Elizabeth at Oh, Fransson!. This project is so very, very much not like me and I don’t know at all what inspired me to sew along with it, but four days in and I’ve sewn a four different cat faces.

Cat-vent Quilt-along

I think I started it in part because I happened to have a partially used jelly roll of Kona cottons sitting on the floor in my bedroom and I was reading the original post about the Cat face quilt and it was done in a rainbow of colours and I just kind of went… I could do that. And so I am. I’m trying to use scraps only for the prints, which means I’m probably not always going to have the best colour-matches in my blocks – the solid above wasn’t a great match for any fabrics I had and the solid orange really only closely matched the Natural Elements print, but I think as long as it’s within approximate range it’ll be okay. I don’t have a plan for this once it’s finished, but it may either be donated for a Linus group or it may get saved in my closet for a future baby gift. I thought all my friends were mostly done having babies, but it turns out I’ve been wrong about that, so no harm in having some spare gifts around!

I’m still working on the hexagon quilt, but I haven’t touched it in the last couple days. Tomorrow I’m hoping to get all the hexagons done for the last two blocks, even if I don’t get them sewn down just yet. My freezer paper hexagons have mostly lost their stick (I’ve used them five or six times already) and I’ve been torn over whether to print more or if I should just keep trying to get by with the ones I have. I’d like to just get by, but the last set of hexies gave me a little trouble because it kept peeling up on me at inconvenient moments. We’ll see how I feel about it tomorrow, I guess!


7 thoughts on “Sunshine & Cats”

  1. Oh man! I did not know the giveaway day was coming so fast! I have to get organized! Love your cat faces! So fun!

    1. Yeah, it feels like it popped up out of nowhere, even though I knew it was coming! I need to take pictures, but it’s so hard to find a time of day to take decent ones, since it gets dark so quickly (and since I go to work when it’s dark and come home when it’s dusk).

  2. I love your embroidered block-it will make a cute pillow. I am not a cat person so haven’t been too into the cat-avent but seeing your blocks may spur me to make some cat mug rugs for my cat loving friends for Christmas.

    1. I’m not a cat person either,… well, I like cats just fine, but I don’t have any real desire to have pets ever, so so think they’re nice from a distance, just like dogs are nice from a distance, but I still don’t want either of them in my house. Which is why it’s pretty weird for me to be participating – so NOT my usual sort of thing! The blocks come out pretty cute though, for cat faces, so it’s all good 😀

      I can’t wait to get the pillow all constructed, but I just realized I don’t have a pillow-form large enough for it – I’m going to have to go buy one this weekend so that I can actually use the pillow!

  3. Can I just say I love your cat faces?? Like, looove. What a wonderful, whimsical way to use up some scraps of really neat prints.

    And the sunshine embroidery is just lovely. I love how you took the Joy idea and just ran in the other direction with it to make something so perfectly sunny. 😀

    1. Thanks 😀 They are cute, just very unusual for me! I’m having fun digging through my scrap stash to make these.

      I was hoping to get the Sunshine pillow done this weekend, but it didn’t happen. Maybe by Tuesday – I like where it’s going.

  4. How did I miss this? :o)
    Can’t wait to see how this comes together, Kristel. Love your idea for the pillow and great fabric choices to combine with the embroidery. Maybe you’ll get time to finish over the holidays? ;o) I’ll keep my fingers crossed…

    Merry Christmas!

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